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  1. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Thank you @tchengaa. I obtained them through an online friend.
  2. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Admittedly not today, but fairly recent:TCB messenger bag TCB Seamen jacket Buzz Rickson's sweat Uniqlo button-down AtLast&Co Lot 161 Alden 403
  3. Dawson Denim

    Nice - Dawson stuff is top notch and they'll be perfect in the warmer weather. I'd be keen to see fit pics when they arrive.
  4. Dawson Denim

    I don't own a pair but I took a good look at them when I attended their workshop open day last year and I'd probably have bought some if I didn't already have the TCB equivalent. The legs are each constructed using one piece of fabric (no outerseams) and the fabric is very nice.
  5. Shoes that look better with age...

    I was unboxing my Indy's earlier and it occurred to me how mediocre the stock laces are. I proceeded to put the first boot on and lo and behold, the lace snapped. Any recommendations on replacements? I'll probably buy the Alden waxed laces from Frans Boone but I'm open to suggestions. I have two pairs so I'll buy replacements for both.
  6. The fabric is fairly plain with a bit of hairiness but very sturdy - I'd say Ed's photos are a good representation of how it looks. The rise on my w36 pair was around 14.25-14.5" which didn't seem to change much after a soak, though they shrunk a *lot* in the waist and length. As a big thigh/butt guy who almost exclusively wears 14"+ rises, they work great for me, but I appreciate that this kind of cut isn't for everyone. As for construction, they're absolutely solid and are built as well as any other well-regarded Japanese brand in my opinion. I can grab some measurements and more photos later if anyone is interested.
  7. TCB

    I bought a 42 which is my normal size. My 50s jacket is a 44 and is perfectly snug as opposed to the Seaman which was crazy wide before I washed it. Just goes to show the difference in cuts. Still, I'd rather it was on the looser side as I think it suits being worn that way. I'll try and get some fit pics this weekend.
  8. I was lucky enough to source a pair of the lot 161 and they're by far the best pair of jeans I've owned. I wish there were more brands out there making jeans with a proper high waist. I've visited the Vintage Showroom a few times - it's usually a fairly limited selection but what they have is very nice. One of my favourite details is the pocket bag featuring an anvil like the top fly button:
  9. TCB

    Took receipt of my Seamen jacket yesterday. It fit a bit larger than I anticipated and I debated exchanging it for a smaller size, but in the end I decided to throw it in a hot wash and it came out just about perfect. I would have liked another inch or so off the length but it's not a deal breaker and I'll still be wearing it a lot this spring. Here's an idea of how the jacket looks against the seamen pants with 5/6 washes. My iPhone really doesn't do this fabric justice:
  10. Belts

    Super cheap natural belt ordered on Etsy. Around 4-5 months effective wear.
  11. WAYWT (denim version) 2016

    Custom TCB 50s jacket TCB newspaper bag LVC Homerun shirt AtLast&Co chambray pants Alden 403
  12. TCB

    I would recommend going TTS for the Seaman pants as they are very generous in cut and will stretch around the waist. I can't imagine they would shrink enough on a hot wash to justify going a size up. It's worth checking the measurements here as they were nearly 100% accurate in my experience, however mine definitely did not shrink 1.5 inches after the first wash: http://tuckshopsundrysupplies.com/index.php?route=product/product&manufacturer_id=28&product_id=77
  13. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    It's worth emailing the London store as well, they're very helpful and respond quickly in my experience. They'll happily order items from Japan upon request providing it's available.
  14. TCB

    Here's a few iPhone shots of the newspaper bag in case anyone is interested. My apologies for the lighting as my flat is terrible for taking photos. Front: Strap with multi-coloured stitching: Chain stitch run-offs and orange bartacking: Gold snap buttons and TCB label:
  15. TCB

    Yeah, I had a basic understanding, thanks. I've had no problems ordering from sites like Denimio but that's because they mark it at 1000 yen. I've just checked the letter again and the breakdown is £7.66 customs duty, £62.83 VAT and £13.50 clearance fee (that would be Parcelforce's own fee).