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  1. Very promising. Did you buy one wash?
  2. My xx which I’ve had for a year and worn off and on.
  3. Are those one wash? Please post measurements!
  4. Bought another pair of 800x because it is by far my most favorite pair. It’s the only pair of jeans that I have ever bought twice.
  5. Just got my warehouse back from indigoproof. Here are some before and after pics. before
  6. Those fit pics and measurements look good....but a size 36 waist went down to 33 inches even after it's one was state??
  7. Yes please post measurements!
  8. How did you size? Any fit pics?
  9. Anyone know of any US based retailers who carry the 714?
  10. So which US based retailers are getting the 714 and when?
  11. What is the knee measurement post machine dry?
  12. Is the only way to buy Evisu through a proxy short of a Japan trip? I see that most sizes denimio stocks is sold out and they said that they don’t have plans to restock.
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