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  1. Might it even be so bad that the tactic is that you eventually buy the item you wanted in the first place but wasn’t available at the sale. So the company gets rid of old stock and gets you pumped to buy later at full price. i agree with the points made. I don’t pay attention to sale and buy something when I want it, not so much the last few yrs
  2. Style change, within the denim fora time, it went from “western” fedora, mister freedom drover, whites boots, to more rockabilly esk, engineers, newsboy hat, Cossack jacket, to what it is today , whatever that is. i guess I’m influenced by the scene, unfortunately the last few yrs it was my boys schoolyard. what I look for in other peoples style is some effort, but it has to look effortless. for me, I associate the ma1 with football supporters/ hooligans. In the early 80,s I guess. My town/team wore green ones, so I had to have one. Walking with my mom in the city trying to find one , she even stopped a guy that wore one where to find it. i don’t remember if we did, but I didn’t get one that day. later my friends mother who owned a jeans store sold them, so I got one there, I choose light blue. still would like one today. in my mind , my town (den haag) had green, Rotterdam had a dark reddish and Amsterdam had blue ma1. at the time you could recognize people from where their from , by their hair cut, shoe , bomber etc. similar elsewhere?
  3. @cultpop 0217 hat is nice, I’m sure you find a way to rock it. The red and green looks good to
  4. Surplus, universal works, RMC, redwing
  5. Master woodworker, and master sufu user
  6. Orange , Lee, buzz, fullcount, vans
  7. I just used fromjapan, real easy. be prepared for a shitload of spam mail
  8. Yes it’s crazy. Mostly students use those bikes, after they are done studying, they leaf town and their bike. The company don’t mind, they just invoices. spoke with a guy who works in a factory in Estonia where the bikes are build, they produce millions of bikes
  9. I have a pile of bikes/ bike stuff picked up on the street. somehow it is a disposable thing. it became even worse with the swap bikes. this is a pile of bikes my local government picked up as abandoned bike
  10. Wet commute this morning. heimat, maifattura ceccarli, fullcount, vans
  11. 'Foreign, lesbian, cat loving, vegan, drug dealers'..? that's what you call a minority group! that’s what I call a Netflix serie, including the neighbor
  12. Surplus, anatomical, buzz, Fullcount, vans
  13. Went with my boy to a lords of the underground show. He loved it. pretty cool night out with 90s hip hop bangers. The lords did a good job
  14. Water and salt in the background for making bread in the morning. nithing better than home baked bread with home made peanut butter
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