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  1. (10chars)

    Samurai Jeans

    I hot soaked my S510XX19OZ twice and I'm surprised by the lack of shrinkage. They shrunk maybe an inch at most at the waist. Both soaks used nearly boiling water at 90 minutes with heavy agitation. I don't need any more shrinkage but I'm wondering if I should toss them in the washing machine prior to hemming. Does the 19oz Kiwami just not shrink that much?
  2. (10chars)


    If anyone is interested, I have a pair of TCB 50s size 33 hemmed to a 31.25 for sale. They've been worn maybe 10 times and soaked/air dried once. $100 + $10 shipping domestic.
  3. (10chars)

    Samurai Jeans

    Looking for some sizing advice for S510XX19OZ. I'd prefer a post-shrink/stretch waist of 32.5" to 33". My other jeans that fit well are: Sugarcane BSPOW - Size 32 / Post-stretch: 33" IH 777s - Size 32 / Post-stretch: 32.75" TCB 50s - Size 33 / Post-stretch: 33" I'm wondering if I would need a size 32 or a 33. I am unfamiliar with the amount of shrink/stretch with this denim. TY!
  4. (10chars)


    I just measured the Canes and IH waist (Selfedge style measuring). Cane: True waist post-stretch: 33 IH: True waist post-stretch: 32.7 So what I'd actually be looking for is a 33 inch true waist after stretch. So I'm guessing a size 33 in the TCB 50 might be the ticket?
  5. (10chars)


    I'm looking for sizing recommendations for the TCB 50s jeans. I'd prefer a true waist of 32". The waist fits me good on my following jeans: Sugarcane BSPOW - Size 32 IH 777s - Size 32 According to the measurements on Okayama's website, a true waist of 32" would require 34 (one-wash)? Is the sizing that off with these? This will be my first 50s repro and my first pair of wider leg jeans so I want to get the waist right without having massively wide legs. Does this denim stretch much / shrink much?
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