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  1. thisyearsmodel

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Great photos. Love my 710s. Hayashi-san might be one of the most photographed people on the internet. Sometimes I think he’s taken a photo with every pair of Resolutes out there!
  2. thisyearsmodel


    I should also mention I’m 5’ 10”, and these are the perfect length for me. I’ve often been left out of the game with Japanese brands because without hemming (which a lot of times causes the taper to be lost), I’d have to cuff, which I’m not crazy about. Mainly why I often stuck to LVC 501s, because I can shrink down a 32” length. And also why I love my Resolute 710s.
  3. thisyearsmodel


    They are definitely not typos, I just received a pair of the “used wash” 1101s, directly from Warehouse, and those measurements are completely accurate. I think not only are they catering to their domestic market, but also looking to go for the “ankle” look, which to me at least, does nail that ‘60s vibe on the 1101 and 1105. I wore mine for two weeks, gave them their first wash yesterday, along with throwing them in the dryer, and it looks like these will move rather quickly in the fade department.