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  1. ukiro

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: These are also on Grailed under the same username (1, 2, 3): P24-S Raf SS17, size L, mint/unused with bag + sheet, $650 P10-S Black SS18, size L, mint/unused with bag + sheet, $900 P10TS-DS SS17, size L, mint/unused with bag + sheet, $1100 All items in Stockholm, Sweden. Shipping method & cost depends on your location (always tracked).
  2. ukiro


    Yeah I just wanted to be extra clear of which model I meant. I have like 8 pairs of P10 and still don't keep track of all the names. Thanks moneytalks for the verification! I have a pair of the enfin leve clones incoming but now I'll be able to stock up on the real thing.
  3. ukiro


    J82-WS pics show what looks like non-cargo P10A-DS, which I really hope will make a comeback. Is it reasonable to expect that to be the case? Not sure how often Errolson wears stuff from several seasons back in these pics.
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