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  1. To those that bought the raw EX denim, after shrinking and then some wear did the waist stretch back to raw measurement or go even further? I'm looking at the 0105EX and deciding between the 30 (33.1" waist raw) and 31 (33.9" waist raw) depending on waist stretching. A 33.5 - 34" waist would be ideal.
  2. I sized up one from my typical tag size for S&S x Ooe Yofukuten - OA02-510. I'm usually a 32 in most brands and I went with a 33. This is also the highest rise of jeans I have worn. They're around 12" whereas most other brands I wear are around 10.5" - 11". Waist was snug at first but stretched quickly to fit perfectly. It definitely would have been too large if I sized up 2. Legs are a little wider than I expected compared to the model wearing them on their web store but very comfortable.
  3. Red Cloud R400H at roughly 1 year 8 months. About 9 washes total. No repairs. Full album: Girlfriend's Railcar x ABFits (also part of DWC). 3 ~ 4 washes. Repairs from Self Edge and done by herself. Full album:
  4. TCB

    Seeing these pics of jackets is getting me interested in pulling the trigger one. The measurements I'm seeing on denimio look they have a reasonable sleeve length for longer arms. I'm 5'11", 165 lbs; not sure if I should be ordering a 40 or 42 in unwashed. Leaning towards the 42 for extra chest and shoulder room. Can anybody comment on the roominess of the arms? They look quite slim in the photos I'm seeing. Do they restrict movement at all? Can you fully bend your arm inward? Can you stretch both arms forward, such as if you were on a bike? Thanks!
  5. What are the odds you still have these for sale?