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    Really like this one @silencejoe. Expect the leather will age really nicely with the jacket.
  2. @81FXR You’re right, LVC have done ‘proper’ women’s ranges int he past, rather than a token one or two models.
  3. @81FXR I think LVC are running the 701 at the moment: https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/levis-vintage-clothing/levis-vintage-clothing-for-women/1950s-701-womens-jeans/p/507010036 edit: actually, looking at the silhouette pictures of these, they don’t fit the bill - look very tapered which I wouldn’t expect from a 50s model (but I’m no expert on women’s fits).
  4. unders


    Haven’t worn them much since the last time I posted them @shredwin_206 The arcuates are disintegrating which looks kinda cool
  5. unders


    @chicote’s mention of a 333 repro in the TCB contest thread reminded me to post this. Just screen grabs from Masaki Fujiki’s instagram stories a few weeks back, but he tends to post items (clues?) a couple of seasons before WH repro them, maybe from buying trips. I could be totally wrong and he might just like them and so shared them. Anyway, my fingers are crossed.
  6. @mpukas spotted these the other day on Klaxon: https://klaxon-store.com/en-jp/products/sc15401
  7. @yung_flynn Hey buddy, just to let you know that my SC47 have coin pocket selvedge (bought a couple months ago). I also have a pair with arcuates in the loft - if memory serves me they are the same but I’d need to check to be certain.
  8. Sadly not. Their prices are bonkers these days. I can’t ever see myself spending that on a jacket.
  9. I’m not sure if this brand has been mentioned in these parts before, P Denim or Pippins Denim. Made in Sheffield but the founder recently sold out to a company based in Leeds. Here’s their instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/pdenimofficial?igsh=MTNhZXA4MXpnM2c1Yg== Denim is from Candiani and stitched in Sheffield, although I’m not sure whether that had changed since it changed hands. These are the pair that is being passed down my boys. Currently with the middle one (with the littlest wearing Ryan’s Nippers).
  10. Not leather at all, but picked up this neat shopping bag the other day. Decent size. Big enough to fit one of their jackets in. Inspired by this plastic bag from the 60s
  11. @Geeman’s building a Guess Who profile.
  12. Looks really good @Broark. Does look slicker without the hood and if you don’t have much snow and rain then why not remove. Avoids the old ‘look deep into the parka’ style:
  13. No idea 00. The boy’s into them and I know chuff all. I’m sceptical that any set of keys can be worth those prices. The stuff my kid buys are about £15 a set so far more palatable.
  14. Rubbish. ‘cos the ground’s too hard? When I were a lad we played rugby on frozen ground, it’s good for your minerals.
  15. @Double 0 Soul I’m no expert but the lad says it helps his gaming (something to do with how quick the key springs back when he’s smashing the living daylights out of it) and he gets satisfaction from the clacks, as you said. You can also get novelty key caps. For instance I’ve got these ‘Duckeys’ on the way for him: The prices some of the keyboards can get silly, but the vintage inspired ones look pretty cool. Here’s a very self-aware funny: 494186708491462d995d229aa6538af7.mp4 https://mechboards.co.uk/products/hyper-7-v4?variant=41877334720717 Good luck to the kids on their hike. Even more luck to you in locating them tonight…
  16. @Cucoo My eldest son is massively into keyboards and switches too. Every birthday and Christmas over the past few years he’s added to his collection. His goal is to get the loudest, clackiest keys he can find - we can hear him through the whole house! I ask him how many keyboards does he need. He responds how many jeans do I need. Little sod.
  17. unders


    Nice. That leather patch looks perfect.
  18. @tjsma Good sport. Just don’t let your nearest and dearest learn you’ve been posting this kind of shit! My professional opinion is your belly button is off-centre.
  19. What @Geeman said. Also, I think we’re doing the kids a bit of a disservice. To us they all look the same, but within their circles I’m sure there are many distinctions and subtleties in their style choices that make their clothing world as rich as ours. I’m also pretty confident that in my youth I’ll have worn a shitload of designs/emblems/characters that I had no clue of the real meaning of, and that’s all part of growing up - wisdom doesn’t come to us in early life and we shouldn’t expect it of these kids.
  20. @Sympathy-For-The-Denim I got a few tees from the early seasons but never any of the jeans. Always seemed a bit out there at the time and the LVC stuff had my attention in Cinch moreso, but I remember them very fondly.
  21. Very nice @Sympathy-For-The-Denim Were you ever tempted by that wild bow-leg model?
  22. @indigoeagle Some discussion of this further up on this page.
  23. Article on Red with some pics of some earlier models. https://fashiontechnews.zozo.com/en/culture/levisred?page=1 The real gold is the Instagram links at the end of the article for a group of Japanese collectors called the Red Club. According to the article one of them checks Mercari once an hour for new Red items - can’t be healthy.
  24. @Broark My heart skipped a few beats when I read you were stranded in Reading. Thankful to see you made it to Oxford. Nothing wrong with Reading per se, but wouldn’t put it on the list of places for someone crossing the pond to visit! Fully agree we’ve made an art out of daytime drinking. Glad you and Mrs Broark had a great time. If you’re back outside of Xmas it should hopefully be easier for a Sufu meet-up
  25. Looks like on the SC product pages they have both one wash and non wash up for preorder. https://store.toyo-enterprise.co.jp/smartphone/list.html?category_code=sugarcane @MJF9 Nicely done, of the 2 I’d have gone for the 43s as that deep blue looks lovely. @beautiful_FrEaK Thanks for posting that Clutchman video. Great to see inside the factory. This whole time they’ve been referencing the delays - I thought it was just sales talk to hype up a bit of demand, but looking at the way the SC president (sorry, his name escapes me) starts laughing toward the end suggests the delays are very real (and probably expensive!).
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