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    I grew up in a little Swiss mountain village and love nature and raw denim
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    Zurich, Switzerland
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    Raw denim rag heaven
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    Mountaineering, skiing, running, collecting heavy faded raw denim stuff
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    Geographer and founder of the Jeansmuseum
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    size 32
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    us 7 uk 6.5 eu 39 jp 25

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  1. swiss-jeansfreak

    Pure Blue Japan

    Just so powerful faded Tredd626 Keep them alive for ever
  2. swiss-jeansfreak

    Pure Blue Japan

    Wow, you’re such a hardest core fast fader!!! I can‘t wait to see them 300 wear days later!!!
  3. swiss-jeansfreak

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Woah they seem to be more them ready for the Jeansmuseum
  4. swiss-jeansfreak

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Really impressing and powerful raw denim evo results seen here!!!!
  5. Hi Wu

    I hope you’re doing well.

    Do you still have your old APC and Levis jeans?

    I would love to display them in the Jeansmuseum 

    Stay raw

    Ruedi Karrer

  6. swiss-jeansfreak

    Skull Jeans by An Alchemist

    Great news! Promise me to never ever throwing them away! Otherwise let me know before
  7. swiss-jeansfreak

    Skull Jeans by An Alchemist

    Impressing denim evo. Are they still alive?
  8. swiss-jeansfreak

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    I loooove them and can‘t wait for more pics about your Kapital century denim
  9. swiss-jeansfreak

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Wow looking still quite new. I love the never washed one with the cinch back on the top of the pic. Which denim brand?
  10. swiss-jeansfreak

    Denim Repair

    Great to know so perfect use of a still new and strong denim fabric
  11. swiss-jeansfreak

    Denim Repair

    Wow your Lee jeans must have been still brand new, or was it from a hemming part?
  12. swiss-jeansfreak

    Pure Blue Japan

    So powerful faded indeed Space_cowboy!!! They have reached the Holy Grail status by far!!!
  13. swiss-jeansfreak

    Denim Repair

    Such a powerful raw denim evolution and good job done here
  14. swiss-jeansfreak

    Studio D'artisan

    Amazing detail shot!!!!
  15. swiss-jeansfreak


    They‘re looking unusual to me and I never saw a zip fly on a APC and size 10? Where did you get them?
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