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  1. scamster

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    at least you get a dust bag lol
  2. scamster


    hate to piss on your chips I highly doubt it but hope I’m wrong.
  3. scamster


    the asus rog zephyrus g14 is supposed to a very good laptop with a neat gimmick called anime matrix™ display giving the ability to have simple animations on a diagonal portion of the enclosure but with the acronym spit and polish it will come with the whole back of the enclosure with this ability and no doubt some exclusive acrnm animations, all for a premium ... €2699
  4. scamster


    @msoldano think its this. find it odd that someone bid 416 down from a price of 37173 and knew it would be accepted and the other was sold for exactly the same price. almost as if they didn't really want anyone to have them. sadly its all a publicity stunt, a bit of marketing to sell some chunky, loud laptops with a airshock packing pouch masquerading as a case
  5. scamster


    lol it is international day of democracy today after all
  6. scamster

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    no, blade runner is set down the road in los angeles.
  7. scamster

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    dyneema is incredibly abrasion resistant and strong, fifteen times that of steel of the same weight. originally developed and used for sail cloth it’s fully waterproof but as you can imagine being used for sails it is not breathable in the slightest. don’t understanding manufacturers proclivity to wanting to use it in clothing other than areas of high abrasion such as shoulders on jackets for backpacks wearers. please correct me if I’m wrong (it’s how we learn) but being used as lining/membrane in a 2l situation like the new sisp leather jacket seems folly, none of the benefits of dyneema only the trade offs. that's me corrected @snsnsn but can't imagine it's breathable, personally can't envisage this being comfortable.
  8. scamster


    do something similar with the sisp modular fleece liner and in days past worn the sisp quilted liner which I regret selling. both are slim fitting so perfect under a shell. there is something similar in this upcoming aw20 collection from sisp - 40902 liner jacket.
  9. scamster


    all but the la listing has been deleted. craigslist ad seems so sketchy lol, meet us down this dark alleyway, behind the shop, by the bins -- bring money and your lf1s lol
  10. scamster


    countdown has started. access to 010100100100110101010100 now on v1.0.0 ends in less than three days.
  11. scamster


    e pointing to something in madagascar?
  12. scamster


    some still use hands to measure horses. thought these hex codes might be have something to do with colours but like @silat_hd didn't find anything. new video up and that code @silat_hd found is featured.
  13. scamster


    probably because someone was trying to employ a brute-force attack using a litany of acronym related words. (not me lol) new vid up with a crypt message, clue to a password? probably not, maybe. rmt could mean either one of these acronyms.
  14. scamster


    another upload on VEhF TEFTVA with e head banging. now just need an e hakken one.
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