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  1. Ed, Maybe if I have time this coming Monday.
  2. Ed, Whats the weight of the denim for the Cushman?
  3. Ed, I did see the Alden's which is very tempting. I actually tried a size 33 in the 50 and the 66(one wash). They were snug but should be good after they stretch out. Do you think a 33 in the raw version is the way to go or should I go for a 34? Thanks again.
  4. How did you size on these Ed? I'm currently is Sapporo and I bumped into a store called Anatomica that sells both the one wash and raw version. Kinda expensive to be honest but seems really well made. Thanks.
  5. Damn Ed! I'm going to go broke because of you. How muc are they? And which cuts are you bringing in?
  6. Elmcitizen, Have you soaked or washed these? Interested to know how much they shrank. Thanks in advance.
  7. Are you guys bringing in the 1002 WW2?
  8. Has anyone heard of Shu Jeans? It's related to Resolute denim by Yoshiyuki Hayashi. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and give insights on sizing and fit. This might be something I might be interested in buying for my wife. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, Any recommendations where to go to buy denim on Osaka? I know there was a thread about it but for some reason I can't find it plus I'm in a bit of a hurry. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks.
  10. I'll be in Tokyo and Osaka starting next week and all this talk of Evisu is making want to buy a 2000 in the No.1. I just can't decide which denim to get but leaning towards the Gatagata which is supposed to be the most slubby among the the No. 1 denim. Is that correct?
  11. Sorry about the neg rep.
  12. Here's a pic from Instagram.
  13. Great fit! Are those the Caribou's?
  14. I think I'm out not unless by some miracle I can still get one towards the end of November. Too bad as I was really looking forward to this.