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  1. TCB

    Super tempted to cop a pair of the 60's, I'm afraid the 33's will end up too slim for me post soak.
  2. Wrangled myself another pair courtesy of the homie HAZARDkid, and they've been my go to jeans. Pics to come.
  3. Railcar does a fantastic job. https://www.railcarfinegoods.com/category_s/1514.htm
  4. Orslow 107 Fullcount 1101 Denime (shins) Black '66 Studio D'Artisan D1336 (LHT) Resolute 710 May add a pair of Warehouse 1002's before too long.
  5. I am happy to report these are on their way to their new home w @mandel9000
  6. @kevypf597 Solid fit on those, they'll definitely give a little more room with wear.
  7. I must accept that I am living in a new dad body. As such my 710's need a new home. The top button is missing. If you want to beat the crap out of a pair of these and see what happens here's your change for a measly $65 shipped in the US. Size 31x30
  8. I've got a couple Loopwheeler collaboration sweatshirts for sale if anyone's interested. Loopwheeler x Nike Sportswear hit me up if you're interested, questions, etc.
  9. The man Daiki Suzuki, thinking these are a 60's model? Anyone?
  10. .
  11. 2009-2010 iirc, the BiG contest was '09 and the LTDs were made with the same limited run denim.
  12. Let's bump this
  13. Shameless plug: I've got a pair of bnwt 66xx one wash tagged size 33 for sale, they fit closer to a 30-31. Looking for $100 but i'm open to offers, pics and details below: https://www.grailed.com/listings/1061975-Denime-66xx
  14. Who has actually shipped?