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  1. 1fookntitefd


    I’m a 36 in strike gold and ironheart and went with a 36 with the warehouse 800. The waistline was a little tight at the beginning but it stretched out within a week and I love the fit. I tried a size 38 and the waistline fit better out of the gate but the rest of the fit was too baggy for my taste.
  2. 1fookntitefd

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Thanks for the reference point... do you have measurements for the 711 you can share?
  3. 1fookntitefd

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Anyone have measurements for a pair of 711 in size 36 and 38? do i go TTS or size up in this pair?
  4. 1fookntitefd

    The Flat Head

    Anyone know where I can buy this short of making a trip to Japan? https://oxmvjtvkfnm2ewi5uyfuoaqyr4-fe3tvbk6lcbjw-www-e2nd-net.translate.goog/br-fh/fh-551-01-f/fh-fh-w003-brxbk.html
  5. 1fookntitefd

    Evisu is still loved!

    ^ those look great! Can you provide measurements?
  6. 1fookntitefd

    Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    I have this exact same pair of jeans and will tell you that they will continue to keep shrinking after 2-3 machine washes before they are fully shrunk.
  7. 1fookntitefd

    Evisu is still loved!

    Anyone own both an Evisu 2000 in o.1 denim and a warehouse 800? If so, how did you size between the two?
  8. 1fookntitefd

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Any new jeans or restocks? Itching for another pair of Flathead jeans...
  9. 1fookntitefd

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Will Self Edge be restocking any Flathead products or have new products from them in the near future?
  10. 1fookntitefd

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Super excited to hear that Self Edge will be carrying Samurai Jeans soon! Which jeans well you guys be launching with?
  11. 1fookntitefd

    Evisu is still loved!

    I don’t think its that the no1 denim shrank 6 inches rather it was never a size 42 to begin with. Evisu’s measurements are all over the place. I had a tag size 38 in no.1 denim and it only shrunk 2 inches even after i put them through the dryer multiple times.
  12. 1fookntitefd

    Evisu is still loved!

    Wow these are really nice! Do you have measurements for the 2005 that you can share?
  13. 1fookntitefd

    Evisu is still loved!

    As you know the measurements on the evisu site and on denimio are notoriously off so post measurements when they arrive and hope they work out for you.
  14. 1fookntitefd

    Evisu is still loved!

    I’m usually a size 36 in other brands but sized up 2 for no.1 denim. pictures on the website might be deceiving unless you have the same body shape as the model. For me the 2000 were way too big.
  15. 1fookntitefd

    Evisu is still loved!

    I had a size 38 2000 in no.1 denim and thought that the fit was way too baggy (see a few pages back for a fit pick) for me so got them tapered and ended up ruining them. Evisu sizing is weird though. The 2000 cut looks good in smaller sizes but was just way too big for me. I’m tempted to buy a 2005 but i have way too many jeans right now and have others that i want to add to my list. Curious why they don’t make the 2005 cut in no.1 denim does anyone know why?
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