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  1. Looks great to me, FH shirts fit like that in the shoulders on most people, so I think it's perfectly fine if it's a bit wider there.
  2. Along with Iron Heart, Flat Head is very much motorcycle-style influenced, although that's probably not real obvious from the stuff that gets brought to the west, for the most part. Real McCoys and John Lofgren also have a lot of motorcycle style stuff. I saw that side of things a whole lot in Japan, it's very prominent in magazines like Lightning, Daytona Bros, and Clutch, and it's fairly prevalent from bloggers in the west like the Vintage Engineer Boots dude. I think this style looks great in most cases, but it's not really "me." I assume that you were referring to that rather than the vintage blue collar style, of which probably two dozen examples could be named if I really sat down and though about it, including John Lofgren, Rising Sun, TCB, Ooe, Mister Freedom, Stevenson, Roy, Real McCoys, Sugar Cane, etc. That's not to say that these brands don't make awesome stuff, but it doesn't really interest or suit me and it's probably the prevailing style on most denim forums.
  3. Maybe he grew up, who knows. I hardly ever read that forum because I find spending colossal amounts of money to dress up like a dustbowl-era blue collar worker to be more than a little silly, and that's basically Denimbro's thing. And I'm not real interested in the brands that get all the love over there, anyway (although I do like some RRL stuff.)
  4. Exactly the same thing in my case, 3Sixteen shirts/jeans and RGT outerwear fit me just right. Japanese brands don't. For me, it really comes down to that. Right now the only Japanese stuff I still own/use are a pair of Samurai S710s, Flat Head denim shirt and heavyweight flannel, and two pairs of sneakers from FH/RJB. These are all great, but every one of those were things I bought in Japan, either in person or where I could conveniently return the stuff if it didn't fit. Although another important part for me is that I've drifted away from wanting to look like a Japanese motorcyclist or anachronistic 1930s blue-collar worker. The still vintage-inspired but more contemporary edge of the aforementioned brands really suits me a lot better than most of what the popular Japanese brands are making. anklspr, I've heard that story before, but I'm not convinced. Vintage was a very hot trend in the 90s but there is still a very dedicated community of people buying this stuff in Japan. From my own experience in the industry, I can tell you that in at least one case, what was being sold to Western/foreign retailers was a very small slice (no more than 10%) of their revenue, 90% of which was in Japan.
  5. Great shirts JDelage, I have the 7002 denim shirt and love it after almost two years of owning / five months of wearing. I actually prefer the styling of the 7001, but the 7002's unsanforized denim seems a little nicer to me. For some reason the 7001's sleeves are a lot shorter too, which doesn't work for me. I'm skinny and wear my denim shirt like a jacket over other tees/shirts 99% of the time, so the tapered waist isn't a problem for me. Really the only gripe I have about the fit is that the neck seems really loose for my size (40), meaning that if I button the thing up, it looks weird unless the top two buttons are undone. Pretty minor gripe though and not noticeable when wearing it open.
  6. I am 99% sure Mojique posted here a few years ago under another name and was banned. Can't remember the name of the person but it was the exact same type of posts. Might've been another forum but I'm pretty sure it was here.
  7. I have the Ranger jacket too and I just wear it with the sleeves unbuttoned, but I agree, the opening buttoned up is too small. I don't think it's a deal breaker at all though. I find the RGT outerwear fits me almost perfectly in size M, but unfortunately 3Sixteen stuff usually doesn't have long enough arms.
  8. That jacket looks so good Vulcan, I especially love the third shot of the placket, such a great color.
  9. TCB

    I'm going to put my 50s denim jacket up for sale, I love this jacket but after wearing it for about two weeks the sleeves are just too tight on my arms and it's not really comfortable for me to wear. It's going on Grailed but if anyone from here is interested, PM me - it's a size 38.
  10. Ahh, that actually makes a lot of sense and wasn't something I'd thought of. I guess that you'd wind up with an angled roll of selvedge denim, and the outseam/legs of the jeans would be at a titled angle relative to the denim. Would still be interesting to see a smaller maker try something like this.
  11. Maybe this sounds crazy, but what I would like is loomstate denim that is one-washed (preferably hot water/air dried) before it's cut and sewn into jeans. Then you get the best of both worlds, denim with lots of character and easy sizing/no shrinkage.
  12. 3Sixteen x Rivet and Hide RH15 at 111 days of wear. Really like the texture and color of faded areas on this left-hand twill denim. Honeycombs are really slow to develop on this pair, but eventually they'll look great. Somehow I lost the outer part of one of the coin pocket rivets - not sure when/how this happened.
  13. ST-120x at 375 days of wear.
  14. No, absolutely not. You probably need a size 33.
  15. Yeowch, those prices are crazy. IMO about $200 is a fair price for a nice quality flannel, that's what I paid for most of my nice ones by various brands, and that's what FH, etc. usually retailed for when I lived in Japan. Luckily IH shirts are way too wide for me in a size with enough hem/sleeve length, so I wouldn't be particularly tempted by their stuff anyway.