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  1. Charlie Delta

    Urban Techwear

    Nike Tech Pack M-65 is '07 >. Veilance is '10 >. fyi.
  2. Foot Digs though:
  3. That Mars Yard auction has been up since the day they were released. ps.
  4. Charlie Delta


    Put the jacket on > get ready to close it > grab the left side of the zipper with your left hand > grab the loop with your right hand > now guide the right side of the zipper into the left side while holding the loop as opposed to the zipper itself > notice how elegantly this works as opposed to fumbling with the right side zipper part… edit, stupid: left > right
  5. Charlie Delta


    Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know the following are the fabrics that have been used on publicly available 3RD ARM's. (Some of these are actually brand names but only talking about the fabric as used on 3A's) - Cordura®: a plain weave, heavy duty, typically synthetic fabric. It looks kind of like a synthetic canvas and is most commonly associated with luggage or backpacks. Good luck getting any wear to show on this. If I'm not mistaken this is what the first edition kit 3A-1 was made out of. Iirc this came in black, white and possibly OD as well. - Laminated Limonta: I think this was the 2nd fabric to appear on the 3A's, this looks like a fabric that has been coated with a heavy acrylic like layer and can indeed appear leather, or ever truck-tarp like (which Freitag bags are made out of). As the laminated top layer wears down on stress points (creases etc) this fabric breaks in in a quite specific way. Without having handled the latest iteration of the bags I'd say they're made out of this, or a at least a version of this fabric again. I only know of this in black, the original being quite shiny, the new black seems more matte, with a more shiny dark grey version now also available. - Limonta: This appears to be a twill and is the most "fabric-looking" out of the bunch. Cotton based, this black has quite a bit of different tones in it and can appear more aubergine, dark dark green or almost dark brownish looking in different types of light/photographs. This fabric ages quite heavily, both with wear and as it appears also with exposure to sunlight. Most really lived-in looking 3A's will be made out of this version of the Limonta. Matte Black only. - DIMENSION POLYANT X-PAC: Most people here will be familiar with this as it's the most recently used fabric until today's update. It's also probably the most easily recognisable with it's distinct ripstop squares, with a grid of bigger X's on top of it. This sailcloth fabric is the lightest out of the bunch, and it certainly looks like a very lightweight material. It can appear slightly "crinkly". Satin gloss black only. And then there are iterations that (so far) never hit the market, like the mysterious "liquid metal" X-PAC and a [redacted] camouflage… Let me know if I omitted anything.
  6. Charlie Delta


    Looks like it resembles the laminated Limonta on the early bags. It breaks in nicely. That 5B is super sleek without Tecsys!
  7. Charlie Delta

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    ███: ████. ███ ████ ███ ██ ███ ███/█████ ███. ██ ███ ██ ██ ████████ ██ ████ █ █ █, ██ █████ ██ ████. ████ █! Redacted on authority of CD06MarkII 2014204.
  8. Charlie Delta

    supergram: superfuture x instagram guest curators

    Let's do this!
  9. Charlie Delta

    comics/graphic novels you've been reading

    So this is happening next week and I'm pretty damn excited about being able to pull it off. If you're in NL and reading this thread you should def come by next friday for the launch, it's gonna be goooood!
  10. Oh shit, Oink Notpis' haven't seen those in aaaaages. (cassava piece not a custom but a Noki collaboration) And +1 on Zdocs' grail status!
  11. Charlie Delta

    comics/graphic novels you've been reading

    jyoni Incal goes into crazy territory but does it well, really enjoyed it. You mean you see some Taiyou Matsumoto in Will Kirkby's stuff? Can see that. And I think we're talking about different Campbell's. Ha.
  12. Charlie Delta

    comics/graphic novels you've been reading

    Quickly bumping this with Will Kirkby's stuff, which I haven't read yet as I've been waiting for quite a while now to receive a comic from him but his art is insane imho, believe the stuff below are illustrations for an RPG guide, the comic I'm waiting for is Tuk Tuk. Some echo's of Stokoe in there. As Half Century War is done and MW on a break I am really only looking forward to my monthly Prophet fix. Vol. 2 is out on June 12th for those of you who buy trades. Looking forward to the 2nd trade of Glory (Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell) which I didn't think would appeal to me but gave the benefit of the doubt as I just like Campbell's style so much but I thought it was really good. Just got the first Sharknife, haven't read it but is supposed to be a fun ride. Am curious about Ashley Wood and TP Louise's Lore, anyone read it? Also, anyone any thoughts on Joe the Barbarian and Warren Ellis his Global Frequency? Been meaning to get I Kill Giants as it just looks fun. Also want to get Adventure Time trades as I enjoy the cartoon too much. Some other stuff I've found but haven't had the chance to pick up yet: - Brian Ralph's Daybreak - Bambi and her pink gun - Ivan Brun's War Songs - Jim Henson's Tale of Sand - Hilda and the Midnight Giant - Tom Gauld's You're all just jealous of my jetpack Currently reading the collected Incal. Also working on two exciting projects, more about them later.
  13. Zoom Haven's, Chapukka's, Rifts, Talaria's, Presto's all super dope. Would wear any of those today without thinking twice about it (if the colours are right). Will admit that there is some nostalgia at play there. The low black and red/orange City Knife II is a bit of a grail for me. I think that was a good couple of years for sneakers, just before they started going heavy on the retro trip. I looked far and wide for the black Trainerposites when they came out, eventually only found the snake patterned ones. Hardly ever wore them as they were half a size too big and uncomfortable as hell, still have them somewhere. Such a bizarre but intruiging shoe and such an odd choice to throw snake print on them.
  14. Charlie Delta

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    One easy thing to remember when talking about these kind of things is that looms are used to produce fabric and fabric only. Clothing is assembled in a factory (call it a workshop if you will, in a case like Roy for example, but really it's a thing of how many people are on the production line). Generally you can say that fabric mills don't assemble clothing and clothing factories don't make fabric. I also can't think of any examples where fabric and garment production happens in the same facility. Brands generally don't have their own looms, nor do a lot of brands have their own owned and operated factories these days. Valencia street was an old clothing production facility (Levi's owned), they made garments there, not fabric. Like Satchel said, the fabric came from Cone Mills. Oh hi old friends!