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  1. ain't it like 90 degrees in the OC today?
  2. cuff looks good!
  3. TCB

    $60 is such a steal for this vest! Remember it runs big so 36 is like a medium IMO
  4. TCB

    That will be a good look with the tats!
  5. TCB

    When the weather gets warmer you can also wear it over a tee
  6. selvage seam up the back, the double placket, chain-stitched ROY logo on the inside pocket, cool buttons, not unique enough? What is unique to you then?
  7. that's a great fit
  8. judging from the cut of the shorts, I don't think a 32 would be too loose on you.
  9. Papa Nui Overcomer Evisu Adidas
  10. TCB

    @Atcharut maybe you can get a hem? Look at how clean jigsaw's pair looks when cuffed
  11. Two nice ROY items for sale. I probably would have copped the KS1002s if they were 32s
  12. I like the bells and whistles such as the selvage seam up the back, the double placket, and the chain-stitched ROY logo on the inside pocket. Freewheelers or Flathead shirts don't even have these bells and whistles and they are just as(or more) expensive. Of course those shirts are very well made as well and I do agree that they have more interesting fabrics. I happen to enjoy both denim and chambray shirts as well as the crazier Flathead type fabric shirts
  13. looks like blue/white
  14. fabric looks heavier than the Portland shirt. Great buttons as usual.