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  1. sumant28


    Selfishly I was really hoping the J29 restock would have been the J29U-PX. The J29-WS is a sick jacket that was sold out and slept on but it’s like the J29U-PX is so rare that even on this forum it’s hardly mentioned as being owned by anyone. All I can see is a couple of people in Asia managed to get a hold of one in the entire world.
  2. sumant28


    Do you know why it’s basically impossible to find out more about this jacket? For a long time I thought it was either fake or a typo except that I saw a glimpse of a spec sheet in some video. Apparently it was released a year or so ago but I can’t see much trace of it online
  3. sumant28


    How small of a run did the J29-PX have? I’m looking for one size M to buy but like all the other J29s they come up rarely. Also I’m wondering if there is also a separate J29U-PX or is it the same as the J29-PX?
  4. sumant28


    Hope you don't mind the off topic question but did you have trouble ordering from Coevo? It is going to be a few weeks time before I am able to buy my own pair of acronym p30a but I thought people had trouble being able to buy from the Korea storefront internationally. I thought worst case scenario I would have to look for a freight forwarder like when I ordered the p10-ds from buyee
  5. sumant28

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J29 size M Most interested in the modular blazer with AuxZipǽ M (J29-PX, J29-WS). Also interested in some other iterations (J29-S, J29-CH). J44 size M Most interested in J44-SD Willing to pay above retail depending on condition (full pack essential)
  6. sumant28

    Acronym FAQ

    is this spreadsheet gone? I seem to remember accessing it in the past but the file is no longer there
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