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  1. Josh'N'Roll

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    I got one of my pair of Ooe jeans a couple weeks after they sold out at S&S. Someone returned a pair in my size and S&S put it back on their webstore. I recommend checking the site regularly for returned stock. S&S might relist them (though I don't see the 505 in the webshop, currently).
  2. Josh'N'Roll

    Superdenim community sale thread

    I'm tempted by those LVC, @Broark but the inseam is a tad too shirt. Hope someone snags them soon!
  3. Josh'N'Roll


    The details are what caused, nay, forced me to pull the trigger. The inseam on the HXX is 34.5" raw, so I expect they'll shrink to ~32" after a hot wash and dry. I hadn't considered pocket bag depth, but you're right, they are really shallow ("hella shallow" in East Bay parlance), bordering on impractical and that's before a wash(!!). I told myself I would keep them on ice until I sell a few pair that need new homes, but I'm tempted to chuck them in the wash this weekend.
  4. Josh'N'Roll


    @julian-wolf That's the one.
  5. Josh'N'Roll


    I was in the same boat a couple weeks ago, Mr Summer, with Hinoya's 2021HXX version of the 1001xx. The faded red tab, arcs, and longhorn patch were too much, though, and I succumbed to temptation (and have zero regrets).
  6. Josh'N'Roll


    Hey Johnny. I'm a size 36 in the 800xx, 36 in Resolute 710, 36 Roy R01, and 38 in OA01. I bought the 800xx one-wash from Hinoya 2 years ago and they started out with a waist measurement of 34.5". My experience with them is similar @1fookntitefd - the waist was tight new and is tight fresh out of the wash when the waist measurement is 34". They continued to shrink slightly over the first 3 washes. They do stretch back out to 36" after a few days and are my best fitting jeans, but that first day of wear after the wash is always uncomfortable. The sizing on recent lots of the 800xx available at Self Edge and S&S looks to be small compared to tag size. I think you'll be alright if you ignore the tag size and just go by the measurements.
  7. Josh'N'Roll

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    They'll fit fine as long as you commit to skipping leg day for the rest of your life.
  8. Josh'N'Roll

    RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    These ones do, but they are zip fly and black. Thigh looks pretty slim, too. https://www.blueowl.us/collections/rrl/products/14-75oz-black-selvedge-denim-high-slim-fit?variant=39269980012602
  9. Josh'N'Roll


    Jeans look alright. I'd ditch the Burger Records shirt given what went down over there.
  10. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Git it, @srudy!
  11. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    ^^^LOLZ! I just saw the listing, too. Not my size. Will be interesting to see how much it goes for. The auction is already at the top of my price range. Sounds like Roy found 2 more jackets. Wonder if he'll auction them?
  12. Josh'N'Roll

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Glad the BR05 DB19 went to a good home and have made their way out of storage, @BrownMetallic. Such a nice pair of jeans.
  13. Josh'N'Roll


    Here is a link to the one-wash chart for the Warehouse contest jeans from The Signet Store Instagram back in May 2020. Don't know if details have changed. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAtyQJOhVh1/
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