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  1. jeans look great but not as slim as I was hoping
  2. the previous big bro jeans were straight tapered fits
  3. is that black denim or just really dark indigo?
  4. self edge collab maybe? @kiya?
  5. if you got it, better flaunt it, let the liquor help you get up on it
  6. it's more helpful than not knowing about it at all
  7. TCB

    oh I thought it looked bigger than that.... in that case definitely get a 40
  8. TCB

    if you want a similar fit to your flathead shirt, get a 40
  9. per Kiya's IG Weaving Shibusa is now available to buy/rent shibusa&description=1
  10. absolutely killing the shirt game
  11. TCB

    looks great! really liking the camo watch strap, too!
  12. That's a great fit on you!
  13. Fit pics!
  14. If you are size 32-34 you can consider this