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    That's kinda what I'm doing/asking, just tried to give some context of where I am right now in terms of exploration. I'm sorry if you thought that I'm flexing, that never was my intention(or dunno what the deal with 401k plan)
  2. lehadrakon


    Hey guys, I hope you feel good at this time. Got a question for long time Acronym enthusiasts. Right now I'm trying to understand what piece should be my next goal. Already asked for advice from a couple pal's that could be on this forum, but thought that asking a bigger audience would be a plus. Just need guidance in my path of exploration of brand. So here is a list of what I got in my closet. Jackets Pants Accessories J1TS-S P22-S NG7-PS J58-WS P23TS-S 3A-3TS J59TS-CH P23A-S J61-GT P24A-DS J62-PB P25-DS J63A-FO P27H-DS J68-WS P30A-DS J84-S P33-DS J16-GT CP2-SS Slim stuff is definitely not for my body type(5'7 and 85kg with strong torso and hips). Had real trouble with P10, they look like leggings on my legs. And not looking for just Acronym label on item (like H5-AJ). Soooo with all of this, I would love to hear your suggestions about what should I try to get as the next piece. (I would love to have a list with pictures of all Acronym items that were created, so I could figure out the answer on that question by myself lol). Thank you in advance! <3
  3. lehadrakon

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB (in good condition, prefer fullkit) P25-DS\P25H-DS in size S\M P31-DS\P33-DS in size S
  4. lehadrakon

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Bump. Also WTB P33-DS size S
  5. lehadrakon

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J68-WS Black size M P31-DS size S
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