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  1. Are you referring to this?? Any opinions guys? If i just do a simple stitch on the crotch are these seams at risk of bursting soon and if so should I just send to indigoproof or Self Edge for repair? The inside looks like it's about to give....
  2. Thanks guys! This is the first time I've seen this happen to me as none of my other pairs have had this issue yet...
  3. Guys need since advice. Been wearing my jeans for 9+ months and the crotch is wearing thin and threads are coming loose to the point that there is a small hole... Should I send this in for repair now for preventive maintenance or should I wait until the fabric really wears out?
  4. Holy shit you had to size up 4!? A pair of No. 1's have always been on my "must have list" of jeans. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make the sizing work because it's all over the place. I tried a pair of one wash 38's at the Tokyo Store but the 2000 was way too baggy for my taste. I was eyeing a pair of No.2 denim in the 2105 fit from Denimio or a No.1 in 17oz which looks slimmer though but am hesitant to pull the trigger ...
  5. That's a good fit. Is that the 14.5oz denim and how did you size?
  6. ^ thos look amazing. How long have you worn the, and how many washes?
  7. Wow. Cars, clothes, and hoes ... he is living the dream
  8. ^ jesus those are some awesome pics. Kobyashi is a baller. Flathead must be insanely profitable for him to afford all those cars and property.
  9. 3002 at 9 months. IPhone 7 pics. i need a real camera to capture all the contrast and colors...
  10. And in other news....True Religion filed for Chapter 11 BK protection: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2017/07/05/jeans-maker-true-religion-seeks-revival-chapter-11-bankruptcy/451097001/ Can't say I personally really care whether or not the company makes it in the long run but interesting to see how this company went from boom to bust in such a short period of time.
  11. Warm soak in the bathtub for about an hour with some agitation. Since then I did a cold machine wash and got a little more shrinkage. The denim does stretch out a little bit with wear though.
  12. TFH pioneer denim shrinks way more. I have the SG 3105 and lost one inch in the waist after soaking/washing. I was told that the shrinkage for the 31xx is similar to the 21xx. I also have a pair of TFH 3002 which is the pioneer denim and lost over 2 inches of shrinkage in the waist and about half an inch throughout the whole leg. I don't know about 21xx denim but the 31xx also stretches a lot easier after wear than the pioneer denim.
  13. Does anyone know how the SG hoodies compare to RMC hoodies? They both have similar pocket design but I'm wondering if one weighs more or is higher quality than the other.
  14. ^ very nice. How many washes have you had so far?
  15. Fwiw, I did two hot soaks with agitation got a lot of shrinkage and wore my jeans for a few months but after machine washing them they shrunk a bit more...