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  1. classic internet taken to real life interactions
  2. ACR was mentioned in this small blog for what I assume was a showcase of clothes featuring outdoors gear, I do remember reading Gibson met Errolson at the 2001 ISPO. Didn't want a surge of Gucci situations in outdoor brands maybe?
  3. You acknowledged it isn't his problem anymore so why would you continue asking? If you knowingly buy something that has the potential to get hit by customs you should be ready beforehand even if they don't always get checked, and that may mean asking the seller about it before getting through with the payment. Surely you can pay less than 10% extra for a £300 item? Look at it this way, the seller doesn't want to lose money either.
  4. dang this came in black as well?
  5. I honestly love the shape(as basic as it is) but the straps seem so small and there doesn't seem to be much in terms of back/lumbar support. I wonder if Bagjacks new NXL Skidcat is any better.
  6. As broad/widley used as the term is, good 'military inspired' clothing will always fascinate me
  7. I actually do prefer the molle version! It seems the only complaint people have about it is the weight but other than that it seems to be worth it. Cheers, i'll look into it!
  8. Anyone have experience with the Kifaru X-Ray? Need a backpack for those days where a heavy load on my messenger just gets a little too uncomfortable. Using up the MOLLE makes it look a lot more civilian and being able to interchange with other bags makes it appealing.
  9. Does anybody happen to have the measurements for this jacket in Medium and Large?I have the 2014 yin/yang jacket one in L assuming it would be smaller than usual because of Japanese sizing but turns out the torso is a tad too long
  10. who's the fool with the grailed account 'errolson' lmao
  11. I experienced this with a few wet/cold weather shoes so you're not the only one
  12. WTB: Alk Phenix Shu Zak shorts navy Alk Phenix Karu Container shorts olive Alk Phenix Karu MIL shorts khaki all size M
  13. you probably dont need to post this every few days lol
  14. Could probably do with boots instead of sneakers
  15. WTB: Visvim 73 Folk 9.5 US Either in Olive/Black or Light Blue/Navy nvm, purchased