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  1. For sale: Roy RT1002 Roy Tapered Cone Mills Black Seed Denim, tagged 30. Bought these on eBay about 5 years ago, but never wore them myself. They seem to have been hemmed to around 30". I wish I could provide better measurements, but I don't have a tape measure here. The jeans have been worn, maybe 10 times, but look like they've never been washed. Is $500 a fair asking price?
  2. @cool_hand I was checking the measurements online and it says the size 32 is 87cm at the waist. That seems quite large for 32, which is TTS for me. You think I should size down or that the measurements on the site are off? For reference, it says size 36 measures 97cm. Can you confirm?
  3. guess i picked the wrong week to quit duck hunting
  4. There's some here, I think: https://www.burgundschild.com/de/marken/warehouse-co./
  5. Yeah, I've had the same thing happen many times - do a repair, 10 minutes later a new rip. If I get a new hole every time I wear them, that's how I know a pair of jeans is done. But the ones you sent me seem like they have lots of life left. I'll post some updates on them from time to time and, if you have any more to throw away, please think of me. Thanks again, Neal.
  6. Here you go, gents. With the Birks & socks look that is prerequisite here in Berlin
  7. So here they are, all patched up and ready to go. Going to give them a run through the washing machine today and then straight into the rotation. This was a complicated repair, Neal, and my sewing machine can't really run over the super thick seams, but managed to work around that. Unfortunately, I didn't have any dirty denim scraps, so had to go with the baby blue, but it's not at all noticeable when wearing them. Thanks again for passing them along!
  8. Thank you! Will DM now. And don't worry, I'll let everyone I run into know that they're not covered in jizz
  9. Rather than throwing them in the bin, why not ship them to Germany? I can wash them and repair them and give them a 3rd life. Size 32 is perfect for me Happy to pay for the shipping.
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