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  1. Cold Summer

    Show us your leather

    Flat Head key holder, one year of wear. Monk Made short wallet, three years.
  2. Cross-posting from WH thread: Warehouse 800xx, 9 months, three washes, since fall 2020. I really love these jeans, probably the best-fitting pair I've ever worn, wonderful denim, nice detailing, everything about these is just right. Now focusing on my 1001xx, which is around 6 months of wear. Guess I'll try to photograph those soon, too.
  3. Cold Summer


    Warehouse 800xx Self Edge edition, 9 months of wear, three washes (6 months, 8 months, 9 months). Worn since fall 2020. Probably my best fade ever. Combined with my chaotic Dad Lifestyle, this extremely reactive denim has aged rapidly, usually it takes well over a year for my jeans to get this faded (and damaged.) Tons of life left in these, but I need to get the knees darned/reinforced, have broken stitches fixed, the rear end reinforced (which is looking rather worn from me sitting around on my butt all day.) There is virtually no sign of wear on the crotch, though. Thanks to my skinny thighs, that’s rarely an issue for me. I really love these jeans, probably the best-fitting pair I've ever worn, wonderful denim, nice detailing, everything about these is just right. Now focusing on my 1001xx, which is around 6 months of wear. Guess I'll try to photograph those soon, too.
  4. Cold Summer


    Fair point, I wish my pockets were deeper too, and it's not the sturdiest twill I've ever handled (hi, 3Sixteen.) Inseams are a deal breaker for me since I'm real tall, but I picked up the Self Edge run of 800xx and 1001xx with a 34" inseam post-wash, length on these is just right for me.
  5. Cold Summer


    Beautiful jeans Julian - Banner denim? My 800xx are at ~9 months of wear, going to wash them soon, take some pics, put them aside for a while to get some repairs before the situation gets worse/the damage gets more expensive to fix.
  6. Cold Summer

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    My first pairs were all Nudie, I was pretty smitten with raw denim right from the start so it's hard to say which had the biggest impression on me. But I can say that when I got my first pair of Japanese jeans, Pure Blue Japan XX-011, I really fell in love. I never wore those for a super long time, just a matter of months since the fit was a bit too snug for me, but the quality of the fabric, details, and construction really impressed me. I would still love to wear that same denim, in a straight fit.
  7. Cold Summer

    Samurai Jeans

    Beautiful. Always been a huge fan of the 15 oz. denim and the way it fades.
  8. Cold Summer


    My WH 800xx is from Self Edge and came one washed. I've washed them twice since I started wearing and didn't notice any additional shrinkage. If they did shrink any, they stretched right back after I wore them for a little bit. I'm going to take some pics of these jeans after the next time I wash them; they're currently at 250 wears. Maybe my best fade ever; they certainly will be after a few more months, at least. The denim is crazy reactive and fast fading. Or maybe it's my extreme lifestyle as the dad of two small children? The fit, also, seems to be ideal for strong fading - neither too tight nor too loose.
  9. Cold Summer


    Looks great. I agree, 800 is the best cut I've ever worn. I don't think any FH pair really fits similarly, though the 3009 isn't too far off. In Samurai, maybe S710, sized up one from your 800 size.
  10. Cold Summer

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    The whole Native American jewelry thing is kind of an interesting subject because if someone on here wears it, they're appropriating the Japanese appropriation of NA artistry. And as with most fashion aesthetics I'm pretty sure most Japanese just latched on to it because they think it looks cool. Nobody accuses Japanese of cultural appropriation for adopting the mid-century Americana aesthetic, the only reason there's really anything to debate about this is because obviously NA tribes have had a rocky past and history of mistreatment by American settlers and so on, while appropriating the aesthetics of the guys who defeated you in a world war is probably less controversial. If I was a Native American artisan I'd probably be happy that people were interested in my cultural heritage and buying the stuff I crafted, even if it's just on an aesthetic level. Seems a lot better than being ridiculed or marginalized for it, but what do I know. Personally, as long as the people wearing this stuff are being respectful and not overtly trying to offend/disdain NA sensibilities, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I'm not real interested in this style of jewelry personally, but I'm not going to fault anybody who is. As an Orthodox Christian I don't mind when people wear crosses as a fashion item (which is common in Japan, too) or even use icons and other religious symbols of my tradition, as long as it's done respectfully.
  11. Cold Summer

