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  1. DavidThoreau

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I think theses look perfect. The 710, to me (and I think to Hayashi) must be a relaxed fit. Yes it's kind of slim, but you can have a slim and relaxed fit. That's the point of the 710 imo. Why the 710 look so good on asian bodies and so slim on caucasian's ? Because as Hayashi said, it's 2 completely different body types. If you listen to Hayashi's advice for sizing, he said "take it snug because it will gain an inch", yes, but that's for an asian body. For a caucasian body I definitly think you should size up. It looks good on asian bodies because they (usually) are skinny around the waist, the thigh, the butt and the legs (compare to us, caucasians). The result of that is some room left around the thigh and orevall around the legs, which gives it a delicious relaxed and vintage vibe, almost to a bootcut-vintage type of vibe. (that's a woman though) Of course, having a small waist will reinforce that, genetic is a thing, we all know that. But even with a larger waist you can get this type of vibe while sizing up and wearing it high on the waist.
  2. DavidThoreau

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Yeah I definitly might try a 34 as this jeans are giving me a good vibe and I want them to work/give them another chance. But as for now I much prefer my orslows and my LVC 54 (about to order the 84 btw). 711 seems like a good option but the lower rise is tricky. Dunno how I feel about that. Guess I'll have to go to Paris to try. To be honest, I even feel a bit bad about the Co2 emissions my order from Japan garnered (Japan -> Paris -> south of France). Overall, the slim thighs and knees might not be a problem on an asian build if you're slimmer all the way. Then it looks harmonious with good proportions. But in my case, I'm rather big on the upper body (I'm a size L) and the slim above knee area from the jeans makes it a weird transition, at least with my build. It's a problem I've been dealing with since my APC's. I checked Frans Boone (and other shops) earlier, but Resolute seems sold out. I have to say ChamberTokyo was a nice shopping experience though, item dispatch 2 hours after my order and shipping for free.
  3. DavidThoreau

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I just received my 710 directly from Japan (chamberTokyo.com) without using VPN, and without having to pay taxes (thanks god) even though they put the real price on the package (22 000 Y). Was supposed to take 8 days to arrive, but it took 14 days (because Covid and because christmas season) as it got stuck an entire week in Paris airport. Took a 33W30L because I wanted the short "Hayashi" type of lenght (I'm 5'10 - 165lbs). The lenght is fine (I think I should have went with a 31L though), but the problem is around the thighs and knees. It's too slim for my liking. Below the knee is dope (vintage type of cut, almost bootcut, which I dig a lot), above the knee is too slim. Actually It's so slim that when I put my phone and my wallet in the front pockets, it looks weird. I might order a 34W31L, or just move on to another model. The thing is, it looks dope on pictures (especially the front), but IRL it looks way slimmer especially on the 3/4 view and on the sides. I got skinny legs and I don't usually like to show it, that's why I prefer some thigh and knee room. Fabric is dope and does stretch around the waist, even after 10 minutes. Hope this helps people my size and build to figure out the thing. Pictures where it looks good: Pictures where it looks too slim:
  4. DavidThoreau

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    You're welcome. Funnily I never even bought anything on Cultizm lol. I just subscribed to their newsletter.
  5. DavidThoreau

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Thanks for the clarification guys. From what I remember it was on 2 websites : Royalcheese (french webshop) and Cultizm. Sadly the cone mills version are now sold out on both websites. 2 days ago, RoyalCheese had something like 29 and 30 waist size, and Cultizm had 31 waist size (those probably sold out yesterday as Cultizm offers a 20% discount for Halloween since yesterday). SecondSunrise is still offering both version though : 28 and 29 size still available in Made in USA Cone Mills version: https://secondsunrise.se/collections/levis-vintage-clothing/products/copy-of-lvc-1954-501xx-jeans-rigid While plenty of sizes are available in the new V2 version (made in Bulgaria): https://secondsunrise.se/collections/levis-vintage-clothing/products/lvc-1954-501xx-jeans-rigid
  6. DavidThoreau

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I'm asking because I saw a webshop selling both the 1954 cone fabric and the new 1954 japanese fabric (V2), both rigids, and the cone one is specified "shrink to fit" in the description, while the V2 isn't. Weird.
  7. DavidThoreau

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    From what I've understand, the new LVC rigid 501's "V2" means they are made using the new japanese fabric. Someone know if the new japanese fabric is still a shrink to fit ?
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