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  1. Another vote for Cowboy. Extra props for correctly listing only "pros" for both pieces. You really can't go wrong with either one.
  2. Warehouse

    Use the search function to filter content. Try "measurements 800" and you'll find measurements for multiple sizes of the Warehouse 800. Repeat for brand and model number in multiple threads. You'll be done reading in no time!
  3. Full Count Denim Thread

    Yeah, it's a smokin' deal. Glad someone was able to snag one of the last pair.
  4. Full Count Denim Thread

    Corlection in Australia has a size 27 left and it's on sale. Check their website. I think you get free shipping worldwide even at the sale price.
  5. Warehouse

    The 800s will shrink to roughly 1/2 inch below tag size in the waist and to tag size in length. The waist will stretch out to raw measurements with wear. For example, a size 34 x 32 will shrink to 33 1/2 in the waist and a 32 inseam length with a hot soak. In other words, you can expect 2 1/2 inches of shrink in the waist and 2 1/2 to 3 inches of shrink in length. Here are the measurements for my 800s in size 34 (initial hot soak/hang dry and a cold wash/hang dry): Raw Hot soak 6 months post-wash Waist 36 33 1/2 35 3/4 F Rise 12 5/8 12 12 B rise 16 1/8 15 1/2 16 Thigh 13 3/8 12 3/4 13 Knee 9 3/4 9 1/4 9 1/4 Hem 9 1/4 8 5/8 8 3/4 Inseam 35 32 3/8 32 3/8 Also, you can search the thread for setterman's posts to get more info about the shrink properties of the different Warehouse denim weights.
  6. Full Count Denim Thread

    How does the 1108 compare to the Resolute! 710? I wear a size 36X36 in the 710 and they fit perfectly. We're the same size, b_F, so I'm guessing a 35 in the 1108 will suit me, too.
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    Glad the 1108 worked out!
  8. Warehouse

    @i_denim : @Maynard Friedman is right about the denim weights for the Warehouse 800 and 900. You should not have any trouble with the waist stretching on the 800s. I'm a size 35 waist and my 800s were slightly under 36 raw, shrunk down to 33 1/2, and easily stretched back to 35. If you are tall, check the inseam length before you buy! I got 2 3/4 inches of inseam shrink after a hot soak with lots of agitation and a subsequent cold wash. Freakin' love Warehouse denim and you should definitely pull the trigger if the measurements line up.
  9. Warehouse

    Hey @julian-wolf. I bought a pair of 800s size 34X32 a couple months ago and they were shrink-to-tag. The inseam started out a little over 35" and shrunk to 32.25" with a hot soak and cold machine wash. These jeans are made with the 14.5 oz 1000XX denim, not the Banner Denim, though.
  10. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    I updated the table with measurements of my OA01 after a week of daily wear. The waist has stretched out considerably and fits damned near perfectly. The denim is smooth, uniform, hairy, and as soft as a comfy pair of sweats - the break in period was minimal, 2-3 days and they had already softened up. I don't have a vast collection of jeans to compare these to, but they are easily the most comfortable of the 4 pair of raw denim I own. That denim is something else, I tell ya! Here are the measurements BiG style. OA01XX – Size 36 Raw Hot soak 8 days of wear Waist (flat) 17.875” 16.125” 17.375” Front rise 13” 12” 12” Back rise 16.875” 15.5” Didn’t measure Thigh (at crotch) 13.75” 13.25” 13.375” Thigh (2” down inseam) 13.25” 12.375” 12.5” Knee 10.125” 9.625” 9.75” Hem 9.375” 9” 9” Inseam 35.625” 32.5” 32.5”
  11. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    My new OA01xx arrived last week and over the weekend I gave them a 1-hour soak in the hottest tap water my faucet could generate, agitating them every 15 minutes. I asked Ooe to hem them to a post-soak inseam of 32.5 inches and they hit the measurement bang on. The waist shrunk over 3 inches, from just under 36" to 32.25" (I am TTS 35). I thought "how the hell am I going to button these bastards?" when I tried them on this morning before work. Buttoning the top button was a bit tough, but they began to stretch immediately once I started moving around in them. I'll post an update once I've worn them for a few days. OA01XX – Size 36 Raw Hot soak Waist (flat) 17.875” 16.125” Front rise 13” 12” Back rise 16.875” 15.5” Thigh (at crotch) 13.75” 13.25” Thigh (2” down inseam) 13.25” 12.375” Knee 10.125” 9.625” Hem 9.375” 9” Inseam 35.625” 32.5”
  12. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Thanks for the info, @goodrain! I figured the size guide on the Ooe website was accurate, but it's good to have that confirmed. I sized up 1, so I should avoid too skinny of a fit (which my beer gut will appreciate).
  13. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    @goodrain Bummer that they haven't stretched out as anticipated. I have a pair that I am going to soak this weekend. I like to hot soak initially, but may adjust my routine based on your experience. How much did the waist shrink with the cold wash? Did you go TTS or size up?
  14. Warehouse

    I bought the jeans raw (as others have pointed out, OR = raw) from a local shop, so I was able to try them on before purchasing. I found the advice that @setterman provided throughout the Warehouse thread to be spot on regarding the 800 - the waist will shrink to just below tag size, then stretch back to tag size and beyond if needed. It sounds like a 36 will work for you - it will shrink to 35 1/2 or so, but will stretch to 37 easily with a couple day's wear. I would ask for measurements from the retailer just to be sure.
  15. Warehouse

    Forgot to mention that I am TTS 35, so I sized down 1 on the 800 and they fit perfectly.