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  1. Yardsale

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB/WTT: P30A-DS in Small
  2. Yardsale


    I have both (P10 in E and DS fabrics). Voronoi fabric faded so quick. Also Veilance was cut slimmer. Much prefer the P10 if you can swing it though I hear it fits certain people weird (I'm tall and skinny).
  3. Yardsale


    Your question aside, that is a nicer shade of RAF than what's on the website.
  4. Yardsale

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    What’s good!
  5. Yardsale


    zippers add bulk perhaps? My J25-WS also didn't have zips in the lower pockets.
  6. Yardsale


    For the record I was wrong, it was a J1A.
  7. Yardsale


    It's a J1B from what I can tell, though the shoulder detail is a bit particular.
  8. Yardsale


    I believe it was a J1b there wasn't a flak pocket (possibly because he's also left-handed like myself) and the flak pocket sucks for interops left-handers.
  9. Yardsale


    I met him on a plane recently. We were both wearing Acronym in first class.
  10. Yardsale


    I luckily was able to buy a 3A-9TS used but in good condition last year. It was the Beauty and Youth limited edition. They aren't going to be re-releasing anytime soon.
  11. Yardsale


    Is the J78-WS almost identical to the J50-WS? The only thing I could tell that was different was the sleeve and arm pocket detail. No hate, I own the J50 and love it to bits.
  12. Yardsale


    P33 length seems much longer than that, these are almost capris?
  13. Yardsale

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: 3A-MZ3 (black or silver) 3A-MZ2TS (black or Limonta)
  14. Yardsale

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: 3a-10ts or 3A-9ts
  15. Yardsale


    That's the look.
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