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  1. bump
  2. WTS: J53TS-GT sz M. Condition 9/10. PM offers! (relist) also WTB: J46-WS sz M.
  3. WTB Stone Island x Bagjack transformable bag in black from 2011. Exact version in link:
  4. WTT: my J47-GT (L) + extra money for a J47A-GT (L). (woop!)
  5. Has anyone here tried attaching a jacket sling similar to Acronym's to the interior of other jackets?
  6. ignore
  7. Trying to get long olive zipper pulls for J47-GT, jacket sling, and some velcro blanks.
  8. Did anyone recently get any response from the shop@acrnm email? I've asked them if I could purchase some spare parts a couple of months ago and got as far as a quote, but didn't receive any responses or an invoice since. Still no luck after a couple more tries.
  9. Nikelab ACG Cargo in Black size S - $275 + shipping
  10. bump
  11. I bought them at that price and the seller happened to be from the same city so the package delivered the next day. I am relisting since they didn't fit me as I thought they would.
  12. FS: P13-CH in black size L. $650 + shipping HY-J3S Hybrid Jacket size XL. $340+ shipping
  13. WTB: P10-DS in medium!