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  1. What is the consensus on LVC '44 repros from around 2003? Which i am supposing is from either San Antonio or Valencia Street? @Dr_Heech, would you happen to have any experience with a pair from this era?
  2. Latest pickup - Amazing what you can find if you are willing to sift through page after page of trash. Late 60s with the symmetrical V tab. Really nice face to it and plenty of life left. Quite nice, but a bit too small. In between 40 and 42. If anybody has any interest in it, feel free to DM me.
  3. Merry Christmas y’all. A little evo update on these excellent San Antonio ‘55s. Coming up on a year and half’s worth of wear, washed plenty of times. Really gotten into that vintage fade territory now.
  4. Here it is after a wash. It was just getting to dirty and crusty. 40 degrees and no shrinkage. Lovely colour. Really love this jacket. Can’t flip the last photo…
  5. Not jeans, but too fugly not to share. “Trucker” jacket tucked in. Now I’ve seen it all. I ventured on to the Levi’s website for the first time in ages… I think this says it all about what Levi’s has become these days. And the LVC section is just a joke…
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