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  1. Topnotcher

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

  2. Topnotcher

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I think so,all the same like my last cone from 2018.I have to say i shot to fast,after a comparasion the new its not so heavy like my pair from 0297.I thinks it has the same ounces and weight like the pair from 2018 from cone but slightly rougher .Love it nevertheless.sorry for my mistake.some pics tomorrow.
  3. Topnotcher

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I know for some of you guys is it blasphemic,but i bought me a pair of Kaihara denim 501xx 1955.made in ,,europe,, :-) when the postman gave me the parcel i thought -wow ,nice weight and unpacked i was really surprised about the denim. My first pair was the 37` 201 in 1997 and over the years i bought a lot ,mostly 55er 501 and 201 and this denim reminds me a lot on the early days of LVC !!! Stiff ,slightly hairy and right thickness, i would say real 14 oz . Jumped in and was a little shocked how perfect fits the waist. Nobody told me how this denim shrinks,so i decided... no risk,no fun. I gave the jean a hot soaking for one hour and this beast shrunk in length only ! Yippieh ! Bought a w 32 l 34 . pre wash waist was 32 " , Front rise 32" ,Lo 8,25 " ,inseam 34 " ,After wash the front rise is 30 " , inseam shrunk a little under 32 " .The other measurements are the same. Craftmanship and fit and especially the denim are topnotch !. I will show some pics tomorrow !
  4. Topnotcher


    Yes,have a order for the 46 model on Warehouse shop and did the payment today for it.I am very excited.
  5. Topnotcher


    Hi,i hope its okay when i posted here....for sale WH 1001xx w33 l 32 .just a few wears .9/10. Denim is darker as on pics. W 16,5 , inseam 31,fr 11,5. Br 15,5 lo 8,25 . Ask for 160€ pp .shipping from Germany. Thanks
  6. Topnotcher

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Hi gents,i hope its okay when i posted here...i have for sale a FW 601 1947 w 32 l 33 .Just a few wears.9/10.denim is darker as on pics. W 16 ,inseam 33,lo 8,5, fr 12,br 16. Ask for 170 € pp from germany . Thanks Martin
  7. Topnotcher


    My 1001xx in w33 is exactly the size you need. .A real 32 is perfect for me and this is a touch to loose for me. My 1000xx in w33 is actuaĺy a perfect 32 after some washes.
  8. Topnotcher


    Hi gents,here m first pair 50ies model ca 5 years old. Fav jeans in summer and apart from the pockets in top shape.
  9. Topnotcher

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    thanks a lot !
  10. Topnotcher

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    Killer boots !! ?What is this brand and model ? thanks!
  11. Topnotcher


    I removed the yellow on stud,its golden now.
  12. Topnotcher


    Good morning and a happy 2020 to all denim lovers here! Made myself a present and bought me a pherrows 421 at son of a stag London.Really want the wider 521 but these werent out of stock so i try the 421 model. Denim is 13,75 ow starched.Feels a little thicker and nice stiff.Absolutely fantastic,Deep dark blue.Jean is true to size and the denim doesnt stretch much ,apart from small hip flares.For the fancy yellow sb button on back pocket,i sanded the paint.Looks cooler imho.Measurements on clutch cafe side are really correct for this jean. Pics after 3 days of wearing.
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