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  1. Full Count Denim Thread

    ^^^That's what concerns me regarding the 1108 top block - I worry the hips/thighs will be so slim I'll have to take them off to sit down! I am considering giving them a hot soak to see how much they shrink.
  2. Full Count Denim Thread

    My concern with the top block is that the hips and thighs on a size 34 will shrink and lead to ball-crushing discomfort. I'm probably overthinking it a bit based on what I read on this page about people's experiences with the top block being too snug. You're right - it is tough to judge how a size 34 will fit based on the 35. @oomslokop, ah, the days of having a 32 inch waist. If I hold onto this pair of 1108s long enough, I'll eventually be big enough for them to fit perfectly.
  3. Full Count Denim Thread

    Hey @jewellben, thanks to you and @Foxy2 for the sizing advice. These are the standard 13.7 oz 1108, not the 25th anniversary model. The denim is great, but the details are what won me over. The continuous stitching on the patch is bad ass. I'm going to sell these and get another pair, likely a 34 in the 1108 or 1101 in size 34 or 33. I'm starting to have second thoughts about the top block in the 1108.
  4. Full Count Denim Thread

    Hello! I am new to raw denim, Superfuture, and Japanese denim, and have been soaking in the great info in the Full Count thread. The 1108 looked like a perfect pair of jeans for me. I messaged @beautiful_FrEaK for some sizing advice on the 1108 and recently picked up a pair size 35 raw which is my TTS (although b_F mentioned that a size 34 could work if I had slim thigh and hip measurements). I thought about sizing down 1 since the consensus is that FC denim stretches easily, but decided against it because I was worried about the thighs and hips being too tight with a 34. I'd like to get people's thoughts on the fit (apologies in advance for the crap pictures). They haven't been soaked, yet, but I am not convinced that they will shrink enough to fit in the waist. They measure 18.5" flat and I feel like I am swimming in them. The thighs are roomy and there is roughly an extra inch in the hips. Somebody else had a similar experience - @Max Power, perhaps? - of getting a pair of 1108 that were extra baggy in their raw state. I'd love to hear how yours turned out. Will these shrink enough to achieve a slim fit with a hot soak and hot machine wash? I'm kind of worried that the hip will shrink too much if I blast them with hot water and too much agitation. I'm starting to ramble about my denim neuroses, so I'll stop and let y'all chime in. Thanks in advance for your help and sharing your experiences!
  5. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Fit looks great, @tigermilk Did you follow the sizing advice S&S provides for these jeans, i.e. to size up 2 from your usual size? If not, how did you size them? Does the denim have some stretch to it, or does it feel like it's going to stay put after it shrinks?
  6. Samurai Jeans

    Sure thing, @GautamKrisna. Below are the measurements pre-soak and after a lukewarm soak and dry. A couple of things to note: brand new, the waist measured 34 inches. I wore them for a day and they stretched a bit, so they were 34.5 inches in the waist when I soaked them. Samurai 0500xx tag size 34 - Pre-soak Waist - 17 1/4" (34 1/2") Front rise - 11 1/4" Back rise - 15 1/8" Thigh @ crotch - 13 1/4"; thigh 2" down - 12 3/4" Knee - 9 5/8" Hem - 9 1/8" Post-soak Waist - 16 1/2" (33") Front rise - 11 1/4" Back rise - 15" Thigh @ crotch - 12 3/4"; thigh 2" down - 12 1/4" Knee - 9 3/8" Hem - 8 3/4" Inseam - 35 1/2" (didn't measure pre-soak) I wore them this evening for a couple hours and it is going to take a while for gravity (or, rather, the force one's gut places on the waistband of a pair of raw jeans) to work its magic and stretch these puppies out. Everything fits well except for the waist which is snug when standing, but tough to take sitting down. My other pair of raw denim also measured 33 in the waist when I got them, so I am hoping the Samurai stretch with regular wear.
  7. Samurai Jeans

    Thanks for the advice, @HGS. The 0500xx actually fit pretty well after a day of wear. The waist stretched to 34.5", but I could still use another half inch for them to be perfect. I can't return them because i got them during a special promotion and the jeans are not eligible for return or exchange. I'll likely give them a cold soak and hang dry, then wear them for a few weeks to see if they loosen up. Thanks again!
  8. Samurai Jeans

    Hi y'all, I've been lurking on the board for the past few months after buying my first pair of raw denim (3sixteen CT-100), soaking up the as much info as I can from you good folks of superdenim. My excitement and enthusiasm drove me to dive headfirst into the pool of unsanforized denim. Unfortunately, it appears I dove into the shallow end and said pool was low on water to begin with. Using the info and measurement guides on the board, I sized down 1 and purchased a pair of Samurai 0500xx, 15 oz, size 34 (lot 20). They are gorgeous, a different animal than the 3-16s. The measurement guide provided by the vendor I used indicated the waist was 34.6 inches. However, they are bang on 34 in the waist and a hair too snug prior to soaking. I'm concerned I won't be able to fit into them after a soak/warm wash. I'm looking for guidance from those who have experience with Samurais. Pre-soak, will the jeans stretch out if I wear them for a couple weeks and, if so, how much? How much shrinkage can I expect from a soak/warm wash? Post-soak, will the jeans stretch back out past the original 34 waist? Anyone in the market for a once-worn pair of 0500xx's? Goddamn it, what have I done/gotten myself into?!?! Looking forward to your advice and (light) ridicule.