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  1. That’s my hesitation with trying a 17. I could just convert to short sleeve western and use the pearly snaps from the cuffs to bedazzle the shirt!
  2. Probably a 17. This particular shirt is too tight in the forearms for me. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to fit on the slimmer side, but it’s restrictive at my forearms. All my other FW shirts are 16 and fit well.
  3. 42s arrived this week. Washing them now. Also grabbed a Jesse western shirt which unfortunately is not quite my style and will be posted in the sale thread tomorrow. Happy to pass on a deal for anyone interested in a size 16.
  4. fabes


    Here’s my 1001xx fresh out the wash. These are mostly a yard work, project and summer pant for me as they shrank up in length a bit. Keeps the ankles cool.
  5. @shredwin_206 those look great. Kicking myself for passing on the 37s. Really like the dye/denim they used, hope they run it again in the future!
  6. Not a vest person, but I resonate with the practicality approach. I’ve been considering the FW Ironalls jacket/chore coat solely for “yard work”. Those big pockets at the hem would be great for pruning shears and other small tools.
  7. I also picked up the ‘42s and waiting on ‘alterations’. I wanted to try a cinch back and curious to try the wwii denim. It will be fun to compare them to my ‘51s and ‘33 jacket. Seeing @MJF9’s ‘33 jacket has encouraged me to get more wear on mine!
  8. I really like the color & texture of how the recent 01s fade. Just a great shade of blue!
  9. Update on some 51s I’ve had for awhile and a fresh pair of 51s I picked up not that long ago a size down. Particularly enjoying the fades on the button fly. Almost have a back pocket rivet poking through. A few more spills skateboarding and I should be able to send out some sparks!
  10. I’m gonna buck trend and say I had Seiichiro round over the rivets on my last denim purchase and I absolutely loved it. I don’t hate the sharp rivets, but I haven’t drawn blood on the smooth rivets yet. I wished I had the rivets at the cinch on my type 1 rounded over for the sake of my car seat. It’s not damaged, but I sure think carefully every time before sitting down.
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