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  1. My natural indigo 1880s were a bit grubby so I gave them a handwash. For those who haven't seen them before, this was pretty much LVC's last model and, more significantly, Cone's last new fabric, an 1880s nautral indigo repro, using indigo grown in the US. It's a bit dark and my hands are a bit shaky (hangover) but this gives something of an impression. My previous natirual indigo jeans included the early Levi's Nevada/Kurabo, the SDA, Sugarcane; this is easily the nicest fabric. Crocks quite a lot but doesn't wash out, lots of crinkling. These are close to the perfect place, so for the summer I've switched to my old 1890s single pocket pair, which are Kaihara fabric I think - nice, but the slubbing is far more regular, Cone really mastered a more random slub on what would be their last new Levi's style fabric. The other pic is the field that supplied the indigo, harvested at dawn.
  2. If Volvo and others are in I think I would be - but the 1880s would be a problem as my main jeans for the last five summers or so are the LVC natural indigo. But I will keep checking. Volvo, sorry life has been tricky. It's been a bit challenging here and my 1800s is gone but we are all still standing This has to be 18 months or 2 years for me - in 1 year I wil swtich to 3 days a week so I reckon I've a good chance of placing with 4/7 of the wear that Volvo or Maynard have
  3. Been rationalising; sent the SDA that I use for working aroubd the house off to the charity shop, and Lady T has fixed up my Riders. Off do to some sawing and routing, in traditional stylee. These are the second Euro repro, somewhere here I mention where the fabric's made (Nisshinbo?), first lot was made in Ireland, these are made in Malta.
  4. Can't find my 2007 catalogue but I've looked in the 2005, plus lots of later ones and all the Type 1s have a red tab including Turkish-made ones.
  5. Exactly right. Those are also so obviously the ring/OE Denim - which actually isn't bad and has that lovely stripey colour when new. A lot of work went into those jeans, a new fabric, and they retooled to try to get back to the right shape pocket etc. The main factory was Whitburn. And at the time, wherever in the world they were made, the fabric was always Cone from White Oak. Then in the 90s, Cone was only exclusive to raw denim and the die was cast . Phil Marineau, who joined from Pepsi, closed Whitburn around the time he closed Battery street , and got a $25m pay check for the year.
  6. These look great. Purely because I just came across these by accident, here's a pic of Curtis's old late 60s 302, in their raw state, for comparison. The only vintage Levi's I've ever documented from the raw state.
  7. Yes. One of the last LVC and, perhaps even sadder, Cone's swan song. Natural indigo grown in Tennessee - think I posted pics from when I visited for the indigo harvest. I've always loved the Nevada and these are one of the nicest implementations. Right at the beginning of this thread are photos of my 1880s using natural indigo Kurabo, which are awful - these are so much better. We've often debated why natural indigo doesn't crock much or isn't that dark - but for these jeans, the indigo seems to wear in brilliantly. The nicest early cut I've ever had. Plus the denim is different, yet still quintessentially Cone. Hard to do it justice in a photo but the denim is very crinkly with lots of micro-contrast, very slubby - but the slubs are small. I think it's essentially the same denim as the 3-pleat I've posted often but with the natural indigo, looks a bit darker, more red, less turquoise.
  8. Washtime for my natural indigo 1880s. We're just outside of Marseille on holiday, so I washed with laundry soap. Cleanest they've ever been.
  9. THis is a subject that I know lildavid must be starting to investigate - cheep is there already.Some will suggest it's sad that if you're a denim nerd you plan to inflict it on your kids - I say, why not start em early! SO, if you've trakced down any good denim for nippers, post em here. I'll update with a few items later, but thought I'd post this thread now because H&M have the best kids' denim i've seen, period, when you consider the price. I've seen them at the H&M store on Oford St, London, plus the new store in the old Dickes & Jpones on Regent St. Oxford St had only larger sized, 150cm plus; Regent St still has quite a few smaller sizes, mostly around the 105cm size, for 2 or 3 year olds. They're limited edition and have apparently been out three weeks, so grab them now. WHy so good? Mostly the price: £15, less than the price of getting yer jeans shortened in SoHo. They come in a nifty bag, proclaiming that they're made of organic cotton: (Don't ask me why I shot an off-white bag on an off-white background, I can't answer that). The jeans themselves are a slim but not skinny fit. The detailing is beautiful, chainstitched hems, blank Wranger-style rivets on one corner of the back pockets, conventional rivets elsewhere, and a leather belt patch. The denim is a lovely colour, slightly greencast. Somewhere I have shots of Sammies, Levi's and Warnglers for kids, I;ll post em later, but do update with yours... and if you don't have kids, remember that pint-sized vintage is only a fraction of the price of the adult stuff!
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