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  1. Techwear sale-steals

    white bbs11 bamba us10 50% off at h.lorenzo be quick last pair, would've copped myself but not my size.
  2. Techwear sale-steals

    veilance graph black £236.25 one m, one xl at slam jam socialism for another 15% off use WKND15 also currently 50% off shipping. edit. you will need an account and be logged in to use the code.
  3. Techwear sale-steals

    sisp black laser-engraved chelsea boots size 41 & 46 50% off at zoo.
  4. TECHWEAR.fail

    @drgitlin funny was thinking of doing the same but you beat me to it. gone beyond the realms of madness. it almost feels like they want us to go elsewhere.
  5. arcteryx veilance

    agree with @Dolphinski would've been nice to see the sequent and frame in alloy
  6. arcteryx veilance

    agree with this, the whole outfit looks wrong. odd as haven usually have got some good fits.
  7. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    bamba 3 out around mid september i believe.
  8. arcteryx veilance

    maybe stupid this thought but do you think these manufactures; veilance for example maybe pleased to see counterfeit items on ebay, grailed and other used internet marketplaces so it'll hopefully discourage people purchasing from these platforms and only going to authorised retailers and direct from themselves? no money for them buying second-hand, only new!
  9. TECHWEAR.fail

    would say more an errolson feature than nike; similarly daft pockets seen on a/w2017/18 sisp
  10. Bags, backpacks, duffles, messenger, slings, etc.

    72 quid for horrible stitching and a nasty big arse label on the inside of that wallet, they can keep it!
  11. Acronym.

    if you're small of foot sns have johnny's ice passage for 169 sterling, for you guys in the us minus the vat, cheap as chips. wanted the avm-007 but didn't cop from the mothership either works out quite a bit more with the cost of shipping at 25 notes of the funny money.
  12. Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    fs: stone island shadow project 60210 double front hooded sweat_ gauzed cotton fleece with fallout colour treatment/nylon metal watro - red - large- bnwt pm offers.
  13. arcteryx veilance

    veilance indisce blazer and monitor jacket both size small 50% off.
  14. Techwear sale-steals

    veilance indisce blazer and monitor jacket both size small 50% off.
  15. Stone Island Shadow Project