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  1. Fwiw, I did two hot soaks with agitation got a lot of shrinkage and wore my jeans for a few months but after machine washing them they shrunk a bit more...
  2. I think that the Blue and Green method calls for the front and rear waistbands to be aligned before measuring...
  3. Any fit pics? Also any post soak measurements of the no.1 denim?
  4. ^^ wow. 2 inches of shrinkage on the waist with No. 2 denim with only a cold soak...I wonder what No.1 denim will do. Thanks for the data point!
  5. If only Evisu made a slimmer cut than the 2000 in No. 1 denim...
  6. ^ those are gorgeous. Do you happen to have any thigh, knee, hem measurements?
  7. Nice collection! Which one is your daily beater though? And how come there are no Ironheart jeans in your collection? Jw.
  8. ^ thanks. I now see a pair of Stevenson chinos in my life in the near future ha ha
  9. ^ interesting. Are there any threads that show how high quality chinos age/evo?
  10. Can someone explain to me the appeal of spending $300+ on a pair of chinos? I can understand how a pair of $300+ pair of ironheart, flathead, etc... jeans are better/nicer than a $50-$100 pair that you would find at Macys because construction is higher quality, denim is heavier, and because the personalized fading makes wearing more fun. But how is a pair of $300 chinos "better" or "more worth it" than a pair of khakis that you can pick up at Banana Republic?
  11. Do you know if the denim that Evisu International uses for their No.1 denim is the same as the MIJ No.1?
  12. Do the back pockets of the 714 hang lower than the 727 or am I just seeing things?
  13. Tears look nasty. I don't know about you guys though but the suede arcs are growing on me.
  14. ^ is that the 17 oz denim or the 21 oz?
  15. I think denimio has them online.