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  1. ukiro


    At long last received my P10-E from mothersite. A little bit less claustrophobic than S, but not by much. Really hope they stretch a little in the long run, because the thighs look absolutely painted on right now. Waist is generous, biggest difference with S. I definitely need a belt at 185 cm / 96 kg. I have two still-in-their-original-box DS pairs that I will definitely not sell now that I've compared with E. But keeping both (sold most of my pairs in S.) I think P24A-E, which I guess is now destined to be a SS22 item, might be a perfect use of this material, at least for me. P10-E is probably a really great choice for people not attending the church of squats.
  2. ukiro


    As recently as SS20 they included everything.
  3. ukiro


    The Hotoveli accidental reveal indicates that P10-E is still on for FW, though isn't that more of a SS material? But if there's a third drop, what else are we expecting? P30-E, P24A-E, J3-HY, J93-GTPL, J99-WS, and J1W-GTPL, right? Correct me, nerds But back to P10: I had to stop wearing my P10-S due to thigh girth (squats 4 life) but DS still fits perfectly. Can anyone report on P10 sizing of S vs E? I'm E-curious but might need to bump to XL if they fit like S and are non-stretchy.
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