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  1. I had a bunch of photos of my 1966 after their first wash. But photobucket ate them. Here's a quick pic of how they look now. In real life, this is some of my favourite LVC fabric. I remember the old Cone fabric was very blue; this is greyer, which I prefer. A good amount of subtle greeny grey mid tones which don't really come out here - overall what's great is that the indigo is really holding up on the legs etc. Maybe it's more flexible than most other denims I've worn, as the crotch hasn't blown out yet and there are few broken threads in the honeycombs. Definitely a good Cone denim, alongside my other favourites of the 44, the 55 (and probably the '76). Putting them on the floor to photograph I see they are pretty filthy with muddy stains. So I'll leave them a few weeks till their next wash.
  2. OK, funds are in and the clock is ticking, Ed!
  3. Yeah, looks like those are slots to position the patch on a punch which cuts them out; how the punch falls will affect how much of the slot is visible. The size/model type is different too - a smaller font on my pair, they probably used a simple lead type which might well have varied from batch to batch.
  4. I'll try this. Should show what I mean about the slots.
  5. the model number and size imprints vary a lot on originals. I think they must have used a variety of machines/type to print them over several years in different factories. I always think the card they use seems to vary across different originals. THose slots are definitely there on the originals - they were in different places on the two deadstock 60s jeans I've owned and have keptpix for - they are actually notches on the outside of the outline, sometimes they come out as a slot with the outside edge intact (sorry, hard to explain, I really need to sort out another pic host so I can post photos). In the ones I have, a 66 pair have slots tops and bottom right, a 69 pair are top left and top right. Both have very different main print, too. I do speak to my friends at LVC about inaccuracies; overall, they're looking at an overall package of how authentic something is, it costs a lot to make the fabric and jeans in the US, so they accept some compromises (for instance, on the non-rayon red tag). There are inaccuracies that bother me - on the upside, for instance, they take far more care over the fabric than many other repro makers, designing the yarns from scratch where others simply buy in existing ones.
  6. They have select items from the archives on display in the regular building, I think the pair were there.
  7. The surprise royalty check i got in, that inspired me to join this contest, has now ebbed away, thanks to a lovely holiday and a horrible tax bill. so leave it at least another 10 days Ed! No hurry!
  8. Lovely HK update. We returned from there on the 18th, sorry I didn't see you. Having always thought folks exaggerated the humidity of the place... I salute you for travelling around in those pants. I liked the city, altho perception was coloured by the fact we did a houseswap with a banker, who owned an expensive property on Old Peak Rd - complete with Fillipino maid. Shocked to see the space she lived in, and how there's this almost victorian culture of servants. Loved seeing them take over the city on Sundays. Bored by the mall culture, but loved the fast-changing areas around Sai Ying pun and Kennedy Town, wish I'd spent more time there.
  9. Most 20sjean were right over left. 40sand 50s left over right. In the 30s they switchedbetween both. There are also differences in how the 2 rows of stitches lineup, there is a 'stagger' post war although the 50s tcb didn't feature one, and the 20s seem to .
  10. Hammer the rivets. Cut off the cinch.
  11. Changing rise means a complete redesign of the top block - the most complicated part of the jeans. That's the reason Levi's only offer three variations of rise for their £500 bespoke items. Zips are standard lengths so the (complicated) zip section needs redesigning. Yoke, as you've mentioned, will be a different length and angle (and the yoke is one of the most complicated sections to make). Then the shape of the seat will change for each variation in rise, as it tapers up to the waistband, with a kind of shoulder. So each change in rise makes for a redesign of the jean. Replicated across a range of sizes of course.
  12. I'm still thinking of sizing down one inch from the 50s, but will try and find the pix of me wearing the tour version first - photobucket has, of course, blanked out all my pix in an incident of hosting blackmail so I have to try and download them. Will decide by end of the week. But I am in for definite, someone needs to give you Italians a run for your money.
  13. Hi, managed to pay latest Volvo restoration bills and think I can do this. 81 cm length. How is waist sizing compared competition pair? Think I'd like a inch downfromthem.
  14. You have the opportunity of something different. Or something that's pretty much the same as you're familiar with. Why not go crazy and opt for the unfamiliar option? I wore the Tour 20s with a belt and they were fine; likewise my 30s Lees and Levi's 201. In a world where there is so much choice, why - when you have the opportunity of something so unique - go for what you've done already? The suspender buttons are an intrinsic part of the vibe, you can wear your jeans without a belt and even with a belt, you'll be fine.
  15. Just wanted to drop in to say great work, Volvo, what a lovely pair of pants! Best of luck to all of you with the contest, wish I could be with you but funds tight in the T household. Brexit problems! PT xx