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  1. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    +2 worked out well for me
  2. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    is the patch the only thing that is different?
  3. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

  4. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Looks like some new stuff were added to the Warehouse sale page
  5. Tender Co. Denim

    who dis? jk nice haircut!
  6. Warehouse

    Thanks for posting! I will start rocking my newly acquired 800 C/L soon
  7. the UES duck shorts look pretty good. If you do get them please give us a review
  8. Roy. (expurgated edition)

  9. Warehouse

    where is that shirt from? It looks longer than most of WH's tees
  10. Watches and Denim

    Recent pickup, Smiths PRS-29B.
  11. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    hope he will find some Kinda Specials in size 32 laying around next
  12. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    what was the deal with this drop? how many pairs were released?
  13. Warehouse

    @jegrAlthough they are one wash, do they get less scratchy after another wash/soak?
  14. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    they dont look like clown shoes but if you are getting heel slippage size down or throw in an extra insole or something
  15. TCB

    just peeped the pics. looking great!