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  1. DavidThoreau

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I agree with your 2 cents. Make sense. What I'm trying to say is, butt fit might be overlook sometime in the denim community, and when I get ask, I can't lie, I always tell LVC fit great (better) in that area.
  2. DavidThoreau

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I know Japanese brands are better quality than LVC, but I just love how Levis Jeans fit (at least on me). My 2 best fitting jeans are LVC (absolute number one being the 1947). I love my japanese jeans too, but they never nail the fit as Levis does, especialy in the butt area. Japanese jeans tend to look "flat" (flat butt, flat thigh etc.) The Levis gets more "in shape" around the body/legs (if that makes sense), resulting in a better, more sexy silhouette.
  3. DavidThoreau


    I know I'm late, but to me the Fatigue slim in size 2 (I also have it) is closer to the 105 in size 1 (except the 105 is a tad larger in the leg opening). The problem with the 107 (if you compare it to the fatigue) is the inseam. Way too long, resulting in a big taper. And if you go 107 size 1, it will just be too slim. 105 has a shorter inseam than 107 in general.
  4. DavidThoreau


    Orslow runs quite big usually. I started with size 3 in all of their bottoms (Fatigue, 107, 105), later sold everything to buy size 2. And now I'm staying with size 2 in the Fatigue Pants, but got down to size 1 for the 105 (and I'm a true 32/33 waist) The thing is, Orslow Denim stretch like crazy (+ they have long inseams), size 1 is the perfect inseam and stretch to fit within hours/days. (just got the 105 2years wash and really liking it)
  5. DavidThoreau

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I did not take measurements before (because there's no point imo) But here are the measurements after (size L - 42) Chest : 56cm - 22in Bottom : 52cm - 20.5in Lenght : 60cm - 23.5in Arms : 60cm - 23.5in Made in Japan It is really boxy, I would call it vintage fit (kind of baggy arms) So it's pretty confortable and you can layer effortlessly (I'm 5'11 - 170lbs, with a big chest)
  6. DavidThoreau

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Just received my 501 1947 and my Type 2 jacket from LVC. They are both made in Japan. Good news, as my 1954 from 2 years ago is made in Turkey. Edit : my type 2 shrank like a mo'f*cker. It fits so good now.
  7. DavidThoreau


    The Warehouse type 2 is sold out litteraly everywhere. I emailed the guys at Warehouse (on their website) and they said "no idea when it's gonna be in stock again". So I pulled the trigger on the LVC type 2, as it is now heavily discounted (259 instead of 370), and as I know the LVC is the "regular boxy" cut. But I still want a Warehouse when it's available haha
  8. DavidThoreau


    I don't know where to post this but I'm looking for a type 2 jacket. Already got the TCB (with the new, less slim cut), but I want to get a new one, with red tab, with a more classic, looser cut. (this new cut on the TCB is still a bit too slim for me). So I'm hesitating between the Warehouse, the Fullcount, and the Sugar Cane (no red tab on this one, but the jacket looks really dope) Any thoughts ? Saw the Warehouse one on this thread and have to say, it looks awesome.
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