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  1. Fair enough. I just forget to take pictures/measurements before I left New York. Had my father do these. Hopefully they give a more clear idea.
  2. Just giving these a bump. If you're interested, just throwout a fair price. Am pretty flexible. Shipping from New York.
  3. For sale: Roy RT1002 Roy Tapered Cone Mills Black Seed Denim, tagged 30. Bought these on eBay about 5 years ago, but never wore them myself. They seem to have been hemmed to around 30". I wish I could provide better measurements, but I don't have a tape measure here. The jeans have been worn, maybe 10 times, but look like they've never been washed. Is $500 a fair asking price?
  4. @cool_hand I was checking the measurements online and it says the size 32 is 87cm at the waist. That seems quite large for 32, which is TTS for me. You think I should size down or that the measurements on the site are off? For reference, it says size 36 measures 97cm. Can you confirm?
  5. guess i picked the wrong week to quit duck hunting
  6. There's some here, I think: https://www.burgundschild.com/de/marken/warehouse-co./
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