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  1. She makes it look good
  2. I like the way you think
  3. Generic Acronym fit #3 NG5-AK Gaiter J1ts-s RAF 16F-ES-PL04 Guerrilla Group pants Acronym Presto black/bamboo (excuse the blur, the gf doesn't like to focus the camera lol)
  4. Ah makes sense
  5. Do you think it has anything to do with the material? I own both as well and don't feel that much a difference when layering. I just feel like GT just offers little to no stretch.
  6. WTB 3a-1 limonta, either 2014 or the most recent model 8-10/10 I know unlikely, but hoping below grailed prices.
  7. HEY MAN
  8. I wanted to comment on this earlier: I felt the product in store and it feels almost exactly like the packable ACG jacket.
  9. I guess professional grade cameras and studio vs my shitty phone lmao but i think this is an awesome piece. Wish I had some modulars for it
  10. Shit quality, but here
  11. Anyone planning to stop by bodega tomorrow?