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  1. ukiro


    P24A-E arrived but no spec sheet, somehow. As I hoped/guessed, E seems like a great material for this model alhough I missed out on DS so leaving that comparison for the more fortunate. FWIW, 185 cm at normal proportions and size L seems like ideal length, if you're 190+ I think you might want XL or these will look weird. If you're sub 180 but very stocky, be aware that this is not as generous of a waist as many other Acronym pants. I can also second (or third?) the comment that cargo zippers are easy to operate one-handed, almost magically so. Buttoned smaller front pockets/pouches require quite the tug but can very easily be closed one handed, and perhaps they give a little with time. I hope the lack of stretch won't mean these tear in the groin, as they're clearly not cut for doing head kicks in.
  2. ukiro


    Jesus christ there was no chill on the P24's, and here I was certain they'd be SS22. Thankfully L was the last size left so at last I'm getting these, and I expect the resale value will be rather pleasant in case I change my mind. But the price hurts and makes me reconsider keeping the P10-E's...
  3. ukiro


    At long last received my P10-E from mothersite. A little bit less claustrophobic than S, but not by much. Really hope they stretch a little in the long run, because the thighs look absolutely painted on right now. Waist is generous, biggest difference with S. I definitely need a belt at 185 cm / 96 kg. I have two still-in-their-original-box DS pairs that I will definitely not sell now that I've compared with E. But keeping both (sold most of my pairs in S.) I think P24A-E, which I guess is now destined to be a SS22 item, might be a perfect use of this material, at least for me. P10-E is probably a really great choice for people not attending the church of squats.
  4. ukiro


    As recently as SS20 they included everything.
  5. ukiro


    The Hotoveli accidental reveal indicates that P10-E is still on for FW, though isn't that more of a SS material? But if there's a third drop, what else are we expecting? P30-E, P24A-E, J3-HY, J93-GTPL, J99-WS, and J1W-GTPL, right? Correct me, nerds But back to P10: I had to stop wearing my P10-S due to thigh girth (squats 4 life) but DS still fits perfectly. Can anyone report on P10 sizing of S vs E? I'm E-curious but might need to bump to XL if they fit like S and are non-stretchy.
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