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  1. Best Non-SLR digital camera

    Xpost from the photography thread.. Picked up an a7ii this weekend. Its not the most attractive camera and the menus are a bit clunky but the full frame sensor and the ability to use my Leica glass sold me over. Its a pretty compact package with my Summicron 40mm on it. I'm really liking the images out of it so far.
  2. Photography Post Vol. 2

    Picked up an a7ii today
  3. Bicyclettes

    been putting in the miles on longer rides
  4. Bicyclettes

    Yeah I got mine at about 30% off as well in Oct
  5. Bicyclettes

    I've been wanting to build a mtb for a while now. Finally put one together:
  6. Photography Post Vol. 2

    was doing some cleaning so i figured id snap a shot of my collection (minus point and shoots). mainly using the nikons and the leica.
  7. Photography Post Vol. 2

    Nikon FE2 Fuji Superia 400
  8. Bicyclettes

    from todays ride
  9. Bicyclettes

    in its natural habitat