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    The site has been doing that on and off this weekend.
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    Some more data points. 185cm / 6'1", 95kg / 210lbs (weight mostly in legs because squats are life). All are size L: P23-S: Can get tight around the calves if they ride up (like from taking big leaps up stairs) but otherwise fit great. P23a-DS: The stretch means there's no calf tightness ever. These are glorious. P10-S: These are mega tight over my thighs, like I painted them on. But I often still use a belt for the waits (though honestly optional.) P10-CH: Best pants in the world. Everything is perfect. (But I use a belt.) Bonus round: Nosucism P10 copies: Larger, cut sags differently around knees (in a slightly negative way) and ankle zippers are further in front which is awkward. But I dounbt I could use M. A skinnier person my height should go for M though.