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  1. How are the thighs of the 3005 compared to the 3012? I want a pair of 3005 but I'm scared that the thighs might be too tight.
  2. How do you guys size on vibergs? Do you really go one full size down? I'm a 6 UK on dress shoes which should be a a US but the thicker socks you wear with boots make a difference right?
  3. I thought that might be it but wasn't sure. haha. So usually the 60's reproductions usually have silver/grey hardware?
  4. How can you tell what material they're made from?
  5. Thanks. Saw the measurements and I just wanted to see if it was accurate. It really does seem like it would run small with shrinkage with the measurements posted
  6. Anybody have experience with shrinkage on Warehouse sweatshirts? Planning on buying the lot 403
  7. cusswords how's the fit? Length looks quite short which is nice
  8. I think Blue in Green has the export model which has denim pocket bags. No red tab also. Not sure what other differences there are. Inseam might be slightly longer?
  9. Funny. I actually thought about getting the banner denim in a wider cut and try to cut down on the washes to about once a month instead. Maybe not for a while though, still wanna try out other brands. I'll probably see if the 1101 is a good fit, and I'll probably look into the WWII models also. Or maybe they'll put something cool out in the banner denim for their 25th anniversary.
  10. I don't think they have the info up yet but it looks pretty cool.
  11. Thanks. Personally I can't really do less washes because it tends to get really hot around here and I can't stand sweaty jeans. I think they look pretty decent anyway so I'll probably stick with my normal routine.
  12. About 17 or 18 washes in 8 months Will probably get another pair in the banner denim someday. Can't keep wearing these for much longer because they're getting too loose in the waist.
  13. How big are the 3005 pocket openings? Decent enough to put your hands in?
  14. What do you think about the length? Seems kinda long from the measurements but I'm not sure since i dont have a denim jacket.
  15. Yeah I don't think anybody who is hating on the brand thinks that these are complete pieces of shit. I'm sure the jeans are better than most of the other shit brands out there. The marketing is just annoying so we hate them for that. I don't care if someone would give me a pair for free, that doesn't change how it's been marketed.