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    I grew up in a little Swiss mountain village and love nature and raw denim
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    Zurich, Switzerland
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    Raw denim rag heaven
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    Mountaineering, skiing, running, collecting heavy faded raw denim stuff
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    Geographer and founder of the Jeansmuseum
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    size 32
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    us 7 uk 6.5 eu 39 jp 25

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  1. Woah I couldn‘t imagine to loose such a great faded blue jeans!!
  2. I love this great raw denim evo and also how the front pocket scoops start getting wild!! Keep them alive for ever
  3. Yeah what a wonderful Denim collection b_f indeed
  4. Looking cool and still going very strong
  5. So cool I like them and great repair job done to them
  6. Are your 19 oz Samurai 710 still alive?

    Make sure to bever ever throwing them away after you created such great fades in to them

    Have a great weekend


  7. Wow great collection would love to see the front side of zhe 2 heavy faded ones as well
  8. Wow awesome faded and quite some repair work ahead. I would add a real big patch underneath including the big knee tear area and darn it this way. Adding some sashiko pattern would be great as well
  9. Wow such a powerful raw denim evo results! They have seen a lot and deserve an eternal life for sure. I would love to see them in real some day.
  10. Thanks so much really impressing!!!
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