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  1. ic veilance conduct - black - m - bnwt. also interested in trades. shoot me a pm.
  2. shame, it'll be interesting to see what sort of shoes they would create. maybe they'll do something further down the line as they're already do footwear for the mainline.
  3. are the models on the frenzy video wearing veilance shoes or are they just the arc'teryx acrux?
  4. a few sisp pieces have been dropping here and there on the interweb. end has a good selection already including the tela 50 fili 2l parka in black.
  5. have you tried find your mac feature to locate it's whereabouts, or at the very least protect your data on the mac?
  6. nice catch, @chunglove drop the link here.
  7. ic veilance conduct - black - m - bnwt.
  8. ic veilance conduct - black - m - bnwt. also interested in trades. shoot me a pm.
  9. @chunglove wouldn't put the prestos in the washing machine. try using jason markk but go easy on the brush as it can damage them, fucked my qasa's a little because of the brush is a little too harsh. use a cloth or a sponge.
  10. heard the same regarding leather accessories dropping ss18, can't wait need a new wallet bad!
  11. they're already changed their model and sell through a handful of online retailers, ssense is one, can't remember the others off the top of my head.
  12. nice one @cybersushi, was just coming to post the same
  13. steam is good for that but also would you believe throwing them in the freezer, at least that is what i used to with raw denims. just don't tell the other half
  14. vapormax squeaks?! @vir2L was this on certain surfaces or just in general everything? crap really bugs me. was looking to pick up the olive once they get dropped may pass on these if this is the case.
  15. @branespload nice video, been thinking about this very piece so helpful to get some thoughts on this. being an import so with all the taxes, duty and shipping involved works out quite pricy especially if you don't like it.