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  1. scamster

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    mystic meg peered into her crystal ball and saw this as part of the sisp ss'022 future
  2. scamster

    Techwear sale-steals

    feeling the winter chill? you want to get toasty with an acronym c1-aj. grab one on 30% discount over at norse store
  3. scamster


  4. scamster


    ah crap didn't realise there was a drop, my fault for not paying attention. like avantsol and a long shot, hmu if you don't get on with a large v5-px.
  5. scamster

    Techwear sale-steals

    wide selection of acronym goodies for our asia friends at limited edt use code BFCM21
  6. scamster


    e is increasingly sounding like something to avoid, doesn’t seem to be the high everyone hoped for, glad I waited, going to skip the p30-e not ruling it out completely, will wait & see what acronym cook up in the spring/summer and see if e is worth the trip
  7. scamster


    looks nike x acronym wants to muscle in on adidas' stranglehold on gopnik
  8. scamster

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    @beepy had this stealth trench (wish I kept it) never had that problem except a tiny bit of discolouration around the inside of the collar sounds like an odd problem, maybe the bonding adhesive used to bond all the layers is showing through the face fabric? anyone better versed on gore-tex would like to chime in I'd be interested to know too.
  9. scamster

    Urban Techwear

    imagine walking into the supermarket dressed like this, scare the shit out of the other punters thinking there is a viral outbreak in the store.
  10. scamster

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    lookbook for chapter 2.
  11. scamster


    same, was thinking of grabbing the p30 in alpha but that navy looks nice. lol end. styling never disappoints
  12. scamster

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    great experience from @Fourmera hooked me up with a grailed piece, smooth transaction, cheers mate
  13. scamster


    think errolson might've started designing the clothes to fit him as that was how acronym was born, to make clothes they wanted but no one else was making. also for a small outfit especially at the beginning with errolson modelling the clothes makes sense to make sure it looks and fits well. like everyone else, you get older you will always put on a little weight and he now has that problem of being in-between sizes, medium is a little too tight, large a little too long.
  14. scamster

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    need prices @brian_g dem da roolz
  15. scamster

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    post up a link/photo can't find that one? has anyone copped anything from this collection? maybe the nanna camo liners?
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