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  1. scamster


    nice shout but iirc isn't this above the og rrp?
  2. scamster


    exactly that, acronym discounts are rarer than a rocking horse. copped the c1-aj acronym christmas jumper and s23-ak. gonna get toasty.
  3. scamster

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    wonder what this means for the shadow and ghost lines, apparently stone island will be treated as its own separate independent entity but we've all heard that before.
  4. scamster


    j1b-gt in dust/ raf sizes xs, s & xl up too
  5. scamster


    was that a full size run, only xl left?
  6. scamster


    g'zus kith kindly can pay the taxes for you, nice of them (_sarcasm) bringing the total to the uk for j1b-gt at £2032.13 lol fuck right off
  7. scamster


    don't think its quite the case errolson and by extension acronym do not care about the brand, otherwise why bother bother with collaborations and all the marketing that entails, although one could argue that the collabs are way alleviate the boredom they may feel with acronym, a form of invigoration. if you look at the clothing as an extension of how acronym thinks, in the past it would be more aggressive silhouettes, everything on point, todays acronym is more relaxed, going with the flow and seems that attitude has permeated through to quality control. just my two rusty pennies worth and could be just chatting out of my hat.
  8. scamster


    it's close, it's at 92%
  9. scamster


  10. scamster


    nice pick up @mikon_nikon could you let us know what the care instructions are, washing machine friendly or hand wash only?
  11. scamster

    arcteryx veilance

    @Kasper no idea what size you are but there's a pair up for sale on the veilance re-system used gear site.
  12. scamster

    Urban Techwear

    @Brainboy nice one on your first laminar purchase you won't regret it. purchased a harrington in windstopper a few years back, absolutely no regrets except one wish at the time could afford both the harrington and the rider.
  13. scamster

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    fs: stone island shadow project 60210 double front hooded sweat_ gauzed cotton fleece with fallout colour treatment/nylon metal watro - red - large - bnwt £350 - open to offers. fs: oamc 'compression blucher' derby shoes - black - uk10.5 - brand new with box £200 - open to offers. fs: stone island shadow project modular scarf - blue - bnwt. £150 - open to offers. fs: veilance conduit lt - mortar - large - bnwt. £350 - open to offers. fs: stone island shadow project 40303 frag collar vest dual grid nylon - grey - large - bnwt £600 - open to offers. prices not inclusive of fees and postage. any questions pm me.
  14. scamster

    Urban Techwear

    cheers @beepy not really what I'm after but value the offer.
  15. scamster


    cheers geezer, do you think going up one full size is enough?
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