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    Iron Heart Jeans

    Does anyone have experience with the 18oz OD denim? I bot some 301s from the SE warehouse sale. I have some old 21oz 301s in 33 that are loose on me now even when coming fresh out of a hot wash so I went with 31 on these expecting them to be tight and stretch to perfect size. When I got them I could barely get them on, after a couple hours wearing them around the house I could button them all the way. Today is day 2 and I could button them all the way much easier than yesterday and do some light squats/lunges. They are still too tight but based on rate of progress thus far I am feeling ok about them? From the description it seems that the overdying process inflicts max shrinkage so I am hopeful that means I can get some more stretch out of them.. I can post some fit pics later but curious if anyone else has experience with this denim as a quick skim of this thread didn't turn up much. Edit: thanks for feedback! Bummed these wont work
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