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  1. Did you ever read the tag? It says it's a "self cleaning" material. Curious about that.
  2. @shinnanju for me personally I thought all that webbing was a little much(coming from someone who owns the j1ts lol). But when you add attachments like above it makes the webbing less obnoxious and more appealing.
  3. You single handedly change my mind about that insulator (in a good way)
  4. -whoops-
  5. Big wtb: j58 ws in medium. My order got messed up and now I'm without one. If it doesn't work out for you let me know! IC/WTT My (m) J1a-gt full pack for your (m)j36-gt
  6. It's a much better looking piece than I expected in person( E's choice of fit in the site didn't do it justice). Can easily layer something under it. The one thing that threw me off is that I had my 3a-1 on and was looking for the side zip but it didn't have it hahah. Also I don't really understand the point of the button on the middle of the jacket. I prefer it visually vs the j28 in my opinion.
  7. Basically 2 or less of each size
  8. I didn't try it that long but the medium was a bit on the roomy side.
  9. I added a little edit in there but it was usd as Unless bodega changes the tags they seemed to be in USD. could be wrong
  10. Most comfortable pair of p23s I've tried on. If you're familiar with DS as pants fabric you know what you're getting into; feels like I'm barely wearing anything. But like previous iterations you have to go for length and these seem less forgiving if you size wrong. I tighten the belt as far as I can and it felt like it stopped a little too early and started falling down (I tried on a medium). Oh and the cuff stretches without much resistance.
  11. Tried on the 58, p23ds, j16 and the j28.
  12. P23a-ds: 1,030 J58- 1,099 J16 around 1500
  13. IC/WTT P23ts-CH black (M) for (S) Condition: 9/10 pics on request
  14. I am the same exact height and weight lol I had to do the same thing. Had to cinch pretty tightly and tighten my belt until it was hard to breathe (semi-sarcastic) as well to stay in place. Doesn't look too bad but when I try to add an attachment it to it when I'm wearing a long shirt(ex. S15-ds) I have to put it at the very bottom of the webbing and even at that point it folds over a bit and doesn't look too good. Sizing down on p23a seems like the way to go.
  15. Is that really what happened? That's insane, I remember waiting a few days before pulling the trigger because I never spent that much money on any article of clothing before and I decided "f*ck it" because it appealed to my aesthetic sensibilities and love the functionality lol now I'm hooked.