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  1. Like Beautiful Freak said April 2001 And from the label the jacket can't be from the Big E era which ended in 1971 thiskibd of labels are newer then 1985 Can you post full front and back side pic?
  2. Great entry shots indeed Welcome on Sufu mate!!!
  3. Awesome denim evo updates corporalclegg, atchong and d-rew12 And I love the strong gowing patina on your brothers Sammies corporalclegg
  4. My Nudie Regular Ralf are still alive but only worn very seldom as my work pants in the forest or at construction sites
  5. Congrats to your incredible natural raw denim love put in to those awesome faded jeans. I can't stop watching them. Keep them alive for ever!!!
  6. Denimstojewsky Awesone Wrangler jacket indeed!! Love it!!!
  7. Great denim evo on both jackets!!!
  8. Wow, what a strong denim evo seen here. Did you take any pre wash pics to check the difference corporalclegg?
  9. My personal denim stuff (all items never ever washed or soaked) Retired Lee Storm Rider lined denim jacket from 1966 worn between 1995-2005 (winter seasons) Lee Storm Rider lined denim jacket from 1968 worn between 2005-2013 (winter seasons) Lee unlined denim jacket from 1960 worn between 1998-2005 Lee unlined denim jacket from 1975 worn from 2005-2012 Denim take 5 jeans worn 2009-2011 over 750 wear days IH 25 oz MBB jeans worn 2013-2016 with 998 wear days (perhaps I'll wear them a few days more when outdoors only) Semi Retired Strike Gold 23 oz jeans worn 2011-2013 and 2016 with 880 wear days Current: IH black unlined denim jacket 21 oz since 2012 Lee Storm Rider Repro lined denim jacket with patches from @detrash and @longjohn_denimblog since Oct. 2013 (winter seasons) Nudie Loose Leif jeans since Nov. 14 2016 Benzak Denim Developer greencast LHT jeans since Nov 14 2016 Both jeans in a weekly rotation to compare their ongoing denim evo simultaneously
  10. beautiful_FrEaK Your collection is impressing indeed!!!!!! Keep go on with your great raw denim work and keep them alive for ever
  11. A lot of dust and regular dirt has been accumulated inside the cuffs over the years indeed @Geeman
  12. Megatron: Thanks a lot for your kind words about my old out of the contest judges jeans. And thanks for your awesome and mindblowing updates from your IH jeans @nizzel55
  13. Great to hear kss47. I could never ever hem a jeans . This would kill my raw denim heart
  14. I love this style a lot and would keep them that way kss447
  15. Impressing denim evo seen here Slowitchu!!!!!