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  1. CSL

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Thanks, MJF9 but the chart measurements would be a bit too loose on me.
  2. CSL

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Is any shrinkage expected?
  3. Not the jeans, but I have a blanket lined chore coat that I've worn a lot.
  4. Drying off with a fine towel is like a hug from one's guardian angel.
  5. No. I don't. I'm sorry if the photo implied that. For the shoes pictured I just use the one on the left. The other items were bought to use with different shoes & boots.
  6. CSL

    Nice Things

    I have a set of those that belonged to my parents. They probably had them before I was born. After my parents passed away one of the neighbors was lusting after them. No fucking way! They came back to the US with me.
  7. Yeah. I feel like LVC promises much but rarely delivers.
  8. CSL

    Shoes that look better with age...

    mpukeas ^ That's very unfortunate. He should have taken care of that issue. My experience was better. With the boots there is feelable ridge inside where the heel meets the front part but after a few minutes of wearing I become unaware of it. I also had a pair of Paraboot Loafers resoled by Brian & the work was perfect.
  9. CSL

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I have. A while back. Let me see if I can track down the pics.
  10. You'll have to go with a polish to cover up scuffs & scratches. A cobbler friend of mine recently sold me some products by Saphir. He feels they make the best polish. They make various versions that yield more or less shine dependent on the wax content. The one on the left is 'high gloss'. I use it on my White's.
  11. CSL

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Here you go, Buler. I'll make a post in belt section at some point. I think the guy did a nice job with the carving on the leather.
  12. CSL

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    As always my wife brings out smiles & silliness. Old hat Runabout Belt from Dunrite with vintage Navajo buckle MF Buckaroos Lofgren
  13. CSL

    WW2 repro / detailed jeans

    Agreed. The older LVC 44s are definitely the best thing of theirs I've owned.
  14. Having attempted a bit of darning on my TCBs I found there was a fine line between under & overdoing it. I prefer going as light as possible & then adding/touching up as needed. Of course that's only practical if one is doing the work themselves.
  15. CSL

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Thanks, you guys!!
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342