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  1. adastrus

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Here we go! Glad to finally be kicking this thing off with you all and hoping the world is in a better state by the time the contest ends!
  2. adastrus

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Hey folks, #90 here. Went with 33ow after deliberating on sizing for a good long while. I’m generally a 32 in most brands, depending on cut, but my 50s are a 33 and fit well, so Ryo recommended I take the same size. Chart measurements would have been about perfect and like most, I was nervous they’d be unwearable after seeing pairs coming in so undersized. Turns out I’m relatively pleased with the fit. They’re definitely slimmer in the top block than I prefer, but the waist actually measures larger than my 50s did, and with the expected stretch, should be fine. Losing a bit of the weight I’ve accumulated from inactivity over the last several months due to Covid and the birth of my daughter wouldn’t hurt either. Denim & details are terrific, and I’m pretty stoked on my pocket bag combo (L: polka dot, R: mottled brown denim), though the mottled bag looks likely to tear at the crease at some point. Measurements for those interested (Actual vs Chart): Waist - 80.6 cm vs 83.5 cm (-2.9 cm) Thigh - 30.9 cm vs 32.3 cm (-1.4 cm) Rise - 33.9 cm vs 32.5 cm (+1.4 cm???) Really bummed for those that received a pair that doesn’t work for them and I’m a little shocked that they messed up production so bad without acknowledging it (that I saw, at least). That said, looking forward to kicking things off on Tuesday with they rest of you!
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