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    Raw denim rag heaven
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    Mountaineering, skiing, running, collecting heavy faded raw denim stuff
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    Geographer and Leader of the Jeansmuseum
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  1. I'm happy to be there as well. See you soon there!!!
  2. Great denim evomseen here indeed on those awesome faded IH jeans louisbosco!!
  3. I like your beautiful denim evolution results louisbosco
  4. Great denim evo seen here indeed!!! FreeCharlesManson
  5. Great denim evo seen here indeed!!! free Charles Manson
  6. ^^ Really impressing denim evolution results seen here. Congrats and keep them alive for ever joe_poww
  7. Looking good @Propellerbeanie. Rock them hard for ever
  8. Awesome looking jeans and perfect fit indeed @sardonicsmirk
  9. Awesome collection at your place Flo!!! Would love to see them in real some day
  10. You could open your own Jeansmuseum mikecch
  11. Great collection cucoo. And I love your countings Doing the same on my raw denim gear
  12. Yes I would really love to break in a jeans and a denim jacket from them to see their denim evo after 800-1000 wear days including used as an outdoor and work.clothes in the mountains and for forest work. I hust need several additional bodies to give all my raw denim items on my raw denim waiting list a chance to break them in. As a slow fader I need obe nee jeans every second year only Big raw denim addict dilemma
  13. I love your great looking outfit @cucoo
  14. Cottonskinblues: What a wonderfully faded N&F jeans seen here!! Those pants deserves an eternal life for sure!!!! They're still looking quite wearable Would love to see them in real some day
  15. Just wonderful nizzel55!!!!!!!!