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  1. agree... I will wait before to place order for first experience of super denim members... looks like warehouse one size bigger of the size
  2. size in waist looks bigger than 220/221. the other parts are OK, but proportion looks like waist is 1 size bigger than the other part of pants. I thought that denim should shrink less than previous 220/221 ? edit : my post was aimed to this link https://www.rogues.co.jp/smartphone/detail.html?id=000000010908
  3. b_F, I think you would turn the world out to find some nice pieces of Denime. It's nice strong passion....
  4. very nice progress of those 220A b_F ...
  5. I have no favourite boots/shoes. Just only those I am wearing in the moment.....
  6. yes Eagle. above Locarno (Tenero) close to Lago di Vogorno... beautiful place, nice view on Lago di Magiore and all around, nice food (not tourists places - you have to go little bit down) and excellent air to bread... and easy hiking....
  7. thanks, Ticino is like best beautiful corner, where you can feel as to be in mediterainian location, as to be close to Mediterranean Sea. And fauna and flora are also similar. Climate is influenced with barrier of Alps which protect that valley from bad weather. Completely different climate, than in other part of Switzerland, or Milano, which is from here 80-100 km. Only in summer is here too hot with high humidity...
  8. yes Tilmann. They sits on me so perfect, like they were bespoken for me. Even you hemmed them really in right lengths for me ... 🙂 and tiny cuff is cool... 👍
  9. RW cap 2x RMC SC 1966 (thanks b_F) Skoob Tokyo
  10. very nice weather. so I did some walk around with my youngest son.... featuring SC cap
  11. Dark red is really nice.... I would think color is possible easy to combine... If you'll need difetrent color of coat. Broark I think you have in your closet another options .....
  12. the dryer soften the fabric, so after is more easy to stretch it back in waist... in the past I was trying to manage the size with wash and dryer. But the result was always and always not good. Always I didn't received demanded fit. And always I destroyed leather patch..... Boiled patch and jeans soft from dryer as towel is not good combination ....
  13. great progress Jared.... 10 months in rotation ? It means cca 3 months regular wear ? And how much washes ? looking foreword to add 0105 to rotation after I will finish first round (100+ days wear) with my WH 1000XX. It will be nice to have them in rotation with repro of Lee jeans from Atlas&Co Lot 147. Both are wide enough and nice deep rise....
  14. Bo.... Never I paid custom fees for goods from Hinoya. They calculate that to the sell price and they pay it. I calculated that and there is difference cca in all fees + 4% (from fees, not from sell price). And I am not disturb with custom office. Just I receive parcel and that's it...... It seems to me as good deal.... But I don't know how was that in past. First time I bought something from them was 2021.... Or different countries ?
  15. hey b_F. I think, I can report on those SC 66. What you present as Machine wash changed. It's exactly measurements which I did after you ship them to me.... Unfortunately they are in closet for half of the year, but with the winter they will go out... So, I wore them cca 2,5 months. Now they are more relaxed and they are very comfy.... Top block and upper part of the leg are one of the best parts of jeans I had.... It's really fuller than straight cut jeans... Actual measurement no wash : W : 89 cm FR : 31,5 cm BR : 41 cm Th : 32,5 cm Knee : 24 cm Hem : 20,5 - 21 cm Insem still same
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