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  1. scamster

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    chapter two -- lookbook // video
  2. scamster


    @Ogv what @nathan_ said go tts and fully agree the sleeves are comically long. one other thing if you don't have a retailer close by to visit, order both online and return the one that doesn't fit just make sure the store has free returns.
  3. scamster

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    @Fourmera came through again this time with the p41-ds, speedy delivery, and absolute pleasure to deal with! cheers
  4. scamster


    @NortonCommando961 it's better to err on the side of caution and do what you did and cancel, that's too much detail to be giving up. surprised you're going to farfetch they tend to jack up the prices, even during sales the rrp is sometimes cheaper.
  5. scamster


    @NortonCommando961 have had to do this couple of times with other retailers, spoke with one who said they needed proof the card belongs to me and when sending a photo of the card you can cover all but the last four numbers, so said yeah sure why not. sent a photo of the card covering the numbers with my middle finger.
  6. scamster

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    fs: oamc 'compression blucher' derby shoes - black - uk10.5 - brand new with box £200 - open to offers. fs: arc'teryx veilance stealth cap - black - l/xl - bnwt. £100 - open to offers. fs: veilance conduit lt - mortar - large - bnwt. £350 - open to offers. fs: stone island shadow project 40303 frag collar vest dual grid nylon - grey - large - bnwt £600 - open to offers. prices not inclusive of fees and postage. any questions, offers pm me.
  7. scamster


    genuinely excited to see what ch items will be appearing.
  8. scamster


    errolson ... LENNY, what the, what the fuck are you doing? Lenny ... erm, what, nothing. errolson ... ffs.
  9. scamster


    Thanks @moneytalks & @keynezk tried this both a size down and my normal and it just doesn't fit well, either too tight around the neck and shoulders or sleeves are too long lol, oh well my wallet thanks me.
  10. scamster


    nice, but doubt I'd be able to size down, may order one and give it a go but those sleeves remind me of this lol
  11. scamster


    @keynezk how're finding the j97-m? been thinking about copping one for an easy throw on for the warmer weather and a second/mid layer in the cooler months ahead.
  12. scamster


    its a shame they didn't release the 3a-1 in woodland camouflage
  13. scamster


    i have the j46-fo and echoing @NortonCommando961 the fabric is stunning, incredibly breathable and fully waterproof, you do have to baby it and would avoid using backpacks or any straps from baggage that could rub the fabric but for use in urban settings it's fine. goon has a video on the j63a-fo going over in some detail, it's a little long but interesting.
  14. scamster


    is this instore? sadly not showing online.
  15. scamster


    bollocks talk about late to the party, some pieces would've been instacops, guessing this was a mother site drop only?
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342