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  1. Whoops I'm dyslexic my bad folks
  2. Is this for the upcoming winter drop? Or just IDs of what's in the works? I also heard there was an image floating around of the upcoming vest as well. Anyone still have those images?
  3. How do you guys always find out these things hahah but damn, looking forward for those p23 in DS! And as a future reference when they release; p23 sizing is on height correct?
  4. If anything maybe do it on the sales thread versus here?
  5. I"m really not sure if this is proper ACRONYM wtb item but.... WTB: Nike X Arconym X Kostas Seremetis Statue I'm a collector when it comes to these sort of things so hoping someone can help out! and WTB: QLQR straps Acronym version
  6. B-but it's 10000% authentic!
  7. Would you recommend this for shells as well? Or should shells always be machine washed?
  8. That's some solid advice, I was contemplating or returning/selling them but this may help!
  9. WTT/S ACG Woven pants black medium for a small. Or Sell for 110+shipping (price semi negotiable, just want to get back what I paid for) worn once, can't stand the fit.
  10. Man I don't know whatsup with acg and their pants. I'm usually a medium to a large in most pants. I have a pair of the woven trousers(m) and I just bought the ss17 black cargos(m). And I dunno they fit way too long/big for me, they don't give off the cut off look at all. How high are you supposed to wear them w/o looking like Steve Urkel??? Is is based on length and not width?
  11. As a heads up to anyone who really wants those caps; keep a close eye on the online bodega drop tomorrow. I saw a few left on display and in their backstock before I left this evening. I'm not guaranteeing they are releasing it on the website tomorrow but it may be one of your few options left for those who missed it.
  12. The tan cargos are gorgeous in person
  13. Anyone know the eta of the drop on the Nikelab website?
  14. Thanks for the info, I guess this is something I gotta try in store before I pull the trigger....3 months later haha