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  1. Cucoo, I saw those on my Instagram feed and my first thought was this thread. Clearly the wise old denim craftsman sitting atop Mt. Fuji who only works when there's a temperate north-west breeze (or whatever tosh they came up) has too many left over scraps of selvedge.
  2. TCB

    It's probably worth sending an email through to the website as I guess they'll be able to do a direct comparison between the bush pants and the new 50s. We had a few sizing issues with the ranchman shirts. I think Inoue's tape measures are configured differently everyone elses! Does anyone know if the website uses circular or lay flat measuring method?
  3. TCB

    Mason, Washed will be a one-wash and rigid will be, as you suggest, unsanforised. I think it's pre-order for shipping end March.
  4. TCB

    I'll be intrigued by the hem measurements. A 60s cut would have been good for the shaft of engineer boots but I fear these may be too slim, let's see how it goes. Clearly the existing 50s fit would be optimal but experience has taught me that anything wider than a 60s fit just doesn't work for me. I might revisit measurements IH, what is the hem of your modified jeans 50s (which look great by the way). Or did they leave it alone?
  5. TCB

    This makes promising viewing for the slimmed down 50s. Cheers IH, great score.
  6. TCB

    Perfect fit Erk. Updates on my 50s jacket and ranchman. Jacket hasn't had much love recently but hopefully I'll up it over the spring & summer
  7. Awesome, really nicely worn in. Love a long boot strap like that. Thanks Mason
  8. Cool. Crazy to think they're already 25+ years old. Enjoy mate
  9. Hey Mason, welcome. Your engineers look great, could you chuck up some more photos in the Boots thread please?
  10. Never had a problem either. I suppose when sitting the pressure doesn't come from our lower back but upper and naturally the arse.
  11. Fantastic. Interesting patch placement, assume that's from the original. Are you you planning to wear these more or keep them hauled away?
  12. Looking very dapper in those chinos. Great pick-ups.
  13. Depends if you get regular knee blowouts. If you don't then it makes sense to go with the second pair.
  14. Holding in a trump perhaps?