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    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I just gave another chance to the 710, and just received a new upsized 710. Previously I had a 33/30, which was too tight and too short for my liking (page 63 on this thread), and now I got a 33/32, which is a (big) upsize even though it's the same size, because I lost 10 kilos since the last time. And let me just tell you that after only an afternoon of wearing it, it has already become my favorite pair of jeans ! I'm totally in love with it. It's absolutely perfect. The fit is top notch (I got skinny legs now so it looks perfect to me), the lenght is perfect (I wear it high on the waist with a small cuff). It basically ended up EXACTLY how I expected and wanted it. Freakin awesome pair of jeans and I'm not exagerating. Even my butt looks good in it. The fabric broke down quite fast which is a good point considering how stiff it was. I might post a fitpic tomorrow.
  2. DavidThoreau

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I think theses look perfect. The 710, to me (and I think to Hayashi) must be a relaxed fit. Yes it's kind of slim, but you can have a slim and relaxed fit. That's the point of the 710 imo. Why the 710 look so good on asian bodies and so slim on caucasian's ? Because as Hayashi said, it's 2 completely different body types. If you listen to Hayashi's advice for sizing, he said "take it snug because it will gain an inch", yes, but that's for an asian body. For a caucasian body I definitly think you should size up. It looks good on asian bodies because they (usually) are skinny around the waist, the thigh, the butt and the legs (compare to us, caucasians). The result of that is some room left around the thigh and orevall around the legs, which gives it a delicious relaxed and vintage vibe, almost to a bootcut-vintage type of vibe. (that's a woman though) Of course, having a small waist will reinforce that, genetic is a thing, we all know that. But even with a larger waist you can get this type of vibe while sizing up and wearing it high on the waist.
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