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  1. jkbrwn


    And they only took 22 days to get to you!
  2. jkbrwn


    Reposting this as I finally found the time to dig these out and take measurements...! They are as follows, laid flat (thigh measurements taken from bottom of fly across: Warehouse 800 Ecru: Waist - 17" Thigh - 12" Leg Opening - 9" Inseam is slightly shorter than I realised at - 31" Warehouse 700c: Waist - 17" Thigh - 12" Leg Opening - 9" Inseam - 30" If anyone is interested in these, we can work something out. Can also take better photos!
  3. jkbrwn


    Can I interest anyone in the aforementioned Ecru 800s or 700Cs? One hot soak on each but no washes. 36" label size on the 800s but realistically fit like a 34". Hemmed to 33". 33" label size on the 700Cs and they fit like a 33". Hemmed to 32". I can get precise measurements and better photos of each if anyone is interested. CONUS shipping is preferable but can ship overseas. I am returning to the UK next weekend so could feasibly ship anywhere in the UK/EU, too. I'm not after much here - just want to recoup the costs of my DD-1001XXs so PM if interested and we can work something out.
  4. jkbrwn


    No red label, which IMO is no bad thing. I'm still in two minds about picking the arcuate to imitate a pair of Levi's.... I don't buy jeans to imitate Levi's, otherwise I'd just buy some LVC! So am tempted to leave as-is. I'd say the photos on Clutch actually perfectly represent what they looked like when they turned up to be fair! Not sure if you're local to Clutch, but if not, ping them a message on Instagram/call/email and they'll happily run through sizing with you.
  5. jkbrwn


    I sized up to 36". I am a tiny bit on the unfit and overweight side at the moment, though, but a 36" is still the right size. I usually wear a 34" in most things, but have sized up to a 36" in Warehouse twice now with no regrets. I ride a bicycle and my thighs are pretty meaty so need the extra room there, too. When I first took them out of their cotton bag I was terrified that they'd be too small - and they were very tight, but they were one wash and they've become much, much roomier and are very comfy now. My first jeans in probably five or so years without a cinch, though, so that's quite strange.
  6. jkbrwn


    Thanks! It's the shortest I've gone on any pair of jeans but wanted a bit of socks to show through with these new Yuketen's and I always find a longer inseam means I can't wear jeans with a pair of NB 990's and now I can :-) Not very!175cm/just under 5'9".
  7. jkbrwn

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Real McCoys Warehouse DD-1001XX Yuketen
  8. jkbrwn


    Aforementioned DD-1001XXs. Very happy with the fit. Sized up to a 36 and hemmed to 29". Shipped Tuesday from Clutch, arrived in New York on Wednesday.
  9. jkbrwn


    @Maynard Friedman - duh. I did even read that yesterday. That would be cool as I've never loved any of the brands Self Edge have carried/the kind of aesthetic they go for (has always seemed very biker-y to me).
  10. jkbrwn


    Thank you @lance @Toegun - Thanks! I moved to New York in October of last year from London and due to the humidity here, I've not worn any denim since March really - my Montgomery Ward's on lower humidity days maybe once a fortnight - and really quite miss it, so will probably wear these 1001's most days... A shame about both our pairs of 700Cs then! Really gutted - they're so, so nice... For anyone in the U.S., are there any decent denim places I'm missing outside of the obvious sites like Canoe Club and S&S? Blue in Green don't really carry anything I like... I had to order these 1001s from Clutch in London. Having lived there my entire life, I didn't realise how spoilt I was having Clutch and Son of a Stag on my doorstep...
  11. jkbrwn


    My first post here but a relatively long standing Warehouse wearer and forum lurker... Just ordered some one wash DD-1001XX's to replace my Warehouse Montgomery Ward's, pictured here. I'm pretty happy with them as they are so am taking them out of regular rotation. 2 years of every day wear and countless washes and then a year or so of rare wear. I have some Clutch Cafe Warehouse 700C's in a 33" that I'll be selling if anyone is interested. I love them but I should have sized up. Unfortunately, as only 50 pairs were made, my size is no longer available. The same scenario with some Warehouse 800s in Ecru, again, if anyone is interested. Both worn very, very little - especially the 800s.