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  1. @branespload nice video, been thinking about this very piece so helpful to get some thoughts on this. being an import so with all the taxes, duty and shipping involved works out quite pricy especially if you don't like it.
  2. there's also the resale value if you want to move on a item, for many the item will be worth more with both the bag and spec sheet as you'll notice from sales on here. for some it will also show that you care about the item if you kept both and include it in the sale, daft maybe but people do believe this. this holds true for most things you may want to sell in the future, hell empty boxes are sold sold on eBay all the time. it's also part of the acronym experience, especially if it's your first purchase, can't think of another clothing brand that does this with a specific type of bag and information sheet and yes a piece of paper and a plastic bag isn't worth much we all know that. lets stop bashing those who care about such things and vice versa. some will buy and throw all but the item of clothing in the bin and enjoy wearing said piece, others will enjoy wearing it too but like to keep the bag and sheet like I do. different strokes for different folks.
  3. actually all are correct. stone island weirdly are using waist measurements for us and suit for it & fr, l'inde le palais are using suit sizing across all four countries.
  4. @X.bee it48 is a medium
  5. it doesn't look a true deep black in any of the shots in comparison to the items the model is wearing but guess this more due to how the material behaves with the studio lighting. the trousers are flat compared to the dark tees and knits so will reflect more light even though most light will be absorbed as they're black.
  6. missed out on the 07 kmtr in black, getting tired of this rigmarole of bots, sitting online for the launch only to miss out as shit is sold out in seconds, then only to join in the bedlam that is the insane hunt trawling cyberspace for a piece of clothing. what happened to absorbing, digesting , perusing over the details before making a purchase? whether going to a bricks and mortar store or even online. don't really have a choice but to grab then see what you get, if you're lucky. anyway; for the larger gentlemen ... a single, solitary pair of cargo black xl over at voo. probably the last one in this system.
  7. a few acg fit shots over at nøtre.
  8. been waiting and hoping for a long time for a return of the covert trousers.
  9. maybe those worked out cheaper when they have idiot embossed on it.
  10. at least those bin bags were free or at least cheap. the poncho is taking the piss, it's almost stating that these morons will buy anything, hey let's get a nylon sheet and splash acg all over it in humongous letting and coz we put a couple of magnets and the pocket in the inside we can charge $$$ for it. fuck right off!
  11. nice leather one lol neither are adjustable, so only fit a certain sized dog.
  12. as the 07 kmtr is new so guessing no one knows but does anyone have an idea of the fit for these?
  13. two new colours for the 07 kmtr golden beige cool grey
  14. daf1's in crimson on end seems only for our asian buddies!
  15. would be better if people were more honest and just state they're a new company, got some stuff come take a look, tell us what you think, etc? think more on here would appreciate it.