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  1. so done. I soaked them yesterday in warm water cca 40° C after wearing them without initial soak 7 and half weeks. they met first water.... measured before soaking I didn't notice almost any stretch against measurement when they were new. just waist stretched for 1cm. measured today after drying and shrinkage is perceptible. but the denim changed and is much more soft and comfortable. shrinkage worked well and now they sit on me, like a baby's butt on a potty.... some fit pics during the week...
  2. decided to worm soak them tomorrow with detergent added. reasons are 2 and third is just impatience. first came after todays visiting of my dentist. they stink. second reason is condition of my crotch. it needs water. tomorrow before soak I'll do pictures and measurements ....
  3. vIGGiou riou

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    thanks lance...
  4. vIGGiou riou

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    crosspost from GBG001 contest.... Ray Ban vintage Avirex Pike brothers Miners shirt GBG001 RW Iron Ranger
  5. San Bernardino Pass yesterday ... in GBG
  6. great move of evolution @Broark and @Thanks_M8. next week will do pictures of mine still dry pair... in the meantime some view from my home office through Merlot bianco....
  7. yeah, I know, but still I don't plan to wash them. they had some little shower during motorbike riding and it did on wet parts crispy spots. will wash them first time when they become dirty. now still clean and not smelling.... next week I'll do proper pictures of evolution
  8. six weeks of wear, still dry, still minimum signs of wear...
  9. vIGGiou riou

    Samurai Jeans

    very nice MJF. but still very hot for 21oz....
  10. Thanks MJF. Better then to have neighbours behind the fence ...
  11. vIGGiou riou

    Eternal Jeans

    yeah. eternal are great jeans. I was also lurking them couple of years and bought them 2 years ago. Also 811. unfortunately it was after many years of staying in SEA, so after return to the Europe I took on my weight fast 11 kg. and that time I bought them in the size W36. and after my metabolism started to be used for european food and now I am back on my previous weight . so, I had just 2 month period to wear them. after I tried to wash them and tumble dry to shrink them with some success but my waist is now 33-34. so, they wait in my closet when I'll get fat again ..... hip flare will be significant just 2-3 weeks. after your jeans will mold your body. don't expect fast fading. after 2 month, when I tried to do from my jungle garden only garden, there were no signs of fades. just only some forms and promises.... Really darkest indigo denim jeans I have....
  12. Maharu, I like your experiment to wash them as much as possible. Never tried. I am curious for to see the result after one year. Maybe beautiful light blue. Think, that could be my next project.... what temperature for to wash ?
  13. My pair will wait for the first water... still dry...
  14. Broark, didn't you wash/soak them when you got them ?
  15. I have to say, I am very happy with the jeans. I was a little skeptical before I bought them. I didn't feel good from the first chart published by Bobbo, especially the narrow hem and rise seemed to me too low. I was also worried that denim would be too much japanese fast fader. So, I was waiting for to have them in the hands and on my legs to decide, if I'll join contest, or no. But now I see that everything is different. Fit is absolutely comfortable and denim looks really like vintage durable denim . Just want to follow up our discussion with @beautiful_FrEaK about similarities with LVC. I was never wore sixties cut, even I own one pair of 1966 LVC 8 years still with tags. Yeah, they are in the queue for to be brake in. Still not.... but I tried them yesterday (as also the other years cut of LVC) and fit is quite similar and fit pics from LVC thread seems to me also close. But maybe I could be completely out ..... Any opinion ?
  16. vIGGiou riou

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    repost this picture from GBG001 contest thread... Genuine Panama Ray Ban Levi's shirt GBG001 RW
  17. really nice and fast roping @beautiful_FrEaK if I count well, you wear them around 3 weeks ? to tell the truth, I have no plan. just will wear them as I was kid and in teens years, when I jump to new raws and washed them when they became dirty/smelly. and it came at those times quite fast. now I wear them as 80-90 % of other members of super denim community. sitting in front of comp, driving car, motorbike, walking, some work around the house and in the garden.... never more to be teen again so, I can estimate first soak/wash in 2-6 months
  18. thread looks quiet last days. so maybe I can revive a little and share 13 days of wear impressions.... I got my pair 14th August, but due to the high temperature in my corner of Europe I omitted couple of days in shorts. I wear my pair raw and tell the truth there is not so much to see in 13 days. yes, combs, wrinkles, puckers are starting to form but all is about time. I don't know if somebody noticed, the denim has in certain light violet hue. it's really very interesting. denim is still very stiff and in hot days very very heavy. in my case even doesn't bread as raw... but I enjoy little bit still not soaked buggy fit. I don't think denim is close to LVC 1947 as @beautiful_FrEaK wrote, but possible I am wrong. I remember to wear 47 raw and I had paper feeling of 12 oz denim. maybe structure and flatness of raw denim is very similar. but not in heaviness. can imagine GBG will have after wash 15-16 oz... and now some boring pictures after 13 days of wear