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  1. Thanks, dude! I agree with you, I think that only straight leg or wider jeans are good candidates for chopping off
  2. Evisu x Doraemon jeans from a long time ago that I cut into shorts
  3. TCB

    Perfect fit, Volvo. Your type II was a little too long although you wore/faded it well.
  4. TCB

    gorgeous jacket, Volvo
  5. I think it was to celebrate the opening of the Self Edge store in Baja California, Mexico
  6. it's the first store in the link that I posted here is another link
  7. you can find it on google maps
  8. Globe Specs(like DudeWTH) Roy Stevenson Blacksign
  9. too tapered imo
  10. looks great on you! I find the big pockets on chore jackets very useful
  11. medium copped!
  12. is the link to buy not working for anyone else?
  13. Sagara Boots(Indonesia) and Unmarked(Mexico) boots cost the same as Red Wings but the quality seem much better IMO
  14. Sweet pick up, Dude!