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  1. Do any US based retailers carry the 714 yet?
  2. That’s a nice slim straight fit. I have a size 38 and it is a slip taper and almost carrot fit but wish I could achieve that fit because I do like the 710 denim s lot.
  3. Do those jeans have the same denim as the RJB left hand twill denim that Self Edge was carrying a few years ago?
  4. Anyone buy from Okayama denim and know how they measure? I’m eyeing a pair of samurai’s but the thigh measurements look tight fit my size.
  5. Was thinking about the 3004 but only if I can go TTS so am unsure on sizing. Now I’m more interested in whatever Self Edge is coming out with so I’m planning to just wait.
  6. I really want a pair of flat head jeans but it looks like only Franklin and Poe stockpiles in the US. How come there aren’t any other retailers who carry any jeans?
  7. Is the 220, 221, and 224 the same denim fabric or are they all different?
  8. What’s the knee measurement on the flathead 3005? Is it the jdm arc or international arcs?
  9. Do you have measurements?
  10. So is the 727, 737, etc… still 14oz then? Curious which ones are incorrect
  11. Anyone know why Stevenson changed the denim on all of their jeans to 13oz? I recall that the 727, 737, 747 used to be 14oz and now the website says everything is 13 oz.
  12. Flathead 1002 tag size 38: I am getting too old and fat to wear slim tapered jeans so am putting this up for sale. These have been soaked once to remove shrinkage and tried on a few times but are otherwise brand new and unhemmed. $250 shipped to conus obo. measurements are as follows: w 36 FR10.5 BR 14.5 Thigh: 13 knee 9 Hem 8.25
  13. Very promising. Did you buy one wash?
  14. My xx which I’ve had for a year and worn off and on.
  15. Are those one wash? Please post measurements!
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