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  1. Anyone remember Zapango Treasures? They were like an ebay/proxy service, they had goodies in their ebay store but could source anything you wanted from JP which they would list for you to buy so all sales went through ebay. Got my first Cushman sweat through them, expensive but the choices were pretty limited back then.
  2. Double 0 Soul

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    We watched Kedi last week, a must see for cat lovers out there, check it out you'll enjoy it. It's a documentary filmed from a cats eye view of the beautiful city of Istanbul, my kid even watched it again on his device and he's not usually one for foreign language films.
  3. Zen will, i like it because its 95% automated so allows you to bid or snipe on Yahoo auctions in realtime rather than proxy doing it on your behalf.
  4. Double 0 Soul

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Check out my li'll phone Last wk i got drenched in storm Ciara on my commute to work, when i took my phone out of the back pocket of my cycle jacket it needed a charge so i plugged it in and left it... a couple of hours later i picked it up and it was 'off' but mad-hot, i couldn't turn it on so opened up the battery compartment and it was full of water...long/short its fucked but it was only a £10 90's typ phone from Tesco, ive never had a smart phone or want one (i only send 5 or 6 txt's or calls /mth) ...but i did want a small phone which i can fit in the chest pocket of my Paramo midlayer. I honestly expected this kickstarter to be a piece of novelty shite but its actually a dope ass little phone which works a charm. It's only around 40mm x 20mm x 12mm so no good for sausage fingers but brilliant for shoving up your arse when visiting loved ones in prison... i would imagine.
  5. I used to use Suto, 10yrs or so ago.. nowadays i use Zen (Indigo_Eagle recommended them to me) for JP purchases and i use Illumin8em for US purchases, he's dealt with everything from tents to prints, signed up for discount/promo codes without having to be asked, he's a lovely guy and a very dear friend. I stopped using Suto because they missed the end of an auction and it took them 3weeks to return the £800 which i had sent, it freaked me out enough to bag them off.
  6. Double 0 Soul

    The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    Statistically speaking, if you want to shed a few lbs, superdenim is a veritable fat camp.. Volvo & Inoue are working on a line of vintage inspired faux-denim compression-wear and b_F has a greatly anticipated body-pump dvd due for release in the spring he's like a denim-clad Davina McCall, just much less of an awful diva...
  7. Double 0 Soul

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Yeah, i feel 'influenced' shame on you Lance
  8. Mister Freedom made a 'Chiller Vest' a few years ago, if you can find one on Yahoo, no western yoke (which can only be a good thing) and some interesting materials.. The 14oz selvedge Okinawa being the pick of the litter.
  9. Double 0 Soul

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    Looking sharp Eddie! ..are you in the hospitality business now?
  10. Double 0 Soul

    Conners Sewing Factory

    "Wowza...!" That's not nearly enough expletives to describe that monstrosity, come on you can do better than that...
  11. Double 0 Soul

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    It's true, every friend of mine who has moved to London over the last 25yrs have all waved goodbye to their fat salaries and left. My next door but one neighbour is from Hackney (and still retained a thick accent ) he moved here for the bouldering/climbing scene in the late 80's started a family and never went back and my next door but two neighbours moved to London for the £££ but moved back here to start a family.... I'm not sure 'Lucy Campbell' knows what 'gentrification' means tho.. the West of the city has been middle-class since the 1850's, its the soul-less Kelham Island which has been gentrified Im half way through a local history book on the subject. "The Growth of Ranmoor, Hangingwater and Nether Green" by Peter Warr, it's a good read.
  12. Double 0 Soul

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    What a lovely place to live! it's as flat as a pancake. It looks like folks houses are really well maintained... over here, where you used to be able to employ a 'tradesperson' to restore your ornamental woodwork, you now have to employ an 'artisan' at 3x the cost so in contrast, even the swanky houses are getting a bit crumbly. I think the little blue/green wooded joint is my favourite.
  13. Double 0 Soul


    Just wait till you're a washed out dad then you'll be allover them
  14. Double 0 Soul

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Don't do it you crazy fuck! they're the best looking pair of (arc-less) jeans in the denimsphere.. ..at least up the price, they must have cost you close to double that with fees.