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  1. smoothsailor

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    sun is out! Cheapo fisher hat, sun and surf, at last, vans
  2. smoothsailor

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Middle aged man wu tang fan here with a pair of padmore and Barnes . Didn’t buy them for that reason. last time I saw wu tang play( I don’t know who were all there) they threatend to come upstairs if they throw another cup of beer. and there comes a cup of beer. Someone in the crowd snitched who it was and got his ass kicked
  3. smoothsailor

    Watches and Denim

    Pretty cool drunken purchase @cheapmuthafukr the last time I bought something while drunk , was another round of beer
  4. smoothsailor

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Apparently we are a bunch of middle aged lonely hobists. I do the same as unders said, quickly change subject, or mumble about it. I have a few customers who are into clothing etc, and I think they do the same. We mention a few brands and that’s itl
  5. smoothsailor

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Yes , yes, yes and yes @Double 0 Soul And its still good fun to hang around here and see well dressed lads. I have a carefree childless co worker who buys stuff like we used to do. It might be an age thing.
  6. smoothsailor

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I,ve had plenty of items that weren’t me. I still like those items, but putting them on, I don’t recognize myself . It even happens with stuff I liked before. mister freedom shirts and jackets, whites boots, engineer boots. I did rediscovered my baracuta jacket that I bought maybe 15 yrs ago, never liked the size of it, wish it was a 40 instead 42, but now I’m oké with it. @MJF9 stated it well
  7. smoothsailor

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Aiming for the granddad steez no name hat, baracuta , gifted sweater, lee, vans
  8. smoothsailor

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Excellent @bartlebyyphonics, it doesn’t really matter how you cuff, or layer etc, it’s all well balanced. you pull your pants higher up when you don’t cuff it?
  9. smoothsailor

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Have fun Geeman
  10. smoothsailor

    Nice Things

    Made it myself, on page 10 of thuis thread are some more pictures
  11. smoothsailor

    Nice Things

    My wife is the plant keeper in our household. I do like them I have to say. some “nice things” in the background that I showed off earlier
  12. smoothsailor

    Vintage clothing and footwear

    Like many things - I think the internet has accelerated and also obliterated past patterns. So style may have been a lot different in the 70's to the 90's compared to the last 20 years - but maybe that's because it was more ubiquitous to dress a certain way and there were less options. We've had more options for years now.  this might be it. what I liked as a kid in the 80,s you could tell by the style where someone was from. for instance, track suit pants with Clark’s dessert boots and a mullet was Rotterdam. A green Ma1 bomber was Den-Haag (The Hague) were I’m from. at first my mom wouldn’t let me have one, too expensive and the wrong crowd wore it. finaly I got a blue one. Got stolen in the swimming pool
  13. smoothsailor

    Vintage clothing and footwear

    But the difference seems so big to me. Style wise. the 20yrs from 70,s to 90,s the change in style is so big. At least to my eyes. 2000,s- 2020,s not so much changed? in the 90,s when thrifting I didn’t want the 70,s stuff. @Duke Mantee your right I skipped a generation. now I like the 70,s style thing. I guess what I’m asking, did style evolve much the last 20 yrs?
  14. smoothsailor

    Vintage clothing and footwear

    In the 90,s I thought that 70,s clothing was antique. Big difference in style. now clothing from the 2000,s doesn’t seem so much of a difference from todays clothing is it my age? Would someone in his/her 20,s today think those clothing from the 2000 are odd and smellie?
  15. smoothsailor

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    @LazyS it’s not my frame, I just repaired it. But I have seen pictures of the owner carrying tons of stuff on it. it is a pretty hefty frame though, it snapped where the reinforcements was welded, the welding made the frame weak
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