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  1. The new RJBs look great. I'm going to start lifting weights soon, so if/when I grow out of my current slim-fitting pairs, I'd be very tempted to pick these up!
  2. Very nice, those turned out great.
  3. LOL. Personally I've found FH tees to be pretty stale for a very long time now. Yet they seem to sell mountains of them in Japan and Thailand, no matter how silly or repetitive the graphics are. Flash, which shirt is that? Looks like a 7002W but I've never seen one with the hexagon buttons. Those are my favorite FH buttons, I wished they used them on more stuff (I'd love to have those on my 7002W.)
  4. Watched the film the other day and loved it. Hah, I dig how it lists the guitar gear used on the soundtrack. The sort of thing that I find fascinating (and maybe, like, two other people on this forum, haha.)
  5. Great pics and writeup. The current Stockburg studio used to be the FH office, the area where you took pictures was the stock area until my last few months there. All the Stockburg people are super nice. How'd you guys get the VIP treatment? This is the kind of thing that visitors from FH dealers usually experience, haha. Man I miss Googies. Their food is great. Great pickups too, I love that rayon shirt.
  6. Not really interested in work shirts, but if y'all ever come up with some western shirts, this tall skinny guys is interested.
  7. Here's what I currently own, from oldest to newest: Levis 510, Light Wash - bought in 2008. Worn frequently in 2008 and 2009. Not worn but once or twice between then and 2016. Now I wear these every now and then. Looks great with chelsea boots. Samurai S710xx - bought in May 2012. About seven months of real wear time, and two washes. After I get a 12 moths of wear in my current jeans, I'm going to focus on these and get them up to 12 months. 3Sixteen ST-120x - bought in December 2014. About 13 months of real wear time. I usually wear these with chelsea boots these days. Will continue wearing as my main pair in maybe a year or so. Nudie Thin Finn Back 2 Black - bought in August 2016. I wear these when I feel like wearing black jeans. Maybe about a month of wear? I wear them periodically. No real goal in mind for these. 3Sixteen RH15 - got these in about March of 2016, I think? These are my current main pair. They're at about six months of wear. Will keep wearing these most days until they get up to 12 months. Will probably put more wear in them a year or two later.
  8. LOL, what is "MILT"? "Men In Leather Trousers?"
  9. Chicote, those look seriously incredible. Have you worn them out to the point where they can't be worn regularly anymore, or is there still life in the sole? I've constantly been tempted to buy a pair of the black ones, but since my Fh sneakers are a similar enough style and 4+ years later are still going strong, I can't justify it yet (though I have a bunch of shoes I rotate so mine last basically forever.)
  10. I have a gray 3Sixteen tee and took the pocket off with a seam ripper. After a wash there's pretty much no sign it was ever there. So they're pretty easy to take off, too.
  11. I enjoy reading the discussion on brands I like (well, actually, the ones I like aren't discussed here much anymore...) and seeing people's fade pics. But since I tend to wear the same pair of jeans until they're totally broken in, there's less to discuss compared to when I was buying new jeans all the time and trying to figure out what fits worked for me. (The answer to that last question, by the way, is "not very many.")
  12. I know I've seen the Faded Blue Planet one (I think on an airplane to/from Japan?) but haven't watched the other. Between these movies, Warp & Weft, and Weaving Shibusa, there sure are a lot of recent documentaries about jeans. Although it's not specifically about jeans, my favorite thing in this category was actually the Ametora book from a year or two ago. (However, I haven't seen Weaving Shibusa yet.)
  13. LOL, I've never paid any attention to PRPS but I've had multiple people tell me that dude is a huge jerkass. On top of that the advice is BS, I don't understand why these simple questions never get proper answers: - Wash your jeans when you feel like it. Wash more often for less contrast and a more vintage look. Wash less often for stronger contrast. If they smell bad or get dirty beyond something a simple spot clean can handle, just go ahead and wash. - It's okay to size down a little since yes, raw denim stretches, but if you're struggling to button them up, size up or get a different cut. - For the 410,757,864,530th time, the freezer does not work. - Dry cleaning is terrible for jeans because the industrial process is hard on the fabric. Plus, the ironing can put your creasing totally out of whack with the existing whiskers/honeycombs. Seriously, just cold machine wash them. - Denim is worth spending more if you think watching it evolve is interesting and fun. - Get your fit right by trying stuff on if you live in California or New York. For all the rest of us, ask people on the internet, measure your jeans carefully and compare with online measurements, and be prepared for trial and error. - Trying to give an answer for how long jeans will last is just stupid. It's based on frequency worn, lifestyle, physical activity, and a bunch of other factors. If you ride a bicycle every day and wear your jeans for two years they will be shredded after two years. If you wear a pair four times a week at the office they will last you for many years. There's no one answer and it's stupid to pretend that there is.
  14. I like it, but look out for all of those, uh... crazy people who tried to ruin the life of that pinup girl shirt-wearing guy who landed a satellite on an asteroid.
  15. I like crazy denim as much as the next guy but it does seem like a lot of brands like Oni, Tanuki, some PBJ etc. are kinda overdoing it. I like a sort of balance between edgy stuff and tradition - like how Strike Gold will make a fabric with really crazy character, but it'll have a pretty conventional color. Or how Flat Head's denim has a very bold dyeing process/fade, but has a pretty subtle texture to the denim itself. Having loads of slub, a pink weft, super loose woven 25 oz left hand twill denim just seems like a bit too much. I think it would be fun to enter the upcoming denim contest with a low-key, well-known pair like a 3Sixteen ST-100x, Nudie Grim Tim orange selvedge, or Sugar Cane 1947.