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  1. I suppose I don't really know the first thing about the process of operating a small inventory, high price retailer. Considering the prices vs something like the archetypal fashion houses, I would assume that margins on Acronym are far smaller. Which could have the potential to seriously harm the longevity of these boutiques if they get stuck with any dead inventory at all? I'm interested to see where this is going over the next few seasons, with the influence of the hype I expect Acronym to continue to raise the prices until they find their price equilibrium on the number of sales made (It's been ages since I took economics, if someone can help me on the name of this concept). After which point, one might assume that they would use the excess revenue to expand the brands production and bring prices back down? Is it even possible to create an economy of scale on a product that is intended to be on the cutting edge year after year?
  2. That seems kind of absurd. Previously I was under the impression that items in the store are meant to be reserved for in-store sales, and the online orders should come from a separate stock that is not on the floor.
  3. How are you liking it thus far? I've been easing back into digital ever so slightly, after about a year of casually shooting film. I'm keen on the a7 line for exactly what you've done there, I've found that I really dislike the character of modern lenses now. Anyway, here's a couple of my shots to add to the thread?:
  4. Received an email from Hotoveli saying that their discount wasn't supposed to work on Acronym products, and I'll need to pay the difference to finish the order. A bit disappointing, but I knew that deal was too good to be true.
  5. That discount was my reason for going with them as well. I only realized that had it just this morning, the sweet delight was overwhelming when I tested to see if it worked on the existing stock before the launch
  6. I scored the P23A and preordered the NG7 off Hotoveli. This was my first time buying any Acronym not in the secondhand market. Thanks for everything everyone