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  1. so done. I soaked them yesterday in warm water cca 40° C after wearing them without initial soak 7 and half weeks. they met first water.... measured before soaking I didn't notice almost any stretch against measurement when they were new. just waist stretched for 1cm. measured today after drying and shrinkage is perceptible. but the denim changed and is much more soft and comfortable. shrinkage worked well and now they sit on me, like a baby's butt on a potty.... some fit pics during the week...
  2. decided to worm soak them tomorrow with detergent added. reasons are 2 and third is just impatience. first came after todays visiting of my dentist. they stink. second reason is condition of my crotch. it needs water. tomorrow before soak I'll do pictures and measurements ....
  3. vIGGiou riou

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    thanks lance...
  4. vIGGiou riou

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    crosspost from GBG001 contest.... Ray Ban vintage Avirex Pike brothers Miners shirt GBG001 RW Iron Ranger
  5. San Bernardino Pass yesterday ... in GBG
  6. great move of evolution @Broark and @Thanks_M8. next week will do pictures of mine still dry pair... in the meantime some view from my home office through Merlot bianco....
  7. yeah, I know, but still I don't plan to wash them. they had some little shower during motorbike riding and it did on wet parts crispy spots. will wash them first time when they become dirty. now still clean and not smelling.... next week I'll do proper pictures of evolution
  8. six weeks of wear, still dry, still minimum signs of wear...
  9. vIGGiou riou

    Samurai Jeans

    very nice MJF. but still very hot for 21oz....
  10. Thanks MJF. Better then to have neighbours behind the fence ...