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  1. Paul T

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Lots of shrinking and lots of leg twist. It's similar, I think, to the yarns of the Cone three-pleat jacket with the natural indigo from Tennessee. (Edit: My story implies it's a different design from the jacket). The jacket is wonderful too. The natural indigo, if aynthing, seems to crock more than the jacket with synthetic indigo, which is the reverse of what we 'd generally expect. Need to wash the jacket and check on the buttons and post update. Yes, those final Cone fabrics were wonderful. I'm so sad they've gone and we've lost all that knowledge. Perhaps it is Levi's fault, as they stopped using Cone for all 501, as they did at one time... but Cone people always told me that LVC were their biggest supporters and had always been flexible and helpful.
  2. Paul T

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Whoo-hoo! Summer is here, so it's away with the 40s TCB, and on with my 1880s natural indigo. I actually can't remember if I've hand-washed or machine washed these, but the texture is lovely. Quite a lot of crocking for natural indigo. Right at the beginning of this thread I posted my last pair of 1880s from maybe 2003, Kurabo natural indigo fabric which was, frankly, awful. These are amongst my favourite LVC ever. Much darker in the flesh than on my Sony camera.
  3. Paul T

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    LVC use a lot of different yarns; it's more or less a different yarn for every vintage. With Kaihara, they had already spec'd the yarns ready to go. I was told this about 15 years ago as there was always a worry that Cone would go under.
  4. Paul T

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Sorry to be late to the party... with apparently shaky hands (it's getting a bit dark here). Just out of the wash. Got some serious marbling last time so these went in inside out which has evened everything out nicely. These look pretty much exactly like all my other TCB - all of which look great, so I'm happy. I have to scroll back to see who won, but for me, knowing I have at least another year's worth of wear is prize enough. Thanks to everyone involved for a great job.
  5. Paul T

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Wow, great stuff guys, lovely to see u Volvo, will be back with pix
  6. Paul T

    Sprogs, nippers, bambinos: pint-sized denim

    This has always been my favourite Sufu thread (I just had a nostalgic look thru and found fabulous photos I forgot), and you've raised it to a new level, @Flash! Well done, these look really exciting
  7. Paul T

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Hope you're all well. Sorry for my absence; especially sorry for being a chino guy due to new profession, plus I've been two-timing my 40s with some natural indigo 1880s. But now the nights are colder I'm back with this lovely, much heavier fabric.Just machine washed them; they marble bigtime when washed right side out I notice . Apols for weird camera angle favoured by nipper who now takes photos rather than being the subject.
  8. Paul T

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I have no idea how long I've worn them for because I only tend to wear pre 20s denim in the summer. I've worn them a lot though so it's probaby 5-6 months. They crock a lot for natural denim. Way more than my SDA. It's my favourtie of any natural indigo denim, and I think my favourite of any Cone. It's always been a very royal blue, but the amount of texture in the fabric is gorgeous without being too obviously slubby. These have had a hand wash followed by a machine wash and spin. I've reverted to spinning inside out after a horrible-looking recent wash with my TCB 40s. There's a similarity with the other early fabrics in that they get large, smooth areas of wear but there is more whiskering here than other 1800s-style Cone. My three-pleat jacket needs a wash too, and is looking very good but it wasnt sunny enough to line-dry from wet and I can't face it shrinking again. From a distance these look quite similar to, say, my 47 and 55 but they're very different close-up. A good amount of leg twist. So often, LVC jeans don't get dramatic traintracks (although I would point out that traintracks for some reason seem more common on 70s jeans than earlier ones). But these have pretty good train tracks, too. I cannot explain why the whisters and fading are so assymetrical. Perhaps a peculiarity of the PT physique? Not happened before though, maybe I'm becoming irregularly stooped with my advancing years. For me, these 1880s ran among my very favourite LVC. So sad that we've lost all the love and expertise that went into Cone denim, but this is a fine pair of jeans to remember them by. Plus I have a big roll of their indigo cotton duck that I have to get made into someting soon....
  9. Paul T

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I can't remember when I last posted my 1880s natural indigo LVC. I am thinking this was probably the last new fabric desgined by Allen Little at Cone. Here they are dry:
  10. Paul T

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Just had my vintage Lotus Veldtschoen rebuilt by the Shoe Healer. Excuse the quick iphone snap. They had the leather originals in pretty good condition but they separated. These make a really good contrast to my Sargents, which are chunkier all round. Every day wear for my walks over the heath to school, especially for those rainy days when the buses all disappear. Thanks to Ben, who helped source these, and was the first to try out the Shoe Healer. Had all my shoes redone by them over the last couple of years now I am a salaryman
  11. THis is a subject that I know lildavid must be starting to investigate - cheep is there already.Some will suggest it's sad that if you're a denim nerd you plan to inflict it on your kids - I say, why not start em early! SO, if you've trakced down any good denim for nippers, post em here. I'll update with a few items later, but thought I'd post this thread now because H&M have the best kids' denim i've seen, period, when you consider the price. I've seen them at the H&M store on Oford St, London, plus the new store in the old Dickes & Jpones on Regent St. Oxford St had only larger sized, 150cm plus; Regent St still has quite a few smaller sizes, mostly around the 105cm size, for 2 or 3 year olds. They're limited edition and have apparently been out three weeks, so grab them now. WHy so good? Mostly the price: £15, less than the price of getting yer jeans shortened in SoHo. They come in a nifty bag, proclaiming that they're made of organic cotton: (Don't ask me why I shot an off-white bag on an off-white background, I can't answer that). The jeans themselves are a slim but not skinny fit. The detailing is beautiful, chainstitched hems, blank Wranger-style rivets on one corner of the back pockets, conventional rivets elsewhere, and a leather belt patch. The denim is a lovely colour, slightly greencast. Somewhere I have shots of Sammies, Levi's and Warnglers for kids, I;ll post em later, but do update with yours... and if you don't have kids, remember that pint-sized vintage is only a fraction of the price of the adult stuff!
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