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  1. Incredible updates pudaspriest nizzel55 and joe_poww And don't worry nizzel55 about your spam pics. We can't never get enough from your superb denim evo shots
  2. @cottonskinblues: Wow, I can't stop watching your hardest core faded jeans reflecting the full power of natural denim evolution at its best. Keep them alive for ever!!!!
  3. It's always so impressing to see the awesome denim evo updates from nizzel55
  4. I love this great looking denim jacket and fitting perfectly to your hardcore faded jeans aquino
  5. So awesome faded ajchen Keep them alive for ever!!!
  6. Fantastic updates d-rew12
  7. And I love your awesome strong and deep shaped honey combs on your last pic Flo Max Power
  8. Thanks for your infos Mega I also can't wait to see the results. My 25 oz IH MBB judge jeans is in pretty rough condition after 990 wear days
  9. I'm raw denim addicted since 1973 and this will last until I myself will be faded away ha ha. I always love authentic natural fadings which shows the power of denim evolution but would never ever do some extra fading stuff, for getting crazy fadings. I just wear them a lot until falling apart before giving them an eternal life in the little Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings
  10. Great denim evo seen here Flo Max Power
  11. Awesome denim evo indeed JDelage
  12. Great denim evo seen here!!! kevypf597
  13. Looking great Foxy2!!'