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  1. great comparison b_F... luckily I bought my Okinawa in size w36 (also raw). And also from time I bought from you SC 66 my belly swelled up. So, I advanced to higher level W36....
  2. Congratulations @Broark Enjoy prenatal part of the life.... after you will enjoy too, but you will have not so much time 🐵
  3. They fit you great John... We are around same age and I still think that my size is still the same. And always I have to solve tight waist after first soak 🐵
  4. great summer fit JD...
  5. 6 months... (but shorts won in June)
  6. your photo made me pull my jacket out of the closet.... JB cap RMC tee FC 30th Anniversary 1944 jacket vintage military surplus shorts Paraboot
  7. Really more than perfect fit @CSL . I have to start to wear my Anniversary FC jacket too... I bought it last year and till now I didn't start...
  8. Longines 1927 limited edition 18K RMC denim & Denime mother denim
  9. Japan Blue cap MFSC Ranch Blouse RMC tee SC belt Denime 66 John Lofgren
  10. Parcel came today morning. Picked up NON WASH version from Noaki....
  11. great evolution of the boots ...
  12. 1. vintage (70ties) Lee Storm Rider lined jacket size L 2. Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse size 42 3: Sugar Cane Type II size 42 3. The Real McCoys Type III size 42 4. Full Count 30th Anniversary 1946. jacket size 44 5. TCB Hard Working Cat Hero flanel lined jacket (Wrangler) size 44 6. Orslow Type III size 4 7. vintage (start of 90ties) Carhartt Messenger denim jacket size ? 8. LVC Type I MiJ size 44 (still not touched, not hit the water)
  13. taking a day off from Denime... TCB cap Buzz Rickson L2B TFH tee Orslow fatigue Asteroflex
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