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  1. Denime

    Thank you for the info Sir!
  2. Denime

    Hi Folks! I just purchased a Denime jeans from some vintage stuff seller from IG for around $45 , unfortunately there is no info on the paper patch of what kind of cut or fabric this is, so i will attach some images and break down some details that i see on the jeans hoping you guys can help me reveal what type of denime that i bought. Here we go : 1. The button color is Bronze or Copper 2. Zip Fly 3. "Denime-Basic" is written all over the hardware & rivet 4. Paper patch with a number "C2752" written at the bottom right corner of the paper patch 5. Gold selvedge color (if i'm not mistaken) 6. Ripper run-off chainstich on waistband 7. 2 colors stitch on the waistband, Orange & Yellow 8. A denime tag inside right back-pocket with some numbers and words "Orizzonti" that i don't understand 9. Red tab with "Denime" written 10. Back pocket with some interesting shape and design that i never seen before 11. The color is more Vintage blue That's all the information i could give. Any kind of information from all the SuFu masters will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
  3. Warehouse

    @CAL415 i didn’t see much texture or wrinkles in your 900 bro, is it because you rarely wear them? The quality and lighting of the pics? Or because it’s already one wash?
  4. Warehouse

    @Geeman @CAL415 Thanks for the help bro. I’ll pull the trigger on size 32 then. Hopefully it will fit me perfectly.
  5. @beautiful_FrEaK if you say it’s 33”, it’s long enough for me to put 1 - 2 cuffs. But i think i will go with 900, LOL. So many Denim options, so little time to be able to beat them all 1 by 1. Anyway thanks for the info thou
  6. Warehouse

    Hi guys, i am thinking to get myself a Warehouse 900, but since i will buy it online, i am afraid i will pick the wrong size then the fit will going to be too baggy or too tight and i never deal with unsanforized denim before. So i need some help for advice. i am currently wearing Naked and Famous Super Skinny Guy Japan Heritage in size 32. My only problem with my N&F is the waist a little bit too tight (hard to button the top but still wearable), but aside from the waist problem, i love the rest of the denim silhouette on me (rise, tight, knee, hem, etc.) So i really need an advice from the denim community who willing to help on what size should i pick for the 900. I also have attach the sizing chart of the N&F Super Skinny Guy for comparison. Looking forward to hear from you guys and thank you in advance.
  7. Alright, cheers guys for the suggestion. Will try to hook me up with Warehouse 900 since i am not a fan of Resolute 710 Ankle Freeze. Thank you once again.
  8. Hi Guys, I am currently looking for new denim to add to my collection. i like slim cut and there are 2 particular brands with in my mind, i am having a hard time to decide, so i let you guys pick which one should i get. 1. TCB Slim 50's 2. Warehouse 900 Cheers and thank you in advance.
  9. Warehouse

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I reckon the 660 will only available through blueingreen right? In Tokyo, Which is better if i want to purchase a warehouse pair, at their official store, Hinoya or other stores?in terms of price and their stock.
  10. Warehouse

    Hey guys, I want to ask, which type of warehouse denim is the slimmest? 900 or 800? and which fabric has the best prospect to fade? Cheers.
  11. Warehouse

    Please post a picture of whole jeans front and back Max
  12. Warehouse

    Holy Blue Bramhall! such a nice fit, not too tight, not too loose, just perfect
  13. Warehouse

    Davito Nice collection Dav Love the fit of MW on you! Keep us posted!
  14. Unknown Japanese Brands

    @Bobbo Oh, never know that. Thanks for the info, will PM him now @Ironhorse Hahaha. Will do if the chance come!
  15. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Hei guys, have you guys ever heard or own Jelado denim? Saw it on Denimio and really tempted to get one after looking at the pictures and informations. but sadly there is hardly any detail info on fades, fit pic or review. Here is the link https://www.denimio.com/jelado-jpd505-jelado-product-16oz-denim-tight-straight.html If any of you have any detail information especially pictures of fit pic or fades i will be really appreciate. Cheers