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  1. TCB

    that is a 38 I am guessing? It definitely runs big. I take a 36
  2. TCB

    It's in the product descriptions
  3. great fit! really does look a lot like the Veste Ourvier
  4. TCB there is a size chart here same denim as the 20's jeans
  5. TCB

    measurements are up. Hem widths are pretty narrow
  6. a pair of these in 33 just popped up on grailed
  7. TCB

    perfect fit!
  8. need to set aside $300ish now....
  9. TCB

    that's almost like a preview of the slim 50's jeans!
  10. I've worn them since 2013 and they don't look too different from yours. They seriously don't fade much at all
  11. kind of looks like the TCB duck Type II. Looks dope! Post fit pics when you get it
  12. Hmm I had no problems opening those pages on my phone using chrome browser. I'm in the US
  13. Just use a proxy
  14. 1.5'' too tight on the P2P is too tight imo 1.5'' too wide on the shoulders is less of a big deal. I have shirts that measure 17 and 18.5 inches wide respectively
  15. that patch looks like it has been to hell and back....