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  1. Anyone pick-up a pair of the 501 LEVI'S ORIGINAL 150TH BIRTHDAY SELVEDGE JEANS? There the ones that have text on the selvedge which is a bit off-putting. Just reading some of the review and there seems to be mixed opinions regarding the Shrink to Fit - some say they do shrink and some say they don't which is kind of weird? Levi's informed the denim is made in China but didn't say where they are made.
  2. Here they are after their first cold machine wash. They stretched a couple of inches on the waist but came back to just under their original raw size when washed. I gave the legs a bit of a pull when damp/drying and I've managed to increase the inside leg by 1/4" for 30.75" total length. If you don't pull them then you'll probably lose a bit in the length.
  3. I've probably said TTS in the wrong context. Usually when I purchase denim jeans the size on the waist is larger than the quoted waist size by at least an inch or more. I'm wearing the jeans now and they've stretched a bit on the waist so I won't quote the current measurements but I'm fairly confident the size chart is accurate – that is a size 36 measures 38" unworn. I also own the Uniqlo wide fit jeans and on those I could easily size down to a 35". I think you could getaway with a 31". If you want to play it safe order 2 sizes and return the pair that don't work. Have you ordered from Uniqlo before - they offer a discount code for new accounts.
  4. UNIQLO U Selvedge Regular Fit Jeans Wanted to pick these up last season but the largest size (35”) were too small. Sizes have been extended up this season and I was able to go TTS/36” – they fit well. Be warned the inside leg is only 29" + the pre-cuff is 1.5”for a total of 30.5”. I’m 5’10” and wearing with the pre-cuff and they look fine but I have not washed them so I’m unsure how they will be once soaked and dried. Made in Bangladesh they’re a no thrills, zip-fly, basic denim jean but for less than £40 probably the best selvedge on a budget out there. I'm led to believe the denim is by Kaihara although that is not stated on the pocket bags or the website so I can’t say for sure. Early days so far but I’d say 'highly recommended'.
  5. ROY RT1002 - Sz 34 – NWT – starting bid $1,100!!
  6. Do all LVC 1960 501Z have 30" inseams? Have been informed they are 32", however the MIJ measure actual label size on waist so need to size up for STF. Is the stitching white on this model?
  7. Further discounting on LVC at levi.com. Now I wait to see if it's made in Japan or Turkey! M I J
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