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  1. agreed with one difference, I preferred the dark grey blazer ✌️
  2. @DeadHype looks good on you, hoping mine will fit similar. had been wondering too about with wear how it will look, would assume it’ll soften and mould a little around the wearer, also wondering how best to wash the darn thing. @roofus yeah straight fit lol
  3. @roofus thanks for that, thought what the hell and ordered it this morning. planning to wear it with a hoodie if I keep it but will probably melt with the both of them on, even in the uk winter I tend to overheat with just a tee and light jacket, I know I’m weird. stupidly let go of my sisp tech wool blazer and been looking for another one or something else to replace it. how’d you find the size? I know it’s meant to be a little oversized but grabbed my usual large hoping it’ll be ok.
  4. I’d buy that for a dollar
  5. Anyone cop the j70-bu? Interested what you think of it?
  6. next years fit in the wild …?
  7. thanks for the correction. not sure how i feel about this jacket, one thing I can say, it’s not boring.
  8. @mariahscarry acronym j41-gtv
  9. P46-PSS QR ...? actually thought the use of snaps is a discreet aid of ventilation or a quick access portal for moments when overwhelmed with passion
  10. tailor butcher, "we make you fit your clothes" using a new patented technique developed by a student, a process that costs the fraction of the price, this is taking the world by storm and disrupting the industry.
  11. shadow project__spring summer_'023__ lookbook
  12. fs: oamc 'compression blucher' derby shoes - black - uk10.5 - brand new with box £200 - open to offers. fs: arc'teryx veilance stealth cap - black - l/xl - bnwt. sold. fs: veilance conduit lt - mortar - large - bnwt. £350 - open to offers. fs: stone island shadow project 40303 frag collar vest dual grid nylon - grey - large - bnwt £600 - open to offers. prices not inclusive of fees and postage. any questions, offers pm me.
  13. nice one, i got impatient and managed to grab the last pair at haven only to notice a drop nearer to home at stoy they have them in m and l for our european brothers.
  14. p23a-ds in black over at ssense but don't bother if you're outside of north america, due to stoopid prices.
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