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  1. o-legs ,,,
  2. if you have problems getting rid of smells out of polyester based materials try nikwax basewash or basefresh.
  3. nice shout @bobbypee been thinking about getting another pair of nike x acrmn lf1 but with so many fakes about and the stoopid prices puts me well off.
  4. or maybe try haglofts.
  5. copped too but in the black/sail and agreed they definitely run small. must stop buying black footwear but can't help myself, may also try copping the sequoia.
  6. the field shirt in ash grey is up there for one to cop but bit concerned about chest and arm holes but might be ok for certain body types. also really liking the douro colour, almost like a slightly dirty red.
  7. something a bit different ... thought they would look good with the veilance indisce trousers.
  8. ups lekanto.
  9. have not tried this as I'm still playing around with this new upgrade but under the setting bar on the right there's a save as new stream button appear every time changes are made maybe this will make your chosen settings stick? sufu1 could you confirm please? also is there any way you can always go to the last post regardless if there is a unread post or not. at present if you wish to revisit a thread/stream and you've read all posts it currently takes back to very beginning unlike the previous version? seems to be working now?!?
  10. jbanger it does send you to the last unread post of the thread but it takes some fettling of the settings; try under read status make sure unread item links takes me to the first unread comment is ticked. sufu1 i'm with the others on here that wish helvetica makes a return, also have to ask what is this bored tag that i have like brick dom been here a while and seem eternity stuck on it?
  11. new year, new thread put your new 2017 waywt's here!
  12. put your 2017 fits here!