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  1. You shouldn't be so presumptuous, the limited production quantities is not a deliberate business decision to generate hype/exclusivity; Errolson has explicitly said as much several times over the years. Here's an excerpt from an interview from just last April: Regarding subnet, here's another quote:
  2. Nicely said!
  3. Great, well thought-out post and I can definitely appreciate and agree with your perspective on several topics, especially the latter half (some excellent imagery there). You brought up some great examples on some of the trends that have fizzled out in recent years too; fashion is and has always been a cyclical and trend-dictated industry, and I completely agree that it is a fickle/sensitive market. That's why in previous posts, I was advocating the idea that price-inflating or price-gouging our sales posts (for Acronym goods) might have lasting, detrimental effects on the overall market. I just didn't think that the clothing industry should be compared with the luxury auto industry at all; the former is accessible and "affordable" to essentially anybody while the latter is almost strictly catered to the middle-upper class and wealthier - hence, the purchase decisions would be quite dissimilar, hobbyist/collector or not. Isn't it much more relevant to compare Acronym with Supreme, than with a high-end sports car? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens with Acronym; I'm hoping not your worst case scenario. Edit: Deleted some paragraphs for brevity
  4. Just a heads-up: there's been an influx of fakes on several different sales platforms (Grailed, Yahoo Japan Auctions, eBay) lately. J1A-GT: J43-GT: and We've seen the fake J1A-GT several times already, but I suspect with the recent hype, we might start to see lots more imitations (including different models; maybe even trousers and bags soon) being churned out in the near future. Might be a good idea to start a catalogue of what fakes are out there, including any discernible differences (lack of microgrid backer, wrong pull tabs etc.)
  5. This is an interesting example but I think you're over-generalizing and while the scenarios may seem comparable on paper, the ideas you bring up really don't apply here in the same way. You simply can't compare the purchasing power/habits of people looking to buy a high-end vehicle with the purchasing power/habits of people looking to buy luxury clothing. The reality is that both the product and their respective consumer bases are entirely different. Even if we ignore the obvious price discrepancies (i.e. $100K+ vs $1K+), the two markets just operate and are served in very different ways; involving very different customer decision-making. We live in a generation where the public is becoming increasingly fashion-conscious (byproduct of the internet, social media exposure, celebrity impact and so-forth). As a result, people are more willing to spend disposable income on fashion items. Even a student working a minimum-wage job might save up a month's income, or -- god forbid -- take out a credit card loan, to purchase that Acronym jacket or bag that he/she wants. The point is, for somebody who really wants something in the luxury clothing market, they can (and probably will) find a way to make ends meet. Regarding your idea that "Hype may drive up prices, but hype does not sustain prices" - again, the fashion industry is just a different animal. As mentioned in this thread already, just take a look at the resell value of Supreme goods, or even Yeezy's (or other coveted sneakers), over the last few years and you'll see that your comment doesn't hold true.
  6. I'm not complaining about the price spike, I'm just trying to demonstrate that there are lasting effects from posting these kinds of sales listings since it feeds the resell culture that's becoming more pervasive. We've gotten to this point only because people keep posting higher and higher prices. I just figured as a community here, we can try to avoid aggravating this problem since it doesn't help any of us that are actually into the brand for the long run (for the reasons I mentioned in my previous posts). You've been a helpful dude to the community all along, what does the $4.5K post really accomplish? It's potentially more damaging than you might expect, satire or not. I personally have nothing against you selling high, sell it privately or set the price lower and field offers instead?
