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  1. Would like to know how 3a-13ts looks with 3a-mk1/2/3. How close to a 3a-1 will it look?
  2. Thanks I picked up a pair from Union LA for $368USD "discounted" (still exorbitant) and that is currently in delivery. I looked up HBX and I am not aware of any sale on that platform still seems to be RRP. The sheeny thin looking fabric is what really appeals to me about these over the standard SP29-M. Looks much more summer ready also with the reduced length for the hottest days of the year. I feel like I can just take the cuffs off my P30A-DS on the less hot summer months.
  3. One thing I’m really interested in these shorts for is whether the FC3 can dock into the little loop for the belt fly. Can you confirm this works okay? Also how are they as swimming trunks given the mesh pockets
  4. I own the P10-DS and P30A-DSKR-BKS which I only hand wash if ever. The issue is that a button down is close to the pits which sees sweat throughout the day so I think I would feel weird owning that and not washing it
  5. After seeing the LA6B-DS sell out again on the mother site it’s got me curious. Does this garment in a technical fabric hold up to hundreds of washes like I expect all my other button down long sleeve shirts to? Also I don’t understand the appeal of a utilitarian workwear item like a shirt being only owned in one or maybe two units. For those who own this piece would you be willing to get to a full set of 5 to cover a work week if it was available to purchase at retail?
  6. You and me both. Good luck
  7. That’s awesome, could you do a comparison post about whether GT is worth the premium over WS? I’m weighing up between whether to get WS or maybe wait for a sale on GT but that seems more and more unlikely
  8. Why not get the same hat in multiple textiles rather than the same hat in multiple colours? One of the cooler parts about Acronym to me is the product codes allow you to experiment with what fabrics work in what conditions
  9. Selfishly I was really hoping the J29 restock would have been the J29U-PX. The J29-WS is a sick jacket that was sold out and slept on but it’s like the J29U-PX is so rare that even on this forum it’s hardly mentioned as being owned by anyone. All I can see is a couple of people in Asia managed to get a hold of one in the entire world.
  10. Do you know why it’s basically impossible to find out more about this jacket? For a long time I thought it was either fake or a typo except that I saw a glimpse of a spec sheet in some video. Apparently it was released a year or so ago but I can’t see much trace of it online
  11. How small of a run did the J29-PX have? I’m looking for one size M to buy but like all the other J29s they come up rarely. Also I’m wondering if there is also a separate J29U-PX or is it the same as the J29-PX?
  12. Hope you don't mind the off topic question but did you have trouble ordering from Coevo? It is going to be a few weeks time before I am able to buy my own pair of acronym p30a but I thought people had trouble being able to buy from the Korea storefront internationally. I thought worst case scenario I would have to look for a freight forwarder like when I ordered the p10-ds from buyee
  13. WTB J29 size M Most interested in the modular blazer with AuxZipǽ M (J29-PX, J29-WS). Also interested in some other iterations (J29-S, J29-CH). J44 size M Most interested in J44-SD Willing to pay above retail depending on condition (full pack essential)
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