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  1. damn those denime are killer!
  2. pomata


    The hand of Warehouse right there
  3. pomata


    My 220 have been sitting in my wardrobe for the last 3 months or so. Can’t wait for the temperatures to drop to wear them again
  4. Is this the 220a denime? Looking great
  5. @MJF9 I loved Brick Lane when I visited London with the family. I shopped at vintage football shirts as well! Didn’t know about the battle of cable street and the mural, very interesting.
  6. Enough with the creepy stories we headed to the beautiful sea for dives
  7. Otranto and it’s beautiful church where 800 martyrs are conserved. They where beheaded by ottomans in 1480.
  8. Frederick II of Swabia’s castle (castel del Monte) very cool if you’re into esoteric like me
  9. I’m on holiday visiting some places in the south of Italy. Good times, great food super friendly people we visited Matera yesterday. This town has a really crazy story to tell.
  10. They are very similar to the first pair of trickers I’ve had for 25 years and are still my favorites but these are low
  11. Found this pair of trickers at a thrift store for 10 euros today. Not bad!
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