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  1. Cold Summer

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Those are looking awesome, keep it up.
  2. Cold Summer


    Great video, what's really wild about this is just how many heavily-faded pairs this guy has. He looks pretty young, but has this huge pile of jeans that appear to have an average of about a year and a half of wear time per pair. Did he start fading jeans at age 15?! Impressive stuff.
  3. Cold Summer


    Great fit and fade progress on those Flash, they're looking good. Mine are actually a similar fit (though it's not immediately apparent since my proportions are so different.)
  4. Cold Summer

    The Flat Head

    If I remember right it's US cotton. Don't know beyond that, though.
  5. Cold Summer

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Beautiful jeans, what fantastic color and texture this 40s fabric has.
  6. Cold Summer


    Those heavy 1001s look cool. Reading the description, it sounds like they took the Banner Denim and beefed it up slightly to 14.5 oz. For me, part of the appeal of the standard Banner Denim is that the weight feels perfect at 13.5 oz and they feel distinct from my other 14.5 oz pairs (Flat Head, Eternal, WH 800xx), but I'm sure there's a bit more to it than simply making it a little heavier. Will be interesting to see how it ages.
  7. Cold Summer


    Those look great, more evidence this is a really well-done cut.
  8. Cold Summer


    They seem slimmer than they actually are, that's the effect being tall and skinny has. If I was the exact same build but stood 5'10" instead of 6'3", they'd look pretty loose on me. But 31 is my true waist size, and out of the box they fit just right on my waist. It probably would have been possible even to go down a size, but I like this fit more.
  9. Cold Summer


    Got my 1001xx the other day, and have been loving these denim pants. I got a size 31, same as I wear in most jeans. I can't believe how much I enjoy this 50s-style fit. Yeah, there's hip flare and stuff, but the whole leg is a not-tight straight fit, so who cares? It's all just part of the look. This fit feels great. It's a little slimmer than my 3005s, but with a more comfortable rise. The construction is perfect, the fabric has tons of character and is just the right weight, these feel like the platonic ideal of vintage-style jeans. I'm sure you could find something more accurate to a specific vintage year, but that's not really what I was looking for - just a really well-executed version of a classic pair of jeans. I think similar jeans like the TCB 50s and Sugar Cane 1947 also sound great, but something about this particular model attracted me a bit more. I also have the 800xx and like the contrast between these two models. The 800xx is a bit more modern feeling - a little heavier and more aggressive denim, a slightly slimmer fit. They're both great jeans with subtle differences between them - it'll be fun to see how they diverge with some wear.
  10. Cold Summer

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Holy smokes, he really is the Japanese version of the WH Ranch guy! Lol.
  11. Cold Summer

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Oh yeah, now I sort of remember hearing something about that. Definitely a jerk move... I still like my 1108s I've worn for the past few years (bought before they removed the arcs, though the arcs on my pair disintegrated a long time ago!) but wouldn't buy more. In part because they modified the cut so that the inseam on my waist size is a couple inches too short for me. It's interesting how our perception of brands can change based on their misbehavior. Since I actually worked at Flat Head and frequently had unpleasant experiences (especially toward the end) and ended up feeling like the company/people running it were at least a little crazy, you'd think that completely soured me on them, yet I continue to wear and enjoy my Flat Head gear and think highly of their work (at least up to their reorganization, after which I don't know very much) despite all that. I guess in the end, I concluded that you had to be a bit crazy to produce the kind of Flat Head stuff I liked. I just decided I didn't want to be involved in the inner workings of it anymore. I've never really been into CSF so I don't have a dog in this fight but his behavior does seem extremely ridiculous, and combined with the outrageous prices and wait time I don't know why I'd put up with that rather than go with perfectly good jeans offered by brands like Ooe, Freewheelers, and Warehouse. Of course Warehouse's main line is about as vintage-y as I really care to get (and what, half as expensive as CSF?), so I'm not too hard to please in this department. What I can say is that I completely stopped shopping at one retailer because I found their extremely opinionated and obnoxious behavior on social media completely off-putting and basically a direct assault on customers (like me) who were not in line with their particular agenda, intentionally goading their customers via social media and posting private emails to advance a certain narrative about themselves. I don't demand brands or retailers believe all (or any) of the same things as I do, but this behavior was so childish and unprofessional that it completely ruined my opinion of this store and eradicated any desire to ever spend more money with them. Another store I stopped following when I got sick of all their social media posts slamming a particular sports team (even though I'm not a fan of either team.) It is really weird just how much of this kind of unprofessional behavior I've seen from retailers who seem totally oblivious to how bad this makes them look and probably hurts their business.
  12. Cold Summer

    Conners Sewing Factory

    What was the story behind this? I've never heard of this before.
  13. Cold Summer


    I pulled the trigger on the Self Edge 1001xx, really excited to finally try these jeans. I'm especially interested to see how the banner denim compares to the similar-weight and vintagey Full Count 13.7 oz denim I've been wearing a lot these past few years on my 1108s. I also expect the fit (very similar measurements to the 800xx fit I love) to work great for me. Will post some pics and a full evaluation when they show up in a few days.
  14. Cold Summer


    The 1001xx that Self Edge is stocking looks awesome. Measurements almost identical to my 800xx, which are my best-fitting pair of jeans. I had no idea they were going to release a longer-inseam version of the 1001xx, that's a pair of jeans that really caught my attention over the last few years but I never thought there'd be a version that was actually long enough for me. I sure don't need more jeans right now but those are extremely tempting. Self Edge's product page describes the fit as the "newest version of their straight leg silhouette" so it's entirely possible these are a different fit than previous iterations.
  15. Cold Summer

    The Flat Head

    Beautiful shirt! Flat Head is working on a new cut, the 3004. This looks like a 3005 with a longer rise and slight amount of taper - which sounds like something a lot of people (including myself) would be interested in wearing.
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