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  1. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    yes!, this is GTJ9TS 0607. btw. the GTJ9TS was also released for 0506 in [ RIPSTOP ] BRAUN RED & [ TWILL ] BLACK
  2. Acronym.

    really like the p28 and p27
  3. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    fs: CP1 size S fs: WS-P3A size M
  4. Acronym.

    btw. how about a X NEMEN J25?
  5. Acronym.

    I really like the the 66, really hoping there will be a STOTZ version or STOTZ A
  6. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: ACR-FW-1112, GT-J18F, size S, 9.9/10, 1134 Euro
  7. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: Acronym Set 1 size S, 1145euro
  8. Acronym.

    shoes are really nice in design !!! emoji
  9. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    fs: Acronym P9-S ETAPROOF 7-POCKET PANT FW1314 - RAF GREEN, XL, worn wahsed - 9.9/10, 480 Euro
  10. Acronym.

    yup they changed their location, pretty crazy what can be found regarding the Acronym Dynamics s.r.o. in 1 min
  11. Acronym.

    maybe, not sure about the jp market?
  12. Acronym.

    this totally make sense, as there are only 52x5 days AND less to get it all done in time! back in the days all was ready at on day, as due ACR market has changed they kind of need to adapt this and most likely/maybe the individuall subnet-mask order system on low quantities couldn't work as it did in the past
  13. Acronym.

    this making me thinking about of how much even got ordered/produced as they sell so quick at almost any price these days, why not more stock?, (not sure about the jp quantities) - acr took it to 2 drops for both seasons now, not sure if the facility is not able to actually produce more? if you order 15x GT28 jackets - do you think it's a problem to sell these to your worldwide audience?
  14. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    fs: 3A MK1, sold, find it in LONDON soon
  15. Acronym.

    supercrazy parallel_Märkte, looking forward for 18 and how things will turn