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  1. ^ Seems to show up for Canada and Australia as well, in addition to all Asian countries maybe a glitch?
  2. Almost a full size run of Crimson DAF just went up on End, if anybody still needed a pair:
  3. x
  4. J46U-WS is available at a 17% discount at Peggs & Sons (and free shipping) with code 'BIRTHDAY17' Only Size L left: Edit: VAT is also deducted for non-EU buyers, act quick!
  5. Black J1TS restocked in Large at Firmament, if anybody missed out on release:
  6. On the topic of J61 sizing, have any of you guys that sized TTS found that it tents out oddly in the middle of the back? Any fix for this besides the drawcord? I'm in between sizes and went with the larger size for the extra length. I found TTS to be slightly too cropped (hits above mid-thigh) but ymmv. Sizing up worked out well, I found it drapes better and makes for more of a flow-y silhouette. I agree with the above poster that the J61 is quite tight in the shoulders, but I also feel this is the case for many of the more recent models (J1A-GT, J43A-GT, J53TS-GT etc.). Overall, the J61 far exceeded expectations and is one of my favorites for the season as well. It packs up very nicely into a WS burrito.
  7. Seems like a typo for LA6B-DS
  8. WTB: - S16-WS Medium - J57TS-SS Medium - J25-WS Medium - GT-J29 Medium - J43-K Dust, Medium - P20-S Black, Small IC on items I've outgrown: - J1TS-S Black, Small - J1TS-S Raf, Small - J1A-GT Small - GT-J22 Small - DS-HD2 Black, Medium
  10. Posting to air a grievance about this seller: I PM'd him several months back with direct interest in purchasing several items of his (at his stated asking price). He replied saying that he would send back photos, and that he would be happy to work out a deal. I sent another few PM's over the course of a few weeks asking for updates, to which he finally replied he would send photos again (which he never ended up doing). After that, he has since ignored all of my subsequent inquiries in the past few months. @henrisan if you sold the items to someone else, or decided to keep them, at least have the courtesy of replying to your other interested buyers to let them know the situation.
  11. Haha I'll bite. I agree with you guys, I probably worded my last post too strongly but you're picking at semantics and missing the point I think it's common sense that any business will aim to achieve a certain margin over cost of sales to stay profitable. Just trying to emphasise that the market and brand position that Acronym has achieved for itself plays a big factor in the higher prices this season. It's not just because of extra grids of tech-sys and whatnot. People tend to forget that Acronym is a luxury brand and pricing does work differently in this market space.
  12. Somebody else has said this before: the price reflects the market position, no more no less. The brand can price its goods higher than before simply due to its market command, especially following the wave of interest it's received lately. This is even before factoring in any real increases in cost (labour, materials, factory overhead, R&D / design work and such). I can see where you're coming from, but there's no use trying to attribute the price hike to some extra rows of webbing (or in the case of the J47R, the Raccagni zip) and so forth. Also, if you're worried about prices now, just wait until you see next season
  13. You shouldn't be so presumptuous, the limited production quantities is not a deliberate business decision to generate hype/exclusivity; Errolson has explicitly said as much several times over the years. Here's an excerpt from an interview from just last April: Regarding subnet, here's another quote:
  14. Nicely said!
  15. Great, well thought-out post and I can definitely appreciate and agree with your perspective on several topics, especially the latter half (some excellent imagery there). You brought up some great examples on some of the trends that have fizzled out in recent years too; fashion is and has always been a cyclical and trend-dictated industry, and I completely agree that it is a fickle/sensitive market. That's why in previous posts, I was advocating the idea that price-inflating or price-gouging our sales posts (for Acronym goods) might have lasting, detrimental effects on the overall market. I just didn't think that the clothing industry should be compared with the luxury auto industry at all; the former is accessible and "affordable" to essentially anybody while the latter is almost strictly catered to the middle-upper class and wealthier - hence, the purchase decisions would be quite dissimilar, hobbyist/collector or not. Isn't it much more relevant to compare Acronym with Supreme, than with a high-end sports car? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens with Acronym; I'm hoping not your worst case scenario. Edit: Deleted some paragraphs for brevity