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  1. A few months ago I got the Buzz Rickson 1930s chinos. These are the best-fitting pants of any type I've ever worn, it's just perfect for my body type. The price, shipped from Japan, was also dirt cheap, and they seem well made and detailed. Highly recommended! I need to get around to snapping some pics.
  2. I have both the 1001xx and 800xx, the Self Edge longer inseam version of both. I haven't noticed any shrinkage on the 1001xx over half a dozen washes or so. The 800xx do seem like they shrunk in length, and I'm not sure why that is. I didn't notice that until after having knee blowouts on the 800xx repaired though so it's possible that the darned knees not stretching out like before have some kind of negative effect on the inseam length. Either way, cold washing should be pretty safe, and you can always get some length back by pulling the legs when they're damp.
  3. Yeah, serves me right for not looking more closely, not exactly Land Yacht... but a handsome vehicle from the era of peak US auto design, regardless.
  4. Love the cars! I'm really into older cars, I recently picked up a mid 90s Oldsmobile wagon with low mileage in great condition, and just love it. Not nearly as old school as these cars of course, but the design dates from the mid-80s. I'd love to own a big ridiculous cozy mid-60s to mid-70s land yacht like the one in the first pic someday. I really like Oldsmobile, Buick, Mercury, the mid-level luxury American cars.
  5. Nice fit on those b_F, leg break looks really good with no cuffs. I'd wear my jeans uncuffed if I could get them to look that good, hah.
  6. Great stuff Ben! Fades look great and I agree, that size 42 tee fits you just right. I handled a lot of TFH tees back in the day, THC always felt heaviest but some of the others like the Black Mint tees also felt pretty hefty. I did have some much lighter weight TFH tees but they weren't part of the main recurring lines of T-shirts. I still haven't been to Guilty Party since they started carrying Flat Head, I'll probably stop by once they get another shipment. Still kind of surreal that I can take a short drive to a store that carries Flat Head, never thought I'd see the day.
  7. I'm fortunate to have a job where I can dress however I want, and work from home 99% of the time, so I guess that helps. The last time I had a job where I had to wear "business casual" was ten years ago, and it was miserable, in that regard. I think heavyweight tees like Flat Head THC are perfect for places like California with a nice climate, but here in the sticky southeast US, I've found that heavy duty tees almost never feel comfortable to wear. It's funny to think back to summer 2013 when I was working at TFH and wearing thick tees every day in the warehouse, it wasn't too comfortable, hah. I like wearing a lightweight tee with an unbuttoned short sleeve (often from TFH!) on top. If I get hot, it's easy to remove a layer and cool down. Perhaps the real reason Ben has returned is that he was unhappy I was in the lead for the prestigious title of "most posts in the TFH thread"?
  8. Interesting to read b_F's approach to collecting/wearing the Denim Pants, it's interesting that many of us have been into this hobby for so long now yet have ever-evolving perspectives on it. I've been back in my older pairs. I wore my first pair of Flat Head 3005s a lot this spring, which I bought back in mid 2018. They're around a year and a half of wear and still going strong, the knees and bottom probably have at least a few more months of wear until they blow out. I'm back in my Warehouse 1001xx for a bit but they probably have less than a month to go until the knees bust. Once those two pairs are damaged I'll probably wash and store, eventually repair and keep wearing. Might finally start on a new pair in the fall: most likely my Samurai S0510xx I bought a few years ago. My second pair of TFH 3005s are about nine months of wear, but I'll probably wear something not-TFH for a while before I keep working at these. 1-2 days a week I'm wearing non-denim pants, a pair of Buzz Rickson 1930s chinos and Stevenson salt and pepper trousers, which add some nice variety. I have dead stock Flat Head 3003xx and 1005 pairs, but I'm thinking I'll save those for a future contest, maybe.
  9. Lovely fades on those! Yes, if a pair fits slim in the thighs sometimes you'll get a fade from the pocket bags, I had that happen on some of my very slim fitting pairs from "the early years" of denim nerdery. I'm still trucking along in my 3005s, which are approaching eight months of real wear time. Once it really gets hot I'll probably wash and shelve these for a bit in favor of my Warehouse 1001xx, which are the best "hot weather" jeans I've worn, though I suspect they'll only make it another 2-3 months of wear before the knees and/or rear end wear through. 3005s aren't awful for summer once broken in, though. Hopefully I'll have managed some noteworthy fades in this pair by then.
  10. Cross-post from WAYWT. I've always thought Stevenson jeans looked really cool but I feel like their sewing and design details really lend themselves well to pants like these. I feel this is one of the best-fitting pairs of pants I've worn, of any type. The waist is maybe an inch or so loose, but nothing a belt can't fix.
