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  1. @strikethroughHaha, I have the same shoes (I DM'ed you before about sizing info), cargos (although in grey) and also recently acquired a J34. I'll try not to copy your fits! Seriously though, how did you get the crazy taper on those SISP zip cargos? Did you have them altered?
  2. It's been so hot recently though; I'm really looking forward to F/W when I can actually use most of my gear. I really need to find more summer-friendly options. How are them wildfires working out for you guys? Although, we apparently have our own out in central WA that were started by cats + power-lines (RIP).
  3. NOT a tinder profile Author: David; Seattle, WA. Surgeon/wannabe neuroscientist. In another life? Possibly less of a wannabe scientist. More mind-controlled robots, less cutting. Background: At the risk of sounding derivative…GiTS (o.g. movie, manga, and SAC), 1980/90’s Anime, William Gibson (Pattern Recognition), Shadowrun, Drum and Bass, Blade Runner, Alan Moore, sci-fi that involves Chernobyl, lots of video games, print collecting/Mondo…and yes, the whole trainers/Supreme fad that lasted for me from 2013-2015. We all deserve second chances, right? Abstract: I'm a tech wear newbie. A lot of the discussions here re. fabric sound way more complicated than the tools I use at work. Figuring out empirically how a piece of tech wear's design into something purposeful and aesthetically pretty neato, since there isn't exactly a textbook on it (it makes me feel like a smarty!) I like how this encourages a more thoughtful relationship with your clothing/the products you own+consume. Conclusion: The persistent feeling of being an adult male in very, very expensive cosplay...feels weird. Acknowledgements: My geriatric calico cat. She dgaf.
  4. There's a tiny selection of ACR stuff on Bodega that the 20% off code actually works for, FYI (code is on site header)
  5. I agree, they don't seem to have a really substantive feel. I'm guessing the ripstop material on the tongue/upper is the same as that used in the 3 in 1 cap? Also I'm finding that the ripstop sort of wrinkles up and you can't really easily straighten them out. I think the cord tension only really shapes the shoe anterior-posterior and doesn't do much laterally, and the buckle only does so much. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with the cargo pants or the hoodies?
  6. Fixed. Ok, so Bodega, notre, ubiq, and kith have dropped. No caps in stock =(
  7. Add Baitme to the list too, for the shoes.
  8. Grabbed a pair of the black komyuter's locally. Definitely would recommend sizing down 0.5 from your usual Nike size, and even then it still feels roomy after pulling the string taut (and I've got wide feet)
  9. dover's up; prices are cheaper than End (250 for cargoes), and free s/h in US. unfortunately shoes are out.
  10. I believe Kith, Ubiq, and notre are dropping Friday online.
  11. J47R size S and M back up on bureau
  12. notre drop is online now
  13. Greetings from Seattle. Acr noobie here looking for his first outerwear piece. I'm considering a J47R since I love the less aggressive styling, however as noted before, it lacks an escape zipper. To me (a noob), it just seems too iconic to miss. It having the higher price tag also has me questioning whether it would be wiser to simply search for the older J47 through resellers. Or just wait for the next release. Anyone have any insight for me?