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  1. ic veilance conduct - black - m - bnwt. also interested in trades. shoot me a pm.
  2. good to see that acronym have dropped the collection on site so we can have a look through before the release, not that i'll be able buy anything low on funds, ring fenced some equity for the iphone x, plus the likelihood that they'll sell out before i could hit add to cart is going to be an issue. has anyone noticed the descriptions? nearly all have lyrics from either public enemy, grace jones, front 242, cabaret voltaire, joy division, bauhaus, tricky (public enemy cover) and future sound of london. spent more time watching videos from these tracks and others than on the acronym site, nice. always love the product descriptions.
  3. apt colour as it all seems a muddied mess.
  4. ic veilance conduct - black - m - bnwt. also interested in trades. shoot me a pm.
  5. nice one @hoju the sequoia look really nice too.
  6. @mike lowrey what about some british tailoring; the orlebar brown x thom sweeney luke blazer? have one that i'll be putting up for sale brand new, never worn.
  7. or you could try veilance themselves they offer free returns with a prepaid return label included with the order as long as it's unworn and all the tags haven't been removed. just make sure you get a return authorization number before sending back.
  8. @junkie_dolphin & @branespload to get a coat return to its full loft use drying balls or tennis balls cut in half in the tumble drying stage of a wash.
  9. @Marw personally i would send it back to get it repaired but failing that you could try something like wundaweb to make a repair although not sure quite what is wrong with the pocket. disclaimer - never used it as a fix on a field jacket or anything similar plus doing your own repair could possibly void your warranty with arc'teryx ask them before you doing anything.
  10. sisp black lucid nylon parka half price at maas & stacks and extra 20% off code FRIENDSFAMILY_EXTRA20
  11. veilance sale over at gravity pope with another 30% off with code EXTRA30
  12. @chunglove have you thought about replacing it with something different, maybe a different colour, white, olive, perhaps red? or just take the other one off cut in half and you'll have one for each shoe only half the size.
  13. was hoping norse would increase the length of the rokki from previous iterations, i'm with @TEKsevenZERO would've bee nicer to see some length, to down just above the knee. may still cop if the white is still around during the sales, which brings me to a question; how does one keep a white overcoat clean? can imagine the collar and cuffs start to look quite grotty. for those who are not gore-tex whores there's the rokki 2.0 neoshell going for half retail, in black, navy & aluminium.
  14. thanks for the comments @CARLOOA you're right it is a little early to see comfort wise how the operand will work, although in london we're having quite an inclement summer. guessing it's slightly rain resistant, ok for light showers and imagine quick drying so no discomfort wearing a wet shirt. the component is my favourite shirt, my girlfriends too, she wouldn't mind nicking it off me. have been on the look out more for more but they don't pop up often for good reason. would posit that the component is the best tech wear shirt in terms of function, aesthetically I'm a huge fan but of course this always subjective. veilance needs to bring the component back!
  15. the operand is the stand out must have for me amongst quite a few great pieces, the melange/heather effect is quite stunning especially in the peat will be getting this although tempted by the black too. @CARLOOA can you comment how comfortable it is to wear, just wondering what it is like with it being mainly polyester? quite like the subtle improvements on some of the items like the new seque where you can hold it on the ends making it easier to zip open or closed. the 3 in 1 tab system to attach the liner to the shell on the patrol is very neat, especially that you can tuck them into their own little pockets on the liner is very well considered making the liner look like a proper stand alone jacket.