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  1. Josh'N'Roll


    Think I'm going to sell the DD-1101 (1967 Model) I posted on the previous page, size 36x32. PM me if interested.
  2. Josh'N'Roll


    What are you talking about?! The DD-1101 can barely contain my quad-zillas!
  3. Josh'N'Roll

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    100% agree. I bought the 710 in 36x36 and requested a hem to a 32.5" inseam. They came back from the hem job at 31.5". I was unhappy with the error, initially, but they look great with a shorter inseam.
  4. Josh'N'Roll


    The DD-1101 (1967 Model) arrived and are as well constructed as you'd expect. Here are a few fit pics with footwear variation inspired the beautiful_Freak. Color is a darker indigo than the pictures capture. 1960s details like bar tacks without hidden rivets on the back pockets and paper patch. The denim is 13.5oz, 7x7 American cotton (3 state blend) and crinklier than a basket of cross-cut waffle fries. I purchased directly from Warehouse and requested a pair with a waist measurement of 34.5" (I'm a true 36"). One wash measurements for 36x32 are: waist-17.25" laid flat BiG style (stretched to 17.5" while worn for the pics), front rise-12.375", back rise-16", thigh at crotch seam-13.625", knee-9.75", hem-8.75", inseam 32.125". The denim feels light and is stretchy. @Collin to compare the DD-1101 to the 800, the 13.5 oz used for the DD-1101 is a slightly lighter shade of indigo initially, has a noticeably lighter, smoother hand, and almost no nep. The fit of the 800 is slimmer through the top block with less taper from the knee down. The DD-1101 has plenty of room in the top block and feels like it will stretch easily where required. The fit is similar to the OA 02 I have, so I am on the fence about keeping the DD-1101. If anyone has specific questions about them or wants more details, feel free to send me a message.
  5. Josh'N'Roll


    Hey Collin. I have a pair of the DD-1101 on the way and will let you know how they compare to the 800. I was deciding between the Warehouse-Hinoya 70 anniversary 1949 and the DD-1101. Went with the 1101 since I need a '60s cut. Should arrive in a week or so.
  6. Josh'N'Roll


    I'm considering these jeans, too. I saw the post above describing them as a "basically a 1947 cut with Hinoya details." That sound right? I had a pair of Warehouse 800s. How do these jeans compare to the 800s?
  7. Josh'N'Roll

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    I read "Warehouse Sale" as "Warehouse (the brand) is on sale" and thought Xmas came early at Self Edge this year. I know a couple items from Warehouse are currently in the web store, but I'm waiting with bated breath for the jeans to arrive. Hoping for a Xmas miracle!
  8. Josh'N'Roll


    Those Hinoya x Warehouse '49hxx look awesome! The raw measurement for the inseam is 89cm (about 35"), so, yes, the 32" inseam is post-wash.
  9. Josh'N'Roll

    New Contest Suggestions

    I read this as a sly sarcasm and laughed out loud. I'd be in for Warehouse (a 40's cut in the new denim would be ace!), Ooe, Freewheelers, or Resolute. With a shirt would be double ace.
  10. Josh'N'Roll

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    I second Boark's advice. I've sized up +2 on both the 01 and 02 cuts and that's worked out well. When I sized up +1 on the 01 cut, I had to sell them because they didn't stretch enough in the waist.
  11. Josh'N'Roll

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    If you can get by without having the inseam shortened, stick with the OA hem. As great a job as S&S does with their chainstitching service (the red OA thread is a unique detail), it's not as good as the hem directly from the Ooes.
  12. Josh'N'Roll

    SugarCane 1990's M-Series Archive

    Goddamn! Post par excellence.
  13. Josh'N'Roll


    Good deal. That's within the range you were hoping for, right? I didn't get much additional shrink in the inseam after the 1st hot soak/wash, so you should be good.
  14. Josh'N'Roll


    @dada mafiosi How did the inseam measurement turn out?
  15. Josh'N'Roll

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    It looks like Canvas Shop has some OA-02 in stock. Only smaller sizes, though, and I have no idea if they ship outside of Japan. http://canvas-shop.jp/ Like Broark said on the previous page, S&S will likely put online any jeans they didn't sell during the Santa Fe store grand opening. They will fly off the internet as soon as they're posted, so be vigilant and have your credit card locked and loaded.