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  1. And don't forget the perennially entertaining 'penis shaped vegetables' 🫣
  2. The pup looks like a little wolf - no pun intended.
  3. I expect the hem can be let down. Even if there's not much material to work with a strip can be added that won't be visible from the outside.
  4. I'd forgotten this was 'in the north'. No doubt in the old days they kept it under an elderly relative's armpit until needed.😉😇
  5. So a cool, humid environment is best for preserving cheese?
  6. Mrs. CSL loves Sal's Cactus Mart. They used to have space alongside HW126, but are now tucked back in a neighborhood in Santa Paula, CA. This location must have been the mothership for want of a better term, as the owner told us some of the cacti there had been growing 40 years. Cactus is about the only thing that will survive here due to it being too gnarly for rabbits & squirrels to eat. We have to pick varieties that can stand cold weather as it can get below freezing in Winter.
  7. Greetings from Sal's Cactus Mart! Old hat McCoy's Tender MF Hollows (key thingy) Lofgren
  8. It's likely caused by what Julian Wolf mentions above. However if you can stretch the fabric, while using the steam setting from the iron, it might hold enough to fix the issue.
  9. It's been a while... Old hat, FW,FW,Trophy, Chippewa.
  10. Weather has cooled off so I'm back to long trousers. RMC, Tender, FW, Paraboot
  11. Are you finding it easy to move them along? I put a bunch on Grailed. Most are sitting...
  12. There's a favorable review of the Avoriaz after one year's wear. Avoriaz
  13. Thanks, tooth. Unfortunately I procrastinated while Brogue had my size in stock. I did the 'I really don't need another shirt' psychology on myself. I'll keep an eye on yahoo auctions Japan. I've been to Brogue btw. Very nice shop. You get a shot of single malt scotch with your clothing purchase.
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