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  1. 0105 , I think it’s the 15oz 1 year of wear, several washes
  2. Inspired by @81FXR 5 euro fisher hat, 8 euro t shirt, fullcount, GH Bass
  3. Did an overnighter gravel event. A bit of rain and a lot of mud. last picture, same but different
  4. They look like docs to me. Probably the context. Trashed a few pairs. they played in my neck of the woods two weeks ago, apparently it was a good show.
  5. Old shoes always look better. @julian-wolf i guess you buy these for function, but did you also bought these because they look nice?
  6. I like it, probably because it’s a buzz . It’s a bit shapeless, sleeves are a bit tight. I guess it’s a vintage fit that they reproduced. But after a few hours of wear it molds nice. The quality is oke. I, d like to get another one , orange and or grey. but not sure wether to go with the same size or size up. But I’m afraid that a bigger size fits like a sack. I’d rather have a slightly to small top than a slightly to big. In pant I prefer too big
  7. I hope @Double 0 Soul and his fam. are doing fine
  8. Some hat, buzz, fullcount super smooth, vans. Riding my bike without chainguard
  9. I use my coin pocket, for coin people in line behind me at the cash register, don’t like it, nor the cassiere. Especially when the pocket is real small. but that’s why there are self scan registers
  10. Your to far away to come around and give it a go. there,s plenty of brazed mtb,s you need a thicker tubes. the welds are similar strong, tig or brazed. my welding knowledge is slim, but you need to get a feel for brazing, if it’s not hot enough it doesn’t work and when it’s to hot you burn the lot
  11. @rbeck, thanks. I’ve been cycling pretty much all my life and for a long time taught about that would be cool to make one. But it was never on my radar where and how it was done. until I bought a frame from a builder who builds in his shed. when I saw that , I realized it was something you can do. You don’t need a factory. so I dove into it, and found the bicycle academy, did a two week course there.during those two weeks I build my first frame under their guidance. when I came home I found a workshop place(moved twice, by now) and hoarded a lot of tools. It’s been 5 yrs now
  12. Made a cargobike for a friend. Quit a lot of work. It rides pretty smooth
  13. Lot 147 is the widest and based on a Lee model. lot 161 is also wide and based on a Levi’s model. tha other ones I don’t know
  14. Papa nui, sun surf, RMC, vans
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