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  1. What I don't understand is that if you are going to go through the effort of filling up your bathtub, submerging your jeans in water for 30 min or longer, and then hang drying them, why not just dump them in the washer with your other laundry? Your jeans will be clean and if you hang dry you still get that crispy feeling. I still don't "get it"
  2. Jw, has anyone bothered to wear a pair of raw No 3s sold by Evisu international hard? Curious to see how ghese evolve.
  3. Ok everyone riddle me this: I have never soaked my jeans after the initial soak but I see a lot of pairs on this forum with 6+ soaks throughout their useful life. Curious why do additional soaks as opposed to just washing. Is the point to reshrink jeans after they stretch? Is soaking after more wear supposed to bring out more contrast?
  4. Pictures of my no3 2008 that I purchased back on 2012. I have not worn them that much. Nothing special about these made in China jeans that are purchased from Evisu international. I liked them back in the day, that if until I discovered self edge and bought my first pair of iron heart jeans. However, they actually fit me better than the no. 1 special that i tried in tokyo. Maybe I will get around to wearing them one day...
  5. 3002 random fade pic in the sun :
  6. Pictures are worth a thousand words my friend. I would love to see how one stores 400 pairs of jeans at home.
  7. This is the 2000 right? Do you happen to have pre and post soak measurements? How did you size relative to your other jeans?
  8. Tag 36 but size 32 waist? Wtf???
  9. ANyone have evo pictures of the 711x?
  10. These are the holy grails of my booze collection - especially the Johnny Walker...
  11. I like booze too. Here's part of my collection :
  12. Evisu's run seriously small. I went to the Tokyo store with the intention of buying a pair of No.1s. I'm usually a size 36 in Iron heart, Strike Gold, etc... but could barely fit into a size 38 one washed 2000 because the waist was too tight. I ended up passing because I didn't like the fit. Even though the waist was tight, the 2000 model was really loose from thigh down which made the jeans too baggy for my taste. Too bad because I always wanted to buy a pair of No.1s for my collection.
  13. Do you have measurements for the Evisu No.1's BIG style?
  14. Max, those 5000vx look dope. You should wear them more!