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    One year since my last update here. Let's see what's changed: Retired Flat Head 3009, 32 - Worn Q4 2012 - Q3 2013. Unknown wears, probably at least 1.5 years. Retired, used for repair scraps. Flat Head 1001, 32 - Worn Q3 2013 - Q4 2014. 290 wears. On indefinite loan to Rivet & Hide's fade collection. 3Sixteen ST-120x, 31 - Worn 2015 - 2018. 540 wears. Repaired by Indigo Proof. Retired, as I no longer wear such slim jeans. My most-worn pair thus far. 3Sixteen RH15, 30 - Worn 2017 - Q2 2018. 366 wears. Retired, slimmer than I wear nowadays. Inactive Samurai S710xx, 31 - Q3 2012-2021. 12.5 months. I occasional still wear these. Full Count 1108, 31 - Q1 2019 - Q3 2021t. 13 months. Might wear these more in the future. Flat Head 3005XXX (Export Version), 32 - Q3 2018 - Present. 14 months. Repaired by Indigo Proof. Will probably wear more in the future. Active Warehouse 800xx, 31 - Q4 2020 - Present. ~8 months. Main pair at the moment. Warehouse 1001xx, 31 - Q3 2021 - Present. ~6 months. My "summer jeans," perfect for the warm months. Samurai S3000vx, 31 - Q2 2022 - Present. ~4 months. I'm wearing these some days in cooler months. Flat Head 7002W Shirt, 40 - Q2 2015 - Present. 16+ months. Strike Gold SGJ50S Jacket, 42 - Q1 2019 - Present. ~6 months. Pending Flat Head 3005 (Japanese Domestic version), 32 - Q4 2021 - Present. ~1 month. Probably won't wear these in earnest until the two Warehouse and one Samurai pairs above hit a year of wear time, each. Samurai S0510xx, 31 - Pre-brand overhaul version with yellow arcs, red tab, long inseam. Sold Jeans I used to own and wore for at least a bit, but sold. Nudie Thin Finn Organic Ecru (2009), 30 Nudie Thin Finn Dry Stretch (2010), 30 Nudie Grim Tim (30) (2011), 30 Nudie Grim Tim (29) (2011), 29 Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (2011), 31 Flat Head SE05BSP (2012), 32 Samurai S0500xx (2012), 31 RJB D105 (2013), 31 Dawson Regular (2014), 30 Flat Head 2111 (2015), 32 Nudie coated black jeans (2017), 30 Nudie black jeans (2018), 30 Eternal 811 (2019), 31 Want To Wear, Someday TCB 50S Sugar Cane Okinawa Dead stock Flat Head 3003w Analysis These two Warehouse pairs are probably my favorite jeans I've ever worn. I don't like the fabrics quite as much as Flat Head's 14.5 oz denim, but the cuts, detailing, general vibe are just perfect. Easy to wear every day in any sort of outfit, comfortable, classic style. I picked up two pairs of Samurai jeans early last year, liking the cuts and fabrics and seeing this as my last chance to stock up before the classic branding is phased out. However, it'll be ages before I get around to wearing the S0510s, unfortunately. I feel like it's best to focus on one, maybe two, pairs at a time, and I'd like to get my current active pairs to a year of wear time before starting on something new. I don't feel the need for any more jeans at present, I'd prefer to just keep wearing what I have for the next decade or so and get them repaired as necessary. I still enjoy wearing jeans a lot but I'm satisfied with what I own and unless something really fascinating comes out I don't feel the need to buy more. I don't like to think of this as a "collection," aside from slimmer-fitting jeans I don't like wearing anymore, I want to keep wearing all my pairs as long as I can.
  12. Cold Summer

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I always liked the arcuates on Japanese brands and disliked plain back pockets. My most worn pairs of the last year or two (WH 1001xx and 800xx) have plain pockets, so I've come around on less-branded pairs. But I still like the arcs on my Samurai jeans (S710, S3000, S0510) and Flat Head (domestic and F-stitch types.) If I got a pair of jeans "designed" to have part of the arcs removed to look like Levi's (eg., Warehouse's Duck Digger jeans) I would leave them unmodified.
  13. Cold Summer

    The Flat Head

    Jacket looks awesome Ben, love the fades too. The design of that jacket is much less complex than many we see in the specialty casual wear scene, and not too trim nor too boxy. I feel that TFH's jackets have always been near the top of the heap in terms of quality but in recent years (probably due to the company's various struggles) they've been overlooked in favor of other brands.
  14. Cold Summer

    The Flat Head

    That... is pretty fascinating. Never saw that model before, it doesn't follow the present TFH naming convention for what an 8005A should be (3005s with 18 oz, natural indigo mix fabric.) But I also don't think they're a super early model because they use the arcs that appeared from 2007~2008 onward. I think this might be a special collab pair or some sort of sample, as I don't recall any TFH jeans with this sort of jean work-paint hybrid design.
  15. In my experience, I've never really had much trouble with the integrity of the fabric from washing at 2~4 month intervals on most of my pairs. What seems most affected is the stitching - if it's 100% cotton, infrequent washing seems to lead to vastly more breakage, while similar jeans washed often seem to have little issue with thread integrity, at least for a while. However, I have pretty slim thighs for my waist size, so there's less stress/wear and tear at the crotch, maybe counteracting the effects of less washing in my case. Interesting to me how all these factors interconnect to make each pair of broken-in jeans unique from one person to the next.
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