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  1. goodrain

    Watches and Denim

    IMO the BB58 looked better on you but you seem to like bigger watches so it's all good!
  2. goodrain


    you can also just use a proxy/buying service
  3. goodrain

    Watches and Denim

    Nice Club! Just picked up a perlon strap for mine and it is good for the summer and also kinda covers up the huge gap caused by the long lugs like your tan leather strap does
  4. goodrain

    UES Denim

    The Broark we know would just get both(they are both pretty nice, hard to pick)
  5. goodrain


    the 800 is kinda trim. Go with a 34
  6. goodrain

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    why does it need to be blurred out?
  7. goodrain

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    You can't tease us like that and not post pics!
  8. goodrain

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    if they use Fedex it should be super fast
  9. goodrain

    The Flat Head

    Might as well plug my Native Check short sleeve. Pretty hard to find. Size 42 but fits like 40(medium)
  10. goodrain

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

  11. goodrain

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    those could use a hem imo
  12. goodrain

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    it is not clear what you have for trade?
  13. goodrain

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    but are the pocket details only present on the right back pocket?
  14. goodrain

    Loopwheeled/Vintage T-Shirts

    Flat Head tees are SO MUCH HARDER to put on/take off
  15. goodrain

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    from the product pics it seems that the special details are only on the right back pocket?
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