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    Stone Island Shadow Project

    10th Anniversary Stealth Parka has stocked/restocked in a few places for anyone interested: In S: https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/stone-island-shadow-project-stealth-parka-coat-item-13411369.aspx In M through XL+: https://www.notre-shop.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project-1/products/70406-stealth-parka-diagonal-polyester-scarabeo-in-black?variant=16689693720687 https://www.onudesignerwear.com/men-c1/jackets-coats-c19/stone-island-shadow-project-stealth-parka-scarabeo-jacket-musk-10th-anniversary-p1199
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    This post is pretty ridiculous. If you've been following Acronym (even at a surface level), you'd know that from inception the entire DNA of the brand is work in iterations. Sometimes it's small variations (i.e. change in fabrics, added or revised functions/features), sometimes it's new designs built from scratch. You're also trivializing a lot of design/patterning work that goes into some of these variations. There's often a lot more thought and R&D that's put into the process than you'd expect, especially if you haven't handled the pieces you're critiquing so offhandedly. I had my own reservations about recent collections but more often than not, I've been impressed when I actually tried them in person. And to answer your question, some original pieces from this past year that I've really enjoyed and have been impressed by: J66-GTV J68-S J69-GT (I've had the GT-J22 as well, they're completely different jackets..) J73-WS J74-PX P30-DS
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    I ordered the J46-FO with low expectations but have been pleasantly surprised by it. First impression was that it's very light for how substantial / bulky it is. Really comfortable to wear and although I haven't field tested it yet, seems like the Climashield insulation will work well for winter. Was very toasty when I tried it on. One of my biggest reservations before buying was the hood & hood stowing mechanism. As others have alluded to, the hood is very thin; however, this also allows it to pack up with minimal bulk. I was impressed by how well the collar hides the hood, especially since the hood includes a shock cord. If packed properly, it's barely perceptible. Another added benefit is that the collar doubles as a great neck warmer when the hood is stowed (couple extra layers of FO around the neck). Pretty clever stuff. Aside from the thinness, the hood itself is fine, functions well and can be cinched. As for the FO fabric, the texture is mostly soft and smooth but a bit crinkly to the touch. Not sure how else to describe it, you'd have to handle it for yourself. The fabric will patina over time, and you'll see the high wear areas develop more shine. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase. Think it's a piece that's been slept on this season, but that's probably attributed to the crazy price and experimental nature of the fabric. Happy to answer any other questions if you had any in particular.
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    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wtb (in medium): j68-s (raf only) j29-gt (either color) j38-lp j49-ss la6-ds lots of trades available as well