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  1. If someone is interesting, i'm here. I can give you good advice.
  2. willing to buy j58-ws in medium
  3. Viva la fika
  4. Congrats from Rome kiya
  5. Congrats from Rome kiya
  6. who knows?
  7. Prefer fade-view of RN04
  8. RN04 RS04 (new!) RS05
  9. i used that hook for keys, i put a very small carabiner for my home keys. But i also think that it will be nice for a pair of headphones. Just my point of view, maybe suck!!!
  10. FS or FT: J1A-GT (medium). Need one size up.
  11. .
  12. any 3A on sale?
  13. WTS or WTT: Nomad 3L, Recco System, size L. Black
  14. Looking to buy an acronym bag, bigger than 3a1. Let me know!
  15. Firmament only garments