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  1. Cold Summer

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Keep in mind the big wallets are mostly popular in Japan, which is still a cash society where you pay for almost everything in bills and coins. As someone who lived there, it was very useful. But after I moved back to the US I sold my long wallets as they were no longer practical for anything. Last year I got a Monk Made short wallet, which is perfect for my needs nowadays.
  2. Cold Summer


    Awesome jeans @chantheman, those are made from the same denim as the 800xx, right? Nice to know I have good stuff to look forward to with my pair. I'm loving my 800xx, these are the best-fitting jeans I've ever worn and super comfortable despite how crunchy the denim is. The only bad thing is that there are a couple of spots where there are little "lumps" in the fabric: I've experienced this on other jeans as well but this is on the thigh so I touch it all the time. I'm tempted to get a pair of scissors and snip this off though I realize that's probably a bad idea.
  3. Cold Summer

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Congrats! I've had my daughter for eight months now and while I get a lot more physical activity in my jeans from playing with her, I've managed to avoid her getting my jeans dirty. It's really your shirts and jackets where you need to be careful. She pretty much stopped barfing three months ago or so and now just drools on me.
  4. Cold Summer


    It's a cotton thread thing. Hasn't happened on my 800xx yet, but has on many other pairs over the years.
  5. Cold Summer


    Nice jeans. Looks like the 14.5 oz fabric from the 800xx - right?
  6. Cold Summer

    The Flat Head

    Long overdue update on my 3005s. Worn 317 days, I think washed about nine times or so? These should hit 365 days in the next few months. I feel like these have been slow to evolve due to the (relatively) loose fit on me, but I think with another 6-8 months of wear time they'll look great.
  7. Cold Summer

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Long overdue update on my 1108s. Worn 305 days, washed five times.
  8. Cold Summer

    Samurai Jeans

    I wear 31 in basically everything but Flat Head (where I'm 32). I wear 31 in Samurai S710xx and S0500xx. And 31 in Warehouse 800xx, Full Count 1108.
  9. Cold Summer


    I got a size 31, same size I wear in most jeans.
  10. Cold Summer


    Got my 800xx about a week ago. Really enjoying these jeans so far. Love the fit and the crunchy denim. These probably fit me better in the top block than any other pair I've worn, the rise is perfect.
  11. Cold Summer

    The Flat Head

    Disappointed with the pattern changes, to be honest... on a size 42, all the measurements are good except the chest, which is about 4" too wide for me.
  12. Cold Summer

    UES Denim

    Kept forgetting to share this, I love this shirt! Fantastic fit and nice, dense, heavy fabric. Great construction. The pattern and color are very nice and don't look like anything else in my closet. I'm really impressed, I'll be buying more UES shirts in the future. This shirt is plenty heavy, I can't imagine needing something as thick as UES's "extra heavy" shirts.
  13. Cold Summer

    The Flat Head

    No worries! As long as it goes to somebody who enjoys it. Yeah, I haven't been on SuFu much lately. This year was supposed to be my "no buying new clothes year" (which, as you might be able to tell from above, I haven't *exactly* achieved, but I have cut my spending by like 90-95% so it's been a good experience overall.) On top of that, I've been preoccupied with more important life things in recent months (like the birth of my daughter!) so I haven't given the clothing hobby as much attention. I only have a couple of Flat Head shirts, my 3005s, two pairs of sneakers, and a couple other small things these days. The last shirt I bought was over two years ago, when I found that yellow Glory Park flannel for cheap on eBay. But I'm always on the lookout for shirts if they seem like they'll fit me, as I still think Flat Head's shirts are the best in all regards except for fit (usually.) The FH stuff that fits well I'll keep for life.
  14. Cold Summer

    The Flat Head

    Send me some measurements and pics, I'd be interested if I think it'd fit me.
  15. Cold Summer

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    Flat Head Native Check short sleeve shirt Flat Head 3005 jeans at nine months of wear time Flat Head SNK-01, worn a ton since 2013
  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55