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  1. Double 0 Soul

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    Thanks Chris! He finds it inspiring to write songs about the struggles of socialism from outside his tiny unit on Abbeydale Rd ...compared to his massive mansion in Dorset
  2. Double 0 Soul

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    Had a stroll up Abbydale Road today... Walked through the park, past some concave glass Along Sharrow Vale road... had a look around the yard behind Gilberts junk emporium Past The Porter Book Shop ...up the hill towards Psalter lane and down towards Abbydale past Kid Acne's Birth of Hip-Hop ..shortcut through the ball courts Strip the Willow, where you can get your painted woodwork srtipped back to bare wood ..who doesn't love an old bubbly machine . ...a different Cole's Corner ...even though it's a sleepy Sunday, it's great to see folks around and a sense of normality returning . Derelict, Abbydale Picture Palace . Swifties, my favourite archetectural salvage joint, closed on Sundays.. Gin Joint . Bike shop Dress Makers ..gotta love this shop front . Broady, where all the climbers hang out, i hooked up with Sugar Mountain for a pint here a few years ago.. . . Groceries . . . Tailor Barry's Bar, . Up cemetary road past Lansdown Flats Through leafy Kenwood ...along Psalter Lane ...and back home
  3. Double 0 Soul

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Thanks Daz you're a gent! Did you used to be 'Mindful' in another life?
  4. Double 0 Soul

    Superdenim Specific Music Meta Thread...

    I had a read through crazy old Ian Brown's... anti-vax, anti big-pharma twitter feed during the last lock down... Here's one for the ressurection ...and one for Sunday morning
  5. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

  6. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

    This one might divide opinion and that's understandable, i'm not into killing things for the sake of decoration either. A friend of mine's dining room is reminiscent of a Victorian curiosity shop (his pet chameleon hangs out there too) he has a wall of framed insects and say what you will, they're certainly interesting, like those entomology drawers in the natural history museum, my kid is obsessed by it, so when it was his birthday he let the boy choose one, this one.. Pop Quiz No peeking on the interwebz.. Name the film reference for 10 points?
  7. Morning Paul, Dawson are not a VAT registered company so they're not able to remove the VAT at check out for non UK customers because VAT was never applied. In future, give me a holla and i'll proxy them for you
  8. Double 0 Soul

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Me, 20yrs ago, Precinct 13 tee, grinning like a cheshire cat next to a pile of AJ's
  9. Double 0 Soul

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    My Mrs's Jordan colourway dunks
  10. Double 0 Soul

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Vintage Rod Lavers with grey fatties
  11. Double 0 Soul

    Superdenim Specific Music Meta Thread...

    ^Nice uplifting tune for a Friday evening there Marty McFriedman ...not quite as elevating
  12. Double 0 Soul

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Those guys have obviously spent a hellava lot of time and effort on their physique but they seem to have only worked their upper body, neglecting their pencil thin legs and the super slimmed down trooz just emphasize how out of proportion they are (maybe this is the point which i'm missing) i'm sure with all that testosterone they're fiercely hetrosexual but paradoxically i've never met a woman in my life who would be attracted by such a fine specimen, i think secretly they just do it to impress their gym buddies... shush! don't tell anyone. I'll try and get a photo of the popped polo/stretch denim shorts/mirrored sunglasses crew.. if ive got a black eye in waywt next week, you know what's happened
  13. Double 0 Soul

    Vintage Denim?

    Makes sense, unless he wore them under his boilersuit/coverall's
  14. Double 0 Soul

    Vintage Denim?

    Did pop's use a tape measure in his line of work scoobs? I get the same wear pattern on all my work jeans, perfectly intact left hand pocket, destroyed right hand pocket
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