  7. I would be inclined to agree with you guys, but if you've been monitoring Grailed (or other sales platforms) at all, you'll see that the demand is very much real despite the price barrier you guys are mentioning. Acronym has amassed a cult status as of late, especially given so much social media exposure, and it clearly shows. A J47A-GT sold in a matter of minutes for $2,500 just the other day; each time an absurd sale like this occurs, it sets a new precedent for the market "value" of the item; which only fuels the hype/resell culture even further. The Supreme example might not be perfect but in my opinion it's highly relevant. In spite of any price barrier you guys might think exists, I'm virtually certain that when Acronym restocks 3A bags or any of the hyped goretex jackets (J1A, J28, J36, J47A), they're going to be bought up instantly (and a good portion will go to resellers). The demand is very real, and the reselling / price gauging (like @CARLOOA is inadvertently doing) is just making the situation much worse for all of us that are into Acronym for its intrinsic value rather than the hype. It might be a bubble, but given the short supply, prices are not coming down anytime soon; at least not for the hyped goods. Anyway, the trolls are out in full effect now and it seems there's no stopping them
  8. I know this post was probably made as a joke, but it really is this mindset that's gotten us here in the first place. Sellers keep pushing the envelope with extravagant prices, hoping to one-up the previous highest sales price. With the short supply and growing demand, a hyped item (like a 3A bag) might sell for a ridiculous price and the cycle then repeats and gets worse. It's obvious that this is causing a lot of resellers to flock to the brand, and it's gotten pretty bad already (i.e. the DAF release). For those of us who have been long-term fans/customers, I hope that you guys might reconsider publicly posting these kinds of extreme listings. In the short term, you might potentially benefit from high sales prices, but in the long run it'll cause more harm to everyone than good. For example, as prices are driven higher, more resellers (and hypebeasts) will come to the brand; which will make it a lot more difficult to actually buy the items we want at release. I'm also sure we're due for very significant price hikes given the resale market, so we're going to end up paying substantially more (whether at retail or resale) to continue buying the brand. It's probably too late to make much of an impact, but it'd be nice if those of us here make an effort to not exacerbate the resell/hype culture we're seeing lately with crazy sales listings
  9. WTT: - MZ3-BLK (Full pack) for MZ3-SVR - 3A-MP2TS (Full pack) for 3A-MTS6 - DS-HD2 (Medium) Black for Dust - P23TS-S (Small, Black or Raf) + cash for P24A-S (Small, Black) WTB: - Any 3A Modulars - P24A-S (Small/Medium, Black) - P20-S (Small, Black) - J46-S (Small, Raf) - J57TS-SS (Medium) - Long shot: J36-GT, SS-CP2 (Medium)
  10. I've had both versions and can confirm there's no zipper issues with the WS version. The WS uses gunmetal Vislon zippers. Great jacket, highly recommend it. edit: if you're a medium, there's one available here albeit slightly pricey:
  11. J50-S has Climashield insulation with an outer shell composed of rigid Stotz cotton that's water and wind resistant. It's very warm and substantial as a standalone jacket. In my experience, it's too bulky to layer under Goretex jackets; especially profile fitting pieces like the J32 and J43. I doubt you'll be able to comfortably wear the J50-S as an insulator for those particular jackets unless you've sized up on them. J50-WS (or J58-WS) would be better as an insulator, as that version has an outer shell composed of a softer 2L Gore Windstopper, which is lighter and compresses more than Stotz when layered underneath a shell. J57TS-SS has no Climashield insulation; rather it's lined with a fleece-like material. The outer shell is Schoeller softshell fabric that is thick, sturdy and has a very unique texture (slightly perforated; zoom into the detailed photos from stockists and you'll be able to see). It's quite warm by itself, but won't be as warm as the J50-S. It's also great as a standalone jacket, but can also be comfortably worn as insulation underneath a shell for milder temperatures. Both are good options and serve slightly different purposes. Hope this helps.
  12. Velcro straps that tighten/loosen the sleeves across the back. And as mentioned below, the sleeves are one-piece, separate from the jacket; they're not singular detachable sleeves.
  13. Great craftsmanship here, very impressive stuff. Would love to see more original customizations in the future, maybe it's just me but I feel it is a bit of a disservice (to the original designer) to essentially recreate the expansion panel of the J43A-GT and add it onto other jackets? I can understand that you take on some of these projects as practice for your own cutting/sewing skills etc. but it would be cool to see some of your own designs (or ideas for customizing garments) come to life! Either way, keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing how the J1A-C turns out.
  14. WS also seems to be more lightweight than Stotz. The WS uses 2L Gore Windstopper as its shell fabric (very soft and smooth to the touch), whereas the Stotz is a heavier duty 100% cotton gabardine shell (stiffer and more rugged, as mentioned above). Both versions have Climashield insulation underneath the shell fabric. Personally I think the WS material is better suited for liners (i.e. J50 and J58), the fabric seems a little too delicate as an outermost layer. My vote goes towards the J46-S if you're intending to wear it in winter conditions, although the J46-WS is really comfortable to wear.
  15. This harness originally came with the S-J8 trench coat. There are 2 fidlock buckles and 2 regular buckles; the pouches can attach to either (the pouches have a fidlock on one end, and a regular buckle on the other) depending on personal preference I guess. They both hang vertically from the harness. This is from years ago, so I've always assumed the long pouch is for a keyboard (not sure what else it could be used for) whereas the small pouch is for a tablet/small laptop. I imagine the molle grids are also on the long pouch.