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  1. LQW Oh no Can't you convince her? I would love to beat the hell out of them for every single day straight for years
  2. LQW Too bad that you can't fit in to them anymore since they're looking still almost new and so strong. Perhaps you know somebody else who could break them in
  3. THIS is an awesome gift indeed Flo!!!!! Maxpower
  4. Wow, your APC jeans are looking epic!!!! Make sure to keep them alive for ever and never ever throwing them away! Otherwise let me know before. I would love to give them an eternal life in the Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings at any time!!!
  5. Same with me, I like the relaxed comfortable style. And they look great on you Flo I can't wait to see more updates in direct sunlight to see them better
  6. Awesome looking jeans JohnnyD
  7. Great denim evo seen here j0el2
  8. braille_theeth Wow, they're really hardest core broken in reflecting the full power of strong natural denim evolution at it's best. I hope, you can find somebody, who will repair them. And of course they deserve to survive for ever. Otherwise you can still give them an eternal life in the Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings some day
  9. Awesome denim evo seen here! Keep them alive for ever and never ever throwing them away!!! And same for the awesome faded Skull jeans from DaThruth1
  10. Wonderful denim evo seen here DaTruth1 Keep them alive for ever
  11. Like Beautiful Freak said April 2001 And from the label the jacket can't be from the Big E era which ended in 1971 thiskibd of labels are newer then 1985 Can you post full front and back side pic?
  12. Great entry shots indeed Welcome on Sufu mate!!!
  13. Awesome denim evo updates corporalclegg, atchong and d-rew12 And I love the strong gowing patina on your brothers Sammies corporalclegg
  14. My Nudie Regular Ralf are still alive but only worn very seldom as my work pants in the forest or at construction sites
  15. Congrats to your incredible natural raw denim love put in to those awesome faded jeans. I can't stop watching them. Keep them alive for ever!!!