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  1. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Another big fan of the Black Seed denim. I think the denim really suits the R01 cut and assume that's why Roy made so many versions of it with the Black Seed.
  2. Ho-lee fuck, @oomslokop, this is, indeed, a treasure trove. Such great stuff! Going to get sucked into this black hole at the weekend. Lately, I've been listening to classics known and unknown. Soft Boys - Underwater Moonlight The Len Bright Combo - The Len Bright Combo Present...The Len Bright Combo...By The Len Bright Combo Television Personalities - ...And Don't The Kids Just Love It FACS - Void Moments
  3. Josh'N'Roll

    UES Denim

    Great looking shirt, @julian-wolf! How much do the UES flannels shrink?
  4. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I realize this is a long shot, but if anyone has the Roy R01 XX20 in size 36 they're looking to move, drop me a message. I rolled the dice on a size 34 and came up snake eyes, the cut too slim in the waist. They went to a good home and I'd love to replace them with a 36.
  5. Josh'N'Roll


    I have the most recent Warehouse 800xx in size 36 (one wash). They were right around 34.5" (17.25" laid flat, waistband aligned) at the waist before I started wearing them. The waist is at 35.875" after months of wear and fit well (I'm TTS 36). You can expect up to 1.5" of stretch in the waist, in my experience. Going by the measurements listed on the Warehouse website, size 33 or 34 could work for you.
  6. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    After a couple days of wear in the Roy R01 XX20 size 34, I think I'm going to sell them. Let me know if you missed out on them and want more info.
  7. Josh'N'Roll


    Great news! Let the "when do they land stateside?" inquiries begin!
  8. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Thanks, @jegr. I got a pair of the xx20 size 34. The waist measures bang on 36" which is TTS for me. I'm worried they'll shrink too much even with a cold wash. Gotta wait and see how stretchy the denim is before I soak them.
  9. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    How much more do you need them to shrink? If I use the dryer, I dry my jeans until they are damp (on "delicate" or "permanent press/medium heat" settings, checking on them every 15 minutes). Then I hang them until they are completely dry. If you need more shrinkage, you could blast them on the highest heat setting until they are nearly dry, then hang them. I know you didn't take raw measurements, but how much did the waist shrink if you had to guess?
  10. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Same here. Went with the 34. We'll see how it works out in a few days.
  11. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Keep trying. The site is slow to load. Once I got to the product page, the jeans were still available.
  12. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Still showing up as available. The site was slow to load all the sizes.
  13. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    As long as the tag size 34 measures at least 36" at the waist, I should be ok. Wishing good luck to all who plan to purchase a pair.
  14. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I asked Kiya about sizing on IG. His response is below. I am TTS 36. According to the listed measurements, a tag size 34 (36" waist, raw) could work. I'm concerned a tag size 36 (38" waist measurement) will be too big after shrinking. Wish we had a bit more info on how much the Cone denims shrink. Anyway, here is what Kiya said: "I would go for a 34 if you want to only lightly wash them in cold water over time, If you don’t want to worry about how to wash them down the line then I would get a 36 especially if you like to wash your jeans fairly often."
  15. Josh'N'Roll

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Digging both jeans. I'll likely cop the XUVS since the measurements look ever-so-slightly slimmer through the thigh compared to the XX20. I'd get both but my lotto numbers didn't hit last night. How are y'all going to size them? Using my size, 36" waist, as an example, previous iterations of the R01 in loomstate Black Seed denim had a waist measurement of ~37" on a tag size 36. My SExR01 (cloth patch) have a waist of just under 36" after multiple washes and lots of wear. Both Cone pairs have a waist measurement of 36" for a tag size 34 and a 38" waist measurement for size 36. The guidance in the product description says to order the same size as previous Roy jeans, but I'm not sure that makes sense given that both denims are "treated to some processing after weaving" and "have a slightly less rate of shrinkage" than previous Roys. Curious to hear others' thoughts.
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