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  1. keynezk


    Some MS style product shots, u know what it means
  2. keynezk


    51%CO, 44%PA, 5%EL
  3. keynezk


    Any J104 or P45-GTPL fit pics? Haven't seen any yet
  4. keynezk


    their Grammarly subscription expired or what
  5. keynezk

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Final drop also WTS: P10A-E SS22 Blk Sz M worn twice, not my style. $500 WTT for other acr jackets and pants +- cash
  6. keynezk


    @scamster It's good as a mid-layer. The sleeves are very long. elbow area looks huge, close to the SS-J10 product pics. I got my normal size(M). Size down won't be a choice for me as the neck area was tight.
  7. keynezk


    Ranger Green IRL. vs gray M vs raf Stotz & alpha green GT
  8. keynezk


    new 3As fabric should be VX21 Ripstop -COR is X50T, exactly the same color (and name)
  9. keynezk

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    B & price drop
  10. keynezk


    They removed the logo print
  11. keynezk


    This was hues' pics for J95-WS, you can see a shiny graphic print on the left chest. This is End.'s product pic. It seems the print is removed for general release and Japanese retailers just use the old studio pics. Both Hues and Nubian took down their launch page.
  12. keynezk


    J95-WS looks super shiny IMO. Not quite like the previous unlined WS(53% PA, 47% ePTFE as on J82, J28, J87) or lined WS(78% PES, 22% ePTFE, as on J68 and J29). Could it be a new WS material?
  13. keynezk


    Owned P24A-E for a few months and find this detail today: There are two "loops"(not sure about the formal name) inside two sides of the waist, just like P38-DS. I used them to hang the pants rather than using a clip hanger. Today, I just noticed there was a "hole" above the "loop". Back of the hole, it's Gore-tex enhanced. I have seen this patch on the back of P34-DS's pocket area as well. So just get the loop through the hole, it now hangs perfectly(left) rather than pulling all the fabric together with it(right) like I used to do. I never pay attention to the area before since there was no such hole on my P38-DS. I guess this is an upgrade.
  14. keynezk


  15. keynezk


    The collab clothes are already available in NikeLab. Some details of the jacket. Retail $300.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342