  11. Haven’t posted in a bit on this thread. Rocking some Stevenson Overall salt and pepper trousers I picked up recently from the Community Sale thread. Amazing fabric, sewing, details, fit. Gonna be wearing these a lot on days I feel like wearing not-jeans! Freenote flannel / Flat Head jacket / Equus belt / Flat Head wallet / Stevenson Overall trousers / Wesco Mister Lou
  12. Virtually all TFH shirts are one-washed so they shouldn't shrink unless you absolutely blast them with a tumble dry. I've owned quite a few TFH shirts and never noticed any of them to shrink at all with a cold wash and hang drying. Wonderful fades on those 5005s @el padre, you don't see those a lot around here but the 5000 series denim fades quite nicely.
  13. I almost never saw anything over size 42 when I lived in Japan. It was pretty much just overseas retailers ordering bigger sizes than that. However, since TFH reorganized a few years ago, everything seems to run a size bigger than before, so a 42 is more like a 44 in the "old" Flat Head. Still, I think this just highlights the size disparity in western vs. Japanese body types. Almost everybody I knew when I worked there wore a size 38, only one or two people as large as a 40.
  14. Thanks guys. I'll have some more cool stuff for you soon!
  15. I wouldn't exactly describe myself as having a "passion for my possessions." It's all just stuff that one day will fall apart, or get lost, or stolen, or whatever. But I do spend a lot of time in/using my clothes, which leads to more time observing/thinking about it. I have a nice electric bass that should be much more engaging than my denim jacket or whatever, but I hardly ever use or interact with it at this stage of life, so I'm generally pretty apathetic about it. Same goes for my car, I spend so little time driving that I could never be a "car guy." But I spend a lot of time wearing clothes. I guess to me, it makes sense that I'm going to scrutinize stuff that I use and experience the most. It's more like I'm trying to apply my OCD attention to detail to illuminate some aspects I think are compelling which hopefully leads to making more interesting content than just posting pictures and such. Particularly in this thread where there's not a lot of posting nowadays, I like to think sharing my impressions might give many people on here who have some TFH stuff from back in the day a newfound appreciation for it. Especially when it comes to something like shirts; it feels like there's a ton of stuff out there on minor differences of 501XX jeans from different eras and how accurately/inaccurately particular details are reproduced, or changed. It's not that I don't find this interesting, but it's been pretty thoroughly explored at this point, and I guess I find that scrutinizing other stuff (like on shirts) is more interesting to me, and the justification behind why X shirt costs a lot of money seems to be "it's super heavy and Made In Japan, bro." Obviously I feel like there's a lot more to it than that, and that's what I've touched on a bit here. My polemic (if you can even call it that) is pretty mild compared to some prominent content-creators in the community who often present opinion as fact, and my impressions are based on direct comparison to things I've owned myself. Plus, in the post on the houndstooth shirt, at the end, I did say that this was just my opinion 😉 My interest in the denim hobby had pretty much stalled out until I discovered I could find lots of great stuff from the "golden age" of Flat Head and similar brands on Japanese auction and resale sites for often comically low prices (at least, on occasions when things in my size would come up for sale), in nice condition. Maybe this isn't relevant to everybody out there, but as a married guy with two kids, I don't have as much cash to spend on the clothing hobby as I once did, so I want to make my dollar go as far as it can, and get more for my money. This shouldn't come across as bragging either, as I did nothing special to get this stuff, not even really utilizing my Japanese language skills; I got almost everything through Buyee, an English-language site which consolidates Yahoo Auctions, Mercari, and others into a single proxy, where I just searched for stuff that interested me. I feel this aspect is more analogous to thrift store treasure hunting where finding cool stuff for cheap is part of the fun. Anyway, in regards to sizing, this jacket runs small. Normally I'd wear a 42, which is my size in most TFH tops (though particularly in short sleeves a 40 often fits me just fine.) This is the only TFH thing in size 44 I've ever owned. 42 usually corresponds to a US Medium. Out of the Japanese brands TFH tends to fit me the best since I'm tall and slim, and prefer the western shirts and their detailing, but the "work" style shirts are generally much boxier and fit more like shirts from any other brand. TFH usually made both styles for a given fabric. I find that people are almost universally talking about the western shirts when criticizing Flat Head's cuts. A lot of other brands out there have very short sleeves for my chest/shoulder size, even if I size up, so I appreciate that Flat Head's general design works good for me. That's actually a great question about the pockets and yoke on the houndstooth shirt. The body of the shirt features the fabric at a straight angle, while the pockets and yoke are slanted 45 and -45 degrees, where the left pocket matches the angle of the opposite/right side yoke, and the right pocket/left yoke, vice versa. I think it's probably done like this because it makes the design of the pockets and yoke more visually distinct, whereas if it was all matching the same direction as the body of the shirt it would all blend together. It's pretty normal for flannel shirts to have the pocket fabric at a 45/-45 degree angle, it's just less obvious that's what's going on here because it's a houndstooth fabric instead of a grid-like check pattern.
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